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  1. Fingers crossed for a GenCon announcement, it’s been awfully quiet since release
  2. Palpster

    Focus Card/Control Token Question

    The answer is on P15 under Focus Cards, Focus Row and Tech Dial: A player can resolve a focus card for no effect.
  3. Palpster

    Advice needed

    Thanks! Everything it is.
  4. So, I’ve played the first scenario a couple of times with different groups. Looking to get started on the next ones, but I have a question for the experienced players out there: Would you recommend playing with all available content turned on or just the core? I have everything by now, but don’t know what the impact is of using all content on the core box scenario’s. So recommended yes/no? Or perhaps better to add the content as we reach those scenario’s?
  5. I had also thought about multiple techs at each lvl which would add variety. More of everything, especially wonders/victory conditions. Could also be interesting: A hidden agenda for every player so that players either need to get 3 on the public ones or 2 on the public and 1 on their secret agenda (reveiled when completed) 5-6 player option seems a no-brainer, but I’m not sure what this would do for game length which I quite like at the moment. Spy options (like switch adjacent cards in an opponent’s focus row, flip control to you on an unfortified token) Recruiting Great People for various benefits, but would have to be different enough from wonders otherwise why bother? Governments, civics, religion, governors, districts....when looking at Civ 6 there is a ton of expansion potential. The trick would be in finding what would actually add something meaningful to the game and not bog it down with too many options that don’t really enhance the gameplay experience.
  6. Move is probably not place, but needs to be adressed in a FAQ for sure
  7. Palpster

    Astronomy vs. Astrology

    In Civilization 6 the computer game both Astrology and Astronomy are “techologies” that can be researched. Astrology is researched in the Ancient Era of ones Civ and Astronomy in the Renaissance Era. Seeing how all the cards are named after Tech and Culture advancements in Civ6, it seems deliberate they named it Astrology in A New Dawn. Historically acurate? Probably not, but it is true to the source material.
  8. Palpster

    Is this game even Worth playing?

    This is an interesting twist to the conversation. Are you beating your friends because you are better at the game than they are? Or is it because you have access to more/better cards than they do? If you are a better player than they are, try to bring them up to your level. Explain why you do the things you do in game and ask them to explain their choices and then present them with alternatives they might not have thought of. The trick here is to help them grow, without being condescending or patronizing. If your friends get better, they’ll present more of a challenge and make you have to work harder for your wins, which makes you a better player as well and possibly gives you more of a chance in your local tournament scene. Now if either of those situations (with friends or tourney) is due to deck building options from the size of your respective collections this links back to the original post. You’d have to make a choice: do I want to win at tournaments? Or would I rather have fun playing with friends? The second option can be handled if you all agree to spend about the same on the game, you’ll have a fairly level playing field. If you want to win tournaments, the most cost effective way to do it is probably to pick a good deck and buy the singles you need to make it, the obvious downside here is that if you’re already beating your friends regularly, it’s not gonna get much better when you are playing a tournament winning deck. Try to figure out what it is you like about Destiny and in what setting (fun with friends, competitive tournaments) and try to find a way to work this into your financial situation (if indeed you decide you like the game enough to keep playing it)
  9. Palpster

    How do YOU beat Kylo/FN?

    Gotta love how this thread turned into an RRG discussion when said RRG will not be legal yet for our Nationals 😭 I still have to deal with tons of Kylo/FN most likely.
  10. Palpster

    New Rules Reference Guide

    Yeeeaaahh, except they didn’t, but specifically stated on their FB page that the new RRG would not be in effect for this event.
  11. Palpster

    New article! More Legacies stuff!

    It could be in play on both sides ... the chaos is real!
  12. Palpster

    New Rules Reference Guide

    The only thing I hate about the new RRG is that it goes into effect November 6th......and our National Championship is the day before:( (Also, I think It’s a Trap was nerfed too much, but oh well) Other than that, great, great stuff for the game!
  13. Palpster

    Rivals draft cost

    If you go into it thinking “these six packs are mine and I don’t want to share any of it”, draft is not for you. Be aware though that in sealed your neighbour could end up with 4 Legendaries where you have none, that’s not likely to happen in Draft. Of course, it could also be the other way around. If you want to be sure of what you get, just skip draft and sealed altogether and buy a box, 6 Legendaries guaranteed (apart from any very rare distribution anomalies).
  14. Thanks for posting I’m missing discussion on why it’s important to always try and discard their Detention Centre (especially if your article is geared towards new players) and wether or not there are situations where it’s better to not do so. Otherwise pretty good!
  15. Palpster

    Rivals draft cost

    You buy 6 packs and the first time you do it, you’ll also buy a Rivals pack. This is fine. I’m more concerned about seeing Anakin in every single game of Draft I play. I wonder how fast that is going to be boring. Until then I’m excited for this though.