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  1. Hey y'all, I bought into Genesys and SotB and I'm looking to start GM'ing a group and was looking for advice for a first time GM. My plan so far is to run a quick one-shot with the players with premade characters, to get everyone on the same page rules-wise, give them an idea of what abilities do, and get a sense for my players' playstyle. Then (ideally same session) create characters for everyone together so I know what characters to start building a story around. For my one-shot I'm thinking a simple heist with a hacking component, a combat component, and a social encounter component. I've charted out what I think would be failure consequences for each of the components that aren't game-overs (i.e. if they fail the hacking component, the combat encounter becomes more difficult because more guards are alerted to the break-in.) I also have a list of npc's they may or may not encounter and how those npc's can contribute to the goal of pulling off the heist. Is there anything I'm missing or any advice for a first time GM?
  2. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the new Jinteki ID would be really great for protecting economic assets like Pad Campaign, Melange, and Adonis campaign. Wouldn't it also make gaining the credits off Bank Job a much bigger hassle? Also how would it work with the Bullfrog ice previewed from A Study in Static? Does it end the run or would it not be a legal target?
  3. Count me in as well! I live on the island, plateau area.
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