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  1. Palpster


    Decks from the Worlds Collide set will contain three of Brobnar, Dis, Untamed, Logos, Shadows, Saurians or Star Alliance. There will be no decks featuring Mars or Sanctum houses. The latter two will return at some point though, presumably at the expense of other houses.
  2. Queens with 4 apes has some staying power. If you manage to end a turn at 3 or 4 aember Chota or Keycharge could very well be online for next turn if you just reap. Granted, it’s pretty situational, but there’s definitely potential there.
  3. That’s a very liberal reading of the Phase Shift FAQ, but could be true that it is intended that way.
  4. Technically you played a non-Logos card after WW, so I guess you couldn’t play another. Best way to circumvent is to play your non-Logos card before WW. You could also play WW before Helper Bot, but then you run into the same problem I think?
  5. Drummernaut was errata’d because you could not play Drummernaut if it was the only giant you controlled (or rather, you could play it up to 6 times and then it was still on your hand). This problem does not exist for Tyxl, it has to deal 2 to itself if there are no orher targets, just like Smaaash had to stun itself in the absence of other creatures.
  6. I would agree with you if the card read ‘destroy a creature. Destroy an artifact. Destroy an upgrade.’ , but it doesn’t it reads ‘destroy a creature, an artifact and an upgrade’ which to me means they all happen at the same time.
  7. I beg to differ. Looking at my deck right here it has: carpet phloxem, collector worm, mars needs aember, mindworm, mothergun, xanthyx harvester... so action, creature, action, creature, artifact, creature. All alphabetical within the common cards though.
  8. Can confirm that decks I got from a display case all had the red line, so they’re not just in starters.
  9. Customs office is near the end in one of my Shadows decks, so looks like rarity order, but alphabetical within rarity. It’s slightly harder to see card type counts this way. The CoA way worked better for me, but it’s not like it’s horrible, just a little harder.
  10. Interesting question. I’d lean toward answer 3, but not sure.
  11. Not sure the creature that gets destroyed by an attacking Collector Worm is still archived. Fight abilities go off when the attacking creature is not destroyed, wouldn’t this mean that the other is destroyed at this point and it therefore no longer fights CW and isn’t placed in Archives? curious to see what others make of it.
  12. When a card has the Alpha keyword, it can only be played if you haven’t played, used, or discarded any other cards during step 3 of your turn. (P9 Rulebook) That answers your first couple of questions; no, you can’t play them
  13. You can only sacrifice cards you control according to the recently updated rulebook
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