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  1. Even if the card pool was as large as AGoT, there are orders of magnitude more permutations of decks in AGoT. That makes deck building inherently more complex and involved. Sure, the element of obligatory inclusion factors in an entirely different range of considerations, but it's kind of obviously simpler.
  2. spalanzani said: eprieur said: Who knows maybe it's interesting but the idea of having to include 5 crap cards because I want another copy of Han Solo is not something I necessarily like. You automatically assume that the cards that come with Han are crap. Why does everyone do this, when arguing against the deckbuilding aspect of this game? There is a huge assumption that the cards that come with the perceived good cards are perceived to be crap. I really do hold out to my assertion from months back that, left to your own devices, you'd more often than not include those cards that come with Han anyway - just because it's now prescribed that you include them, they are assumed to be crap. I think he intended to mean cards that *could* be crap. Wheter they're good or not, the fact that you are forced to use them if you want a better chance to draw Han is sometimes seen as a downside of this game. I myself find it a streamlining of deckbuilding for people who don't want to have to deal with the intracacies of specific card combinations of a game with a significantly larger card pool like AGoT. It also helps counteract the more tactical feel of the game by balancing good cards with some that are indeed crap. I certainly disagree that the 5 other cards would be defaulted to with, say, a Han inclusion. That's like saying "yeah, you can put in whatever sets you want from all the force packs and core set, but left to your own devices, you'd more often than not include the objective sets in the starting faction decks in the rulebook anyway - just because it's now prescribed that you include them, they are assumed to be crap." I think the objective set selection feels a bit more like sqaud planning in X-Wing than deckbuilding in MtG or the like. But that's just me.
  3. The Old Man said: Well, let's remember to check back at the end of next year to see who was right--it may indeed be you. However, remember it, if things go right, should be on HBO for a number of years into the future. Also it went back to $22 on Amazon. Perfect time for mine to arrive ^.^ I think with the expansive card pool of the LCG and the games' core similarity, it might be considered a stepping stone. One thing I didn't consider is the card art. I'm a little less sure about expansions as some players may want a game for the show rather than for the universe. We shall see indeed ;D
  4. Eldil said: I always through it stood for: "Awwwwww…. POW!" As in, the thing you shout when a runner gets hit by your Neural Katana. Then you do a little dance. ^Approve.
  5. Haha, yeah, another rule we overlooked was the advance for objective. It was quite likely that I had already won at that point. Learning experiences!
  6. Sticker price was lower than I expected (expected Descent price, found Cosmic Encounter price). I almost bought it, but already spent too much on Amazon, so I'm sorry I can't offer an unboxing. What I can say is MAN this box is heavy. Not that I judge the quality of a game by weight (all the time O.o), but I can guess you're getting your money's worth with this one. Granted, it has cardboard stand ups, but I've never minded those personally outside of dungeon crawls and skirmish games.
  7. House Ruled: AP stands for "Analysis Paralysis". As the Corp, when your Runner opponent has taken over 90 seconds without spending a click or performing an action, you may claim Analysis Paralysis and immediately rez one ice with the AP trait, free of cost.
  8. The Old Man said: FLGMwt said: Mine's on its way ;D The amazing thing is, the hobbit card game is $11.99 on amazon -.- !!! Something must be going on, but I don't know what. GoT in theory is not an everlasting expanding game like AGoT. I suspect we might see an expansion to make it playable 4-handed and perhaps a few other expansions. But nothing like LCGs. So what's the incentive to blow these out so cheap? Sorry to disagree, but I doubt we'll be seeing any more of this game. It will probably stay in production at least until the new season ends, but this is not a game intended for gamers. It is a game for fans of the show and possibly books if they're not reader elitists ; D AGoT and the board game are for gamers. That's not to say these are mutually exclusive groups or that this is a money grab, I just feel like this is a one-off title. I would welcome an expansion as this is an interesting niche of the gaming market. This, the Spartacus game, and Cryptozoic's LotR deckbuilding game I feel form a entry point genre for a gateway market that is usually funneled to Arkham or Pandemic or the like. Just some thoughts. Cheers!
  9. Well yeah, but then you'd have to buy three of EVERY force pack that had a neutral objective set.
  10. My friend and I ripped open the shrink on our shiny new sets of The Lord of the Star Wars: The Card Game as the attending members of our game group set up the beautifully pastel marshmallow edition of Through the Desert. We punched and bagged on our off turns and fought the urge to read cards instead of strategeryizing over the placement of our Easter camels. After the game was choatically completed (myself failing by an embarrasingly large margin, blame it on the distraction o.o), my friend and I set up for a very traditional matchup between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. The game went surprisingly smoothly, with minimal rule referencing, owing probably to our respective preparation for this fine eve. I had quite a good starting hand and objective draw, followed by a swift sweep of my enemy's first objective the following two turns. Grand Moff Tarkin helped my destroy the next objective in a single turn after that. In my eagerness to jump on my opponent, I allowed him two easy objectives, sure of my chances for victory in the next three turns at least. Lo, my next draw. I pulled into my hand a card I was sure I had read wrong. Pay four resources to destroy ANY target objective? I showed this to my opponent, making sure I had understood it correctly. I had the 4 to spend. I laid down my hand and proclaimed a confused victory, a bit jarred by the game's sudden end. My opponent didn't seem as befuddled as I was, but he was certainly confused by my confidence. Then I learned that the three objective victory condition was LS exclusive. The store was about to close and he graciously allowed me to concede, pointing out his two-card-heavy victory pile. I miiiiiight change my strategy next time. ;D
  11. Just got mind from my FLGS. Went in with a friend for a buy two get one free deal so he got two sets and I got my stingy one. Now I have to NOT buy $50 in art sleeves. That may be hard O.o We played an abbreviated game and we definitely enjoy it so far!
  12. This is correct. In order for the good side to win, they must eliminate all evil player AND have enough good players remaining to match the victory conditions based on the number of player. For example, if, at the end of round one of a four player game, only Gandalf remains, all evil players have been eliminated, but because the good side needs two surviving players, the evil side wins. If, at the end of round one of a four player game, both Gandalf and Smaug remain, the evil side automatically wins because the victory conditions of the good side require two heroes to be alive at the end of the second round. The victory conditions and character powers generally favor the evil side, but the good side has the advantage of numbers. If you feel cheated by one side, swap affiliations ; D
  13. If you want to get into LotR or need a second (or third?) set, I'd say now is a pretty good time. It's $17.84 on amazon right now. Sorry, FLGS, but this is just too hard to pass up.
  14. I figured the big ships would fetch $100+ and the small ones at least $50. What about you guys? Are you going to / would you keep the ships?
  15. Mine's on its way ;D The amazing thing is, the hobbit card game is $11.99 on amazon -.-
  16. Madness in Plano, TX has at least five copies left.
  17. I read the rules when they popped up and was initially bored but the card ("damage") assignment interested me. I plan to pick it up at my FLGS since $10 is worth a shot anywhere. Anyone picked it up yet?
  18. D351 said:I wouldn't mind an Android rpg… or better yet a book that gives all of the fun background info of an rpg book without the rules. Mostly I just want more info about the setting, and if I was going to do an rpg would probably use GURPS rules either way. I'm surprised there hasn't been an RPG announced yet! With the popularity of Shadowrun and the like, I think this would be a great RGP universe to explore.
  19. Unfortunately, the second option I don't think would be viable. A print run of any size has considerable costs that would be very hard to justify, especially for duplicates for an admittedly small market. You may have to wait for a possible revision of the game to see anything changed. As for a PDF, with FFG's permission, you may be able to have someone on BoardGameGeek.com make a PDF for you though this also seems unlikely due to property rights and such. Best advice I can give is a hobby table magnifying glass :/
  20. Toqtamish said: Wow this is getting carried away. Okay every LCG cycle is 120 unique cards. The extra copies of the identities are just as useless as getting 3 agenda in AGoT was considered to be useless. We are not losing content as some of you insist on saying as that is not how sets are designed nor printed. CCG/LCG/TCG/whateverCG cards are printed in large print runs with cards on each sheet. Having 3 of each is the most efficient and cost effective way of running those print runs and having them laid out. I used to work in a very large print factory so I am familiar with the industry. Fair enough, I concede. /bow
  21. Toqtamish said: There is 20 cards per pack, 3 copies of each even identities. There is no reason for them to do any different and its not a big deal. Everyone is acting like they are missing something because of this. You are not. There will always be 20 new cards per pack. Eventually probably won't even be new identities as after a while they might take a cycle off from time to time instead of constantly releasing new identities every cycle. I agree that this is not a big deal. I disagree with you, however, in that we are indeed getting a little bit less content than if we were to purchase a pack without identities or with a different distribution (though I would disagree with a different distribution that isn't exactly three single idents in a pack). Having one copy of an ident is no different than having three copies of an ident in terms of gameplay. Having one copy of a player card is dramatically different than having three copies of a player card as it breaks the intent of the format (limited distribution in base sets ignored). In this sense, the ident duplicates take up room in a pack that has potential for a bit more content.
  22. As far as a big box with original and the three expansions, I'm sure a $60 game plus 3x$25 expansions would have to be prohibitively expensive to make individual sales still feasible, but a collector's edition would be neat. I would think the fan expansion with a possibility of a component pack most likely.
  23. Scally09 said: I also am having a problem getting clear sleeves for Andriod:NetrunnerLCG. How exactly does the colour-coding system work? It's Blue on the back of the game box but I can't find the blue sleeves on the FFG website. It talks about Board Game size sleeves instead… It's all very confusing. Should I get Dragonshield instead and save myself a headache?? For NR, you're gonna want the gray coded sleeves called Standard and not American or European. It seems (based on FFG's upcoming list) that these are going to be restocked pretty soon, looks like within December. Protip: don't use profit metasleeves. I think I gave my card tops a good shave ;D
  24. As a rules junkie, I read the NR rules a few times online before purchasing and was immensely impressed by the backstory and bios in the back. When I opened up my fresh, hot from the printer data pack, I thought I recognized a LotR rulesheet packed in there. I was surprised as I hadn't expected any rules revisions so I assumed it was a revised turn flowchart. I was pleased to find a nice big double column page of pure flavor text. Sure I've got three copies of the Whizzard now, but I'll be damned if i don't know at least three times about him as I do Dain or the like. Just wanted to appreciate the added effort of our hosts. Anyone have a particular thematic preference of runner/corp so far? Cheers!
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