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  1. Not entirely related to this forum, but apparently there are rumours of new inquisitorial models for 40k. If anyone had a link to an actual discussion on this would be appreciated, my own attempts to find anything have been fruitless. Thanks.
  2. Everyone has given helpful ideas so far, but let me clarify - the armsman I give the newbie to play isn't intended to be his permanent character. There are a handful of armsmen on the ships skeleton crew, and newbie will be given anonymous armsman #4 to control for the night, to get a feel of the rules, setting, and group. Rufus Indusium, the name hes getting for the session, literally translates to red shirt. If he dies, he can jump into the next surviving armsman, this is why I won't need to roll up a new character if his inexperience gets him turned into interior decorating. If he wants to make a permanent character after this session it would be rolled up and collected next planetfall. XP levels come into consideration at that point.
  3. So, I've been GM for my small group for a while now, and we'll soon have an extra player giving it a go at least once. However, the 4 existing characters are all about 6000xp, so we're pretty far in to our story, and the new guy has no rpg experience. As the next stage of the story takes us into a near completely automated ship (25 non-servitor crew) stranded for several hours and with a daemon prowling throughout, I thought I would make new guy one of the armsmen, naming him Rufus Indusium for the night. This lets him jump in quickly and means if he is messily slaughtered a 6k xp character sheet doesn't have to be drawn up twice. My concern is whether 6k is too high a level for a complete newbie, even with the support of a fairly well experienced party.
  4. In the Radicals Handbook it says they are immune to all psychic powers, effects, and energy, that psychic powers cast by someone near them have the threshold increased, and that warp instability damage is doubled near them. Daemons are otherwise not mentioned. Light still enters the daemons eyes, surely, so they could see him like that as far as I know. Specifically, it says "He cannot be detected by means of Psyniscience, Sense Presence, or similar abilities." No mention of mundane senses.
  5. As the Daemon is released from his prison, this happens to them by default. If they're close enough (his area of effect is 4m, his WP bonus) I suppose they could skip that part or have a huge resistance to going in. This group is skirting several final encounters at this rate - they sorted out the final encounter in Maggots in the Meat in an unexpected and quite effective way too. The Daemon itself won't be nearby the untouchable as the others vanish, so not sure how I'd work the resistances out. Maybe a bonus or penalty as long as the untouchable is by his partys bodies, as you suggest
  6. Some good ideas there, thanks. Still stuck on the librarium nox bit though, for when they get that far. The acolytes get transported into a daemons mind, basically. My best guess is the untouchable stands around in confusion as the rest of the party vanishes or spazzes out on the floor.
  7. I have a new group of PCs and I'm going to be running the Black Sepulchre for them tomorrow. One issue though, one of them has chosen to be an untouchable and I have some concerns and uncertainties about how that would affect the plot. Specifically (SPOILERS AHEAD, DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU WILL BE A PC IN THIS ADVENTURE): Could the Dei-Phage's hand drain blood from him? Would the beasts be afraid of him? Could the shades still interact with him? What effect would he have on them in combat? Would he participate in the Librarium Nox encounter? I could rule he just can't be untouchable, but as it fits his mind-wiped homeworld we'd prefer he was able to keep the trait.
  8. 12 and 13, smart ones too. But yeah. Thanks Alox, that link could be good. Had to laugh at number 4 in this context though
  9. I've played Dark Heresy with some of the local kids (2nd-3rd form)and one of them has been told they can't play any more. We have played through Illumination and Maggots in the Meat and she was one of the best players. I'm not sure if the parents concern was over the violence or morality, but I'd like to present them with information that might make them reconsider. Help?
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