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  1. I honestly did not expect this after all this time, but this is fantastic news!
  2. Is surge a “when revealed” effect for the purposes of Media Coverage? I always thought this only covered the things that specifically state “When Reveale:” in bold.
  3. I would agree with this take (solo being harder than 2p).
  4. That’s fair, I guess. We’ll just have to wait and see then.
  5. No? who did the damage that killed them then? (To be fair, it would be a pain to keep track of that, so it probably should not be any player)
  6. But if they mention “Jessie Drew” or “Ms. Jessica Drew” that would still work 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. What if the hero’s Alter Ego name differed in some way from the ally subtitle? That would make them playable together, right?
  8. When you use words like “literally”, “only” and “correct option” you’re trying to shut down any and all debate on a subject. Please don’t do that. I for one disagree with that being literally the only correct option like I said in a previous post. I’m not wrong (nor is your opinion we should add a card with Spider Woman), we just have differing opinions and that is just fine.
  9. I don't feel the need for replacements. Using them as resources is just fine. I might change my position if Lady Sif ever becomes a playable hero though
  10. I don’t see a problem with that. Just consider Cap having his shield up in a fight and defending, but having it over his back chillin’ when he gets surprised by a treachery.
  11. I’m 3/3 with Thor solo. First game was the pre-built deck against normal Ultron /w Under Attack. Was the closest game possible ending with 1 health left and 1 threat away from losing. I then tweaked the deck a bit and played two games against Wrecking Crew (A). Again really, really close games. He’s rough to play solo, BUT he’s also really interesting to figure out. I’ve had to really stop and think about different lines of play with him and I love that. So, is he terrible? That depends; if you want a powerful hero deck that damages and thwarts without much brain effort, then yes, he’s horrible. If you want a hero that can hit like a truck, but has trouble with threat management, making games really interesting puzzles, he’s pretty awesome. Can’t wait to try him multiplayer
  12. Highly likely due to corona virus shutting down production in China (and the huge backlog this has created). I can’t say this comes as a surprise to me having received mails from virtually every kickstarter I backed that there will be delays. Which also makes it likely we won’t be seeing anything new between Hulk and the story box. It is what it is, I suppose. (Or rather it could be what I made an educated guess about 😉)
  13. If you can't back up your conspiracy theories, please don't post them. Ill give you the facts from the FFG Livestreams: October 8, Ms Marvel November 12, Wrecking Crew December 5, Thor January 16, Black Widow February 4, Dr Strange March 3, Hulk That is 1 new pack reveal every month since the games' release. I'd say that is a highly consistent announcement pace.
  14. I started the same way you did, with the red and blue for Android Netrunner, but honestly, I think they leave too much room and I prefer a tighter fit (without exposing the top edge, obviously). For games where there is a lot of shuffling I pretty much use Dragon Shields exclusively these days (including for Marvel Champions). I hear Katana's are also pretty good, but have never tried them. As for Champions, I have everything sleeved right now, but plan on putting Hero/Aspect cards in a binder and only sleeve what I play while keeping all villain cards in sleeves.
  15. It wouldn't be the first time for the designers to go back on an earlier ruling (see new entry for Jennifer Walters in the FAQ, which was at an earlier stage ruled the opposite way by designer Michael Boggs). Having said that, it's very well possible they hadn't been notified of a (possible) print error before the RRG was finalized.
  16. So...back to this. There was no errata in the new RRG even though there WAS one to a card that will come out/has come out in a later expansion. Sooooo....they didn't decide to make it official?? Anyone have any thoughts about this? (talking about gains 3hp vs heals 3 hp on different cards with the same name in Wrecking Crew, the card being "I've been waiting for this!") edit: for me, I'll still play it as though all said "heal", because I have no idea what "gains 3hp" means in this game coming from a non-attachment card
  17. To be more precise: while you are being the target of an attack (you don't necessarily have to be defending)
  18. As discussed in other threads there are multiple ways you could make the game more challenging with house rules. If you don't want to do that, for LotR LCG FFG made "nightmare" decks available which took existing scenarios and made them a lot harder (from what I understand, I have never actually used them myself). It's possible we'll see nightmare-style modules at some point in the future from FFG. They could come in the form of a superhard modules that can be played with anything. Or, like, "villain pack 1" which has harder versions of Rhino, Klaw and Ultron and their signature cards. And maybe we'll never see anything like this. I guess we won't be sure until FFG announces it, if ever.
  19. No, because if the attack is undefended (by not exhausting to defend) you do not fulfill the the "after your hero defends against an enemy attack" part. Your hero is now being attacked, but your hero has not defended against an enemy attack.
  20. If you don’t mind me asking: Is that a personal presumption or was this confirmed by FFG somewhere?
  21. so you are saying "gains 3hp" is the same as "heals 3hp"? That doesn't quite feel right to me...
  22. Was playing against Wrecking Crew the other day and we came across some very odd card wording that made us wonder. The card "I've been waiting for this!" appears in multiple Villain decks, but the wording is one word off. Don't have the cards here (and ChampionsDB erroneously lists them all with the same wording), but I believe the Piledriver one says: " When Revealed: The active villain gains 3 hit points. Give that villain a tough status card. " Whereas the Wrecker (or Thunderball) card of the same name says "When Revealed: The active villain heals 3 hit points. Give that villain a tough status card. " And then there is Distracting Taunts, a Piledriver attachment card which reads: "Attach to Piledriver. Piledriver gets +3 hit points. Players cannot attack other villains." So aside from the weird thing where cards' wording is just one word different, am I getting the difference between these three right?: Gains 3hp: Villain just ups HP by three (can now also be healed back up to original HP+3) Heals 3HP: Up HP by 3 but only as far as current max HP. Get +3HP: Up HP by 3, but remove 3 HP when attachment gets discarded.
  23. My brother uses this and it looks pretty neat. Think it's from Broken Token.
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