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  1. That's only enforced for store champs upwards. For the game night kits or otherwise its up to the TO. All the legal tournament maps are from the base game.
  2. Depends on who you're playing and what you're playing in eg for fun/tournament. Some people are more particular then others and tournaments have a strict code on this sort of thing.
  3. Anyone playing or looking for a/has play group? Looking to try and start up a regular meet up and maybe to a skirmish tournament every now and then.
  4. The game is far from done. Some communities have stopped playing it but others are thriving. Its like anything, different places and different people like/don't like it different amounts.For a beginner I would get 2 core sets and 1 between the shadows (jedi scum deluxe box). That sets you up to play jedi and sith quite well. After that 2 copies of edge of darkness (smugglers and scum deluxe box) brings smugglers and scum up to strength. Then you can use sites like card game db to check what cards are in what packs so you know which ones you want to get. Eg http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/starwars/star-wars-card-spoilers Also the best online community that I know for it is card game db so you can post there or here if you have anymore questions but this forum is pretty empty most of the time. http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/forum/23-sw-lcg-general-discussion/
  5. I'm from brisbane and just got the base game. If you go on fish pond or book depository you can get it for 90-110 bucks. Hope you get a good group together
  6. Is everyone drunk? It clearly says: 'new Command cards reinforce figures after they die or invite your figures to engage in stealth tactics.' Nothing about a reprint of an old card that people already have from the previous packs.
  7. How about we see snow speeders/rebel tanks/turrets first. I would say its possible and more likely than an ssd in armada.
  8. Dude did you even read the rule books that came with the game? No offense but you seem to be making statements without looking into anything yourself
  9. O ps I am a to and I like the fact ffg has set a standard. It means I don't have to go and single out people because the stuff they brought with them isn't up to standard. It means the day isn't ruined by someone thinking the to is a bad guy and out to get them. Plus I can't really see what is wrong with playing this game on the tables that the game stores which run these events have all their other games played on. Hope this doesn't sound to aggressive. Up late with my daughter whose teething
  10. It does not say you have to use playmats only that if playmats are used they have to be ffg ones. I don't know any game store that has a heap of playmats sitting around. I don't use them for 40k, warmachine or x-wing. I think they did this because you don't know the size or type of material the 3rd party play matts will be. Honestly who cares? The to can just say no body uses playmats at all. Feel like I'm in a crazy house with this forum. Its only for premier competitive tournaments eg store champs, regionals, nationals and worlds and it isn't a requirement. Ps with the price of this game are you really going to buy a playmat over another ship or fighter set?
  11. A star destroyer probably produces enough of a gravity pull considering their artificial gravity seems to run the entire ship + their size. But I would assume in a galaxy where they have planet size space stations and hyper drive they probably have invented a few different methods of releasing bombs in space. As for the flying rules. They didn't make sense at first so I forgot everything I knew from previous games and learnt them from scratch and now I think they work really well. Takes a bit of getting use to but this isn't like the other games. "you must unlearn what you have learned"
  12. Lets talk about the issues with Super Star Destroyers guys. Ok first the size issue. A Victory-Class Star Destroyers are 900 meters long. According to FFGs own material the Executor is 19,000 meters long. To scale that is like 20 victories. At 50% scale that is 10 but what is the point? The cost alone would be around the mid hundreds. Imperial-Class Star destroyer alone is 1'600 meters. Second issue is weapons. With the amount of dice the Supers would roll it would be ridiculous. The game system would break. Imperial-Class alone would have 1.5x or 2x the firepower of a Victory-Class. That's possibly 9 to 12 dice in one arc. Who many arcs do you give a SSD? How many dice in each arc? 50? 100? 200? dice for the whole ship? If they were going to bring in SSD they would have to dumb down fighters a hell of a lot and dumb down all the other ships they have shown so far. I love the system they have shown. The detail, upgrades and flexibility that game system allows for each individual ship and the unique fighters as well. You want executor and SSDs? You don't want Armada or its system guys because it doesn't allow for a ship that big and it couldn't do it justice. Now what FFG may do is make something between a Imperial-Class and a Super. They were allowed to make the imperial Raider so who know what else they will be allowed to do.
  13. Which website will your friend post the review at? And do you know when he will upload it?
  14. Not sure if someone has told you this but don't forget to angle the blasted deflectors...
  15. Thats the tie bomber unique pilot not your average tie bomber. Like luke has different dice from a normal x-wing
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