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  1. Palpster

    Video about OP with keynotes

    I disagree, but have also seen this discussed enough to know that no one is going to sway the other's opinion with arguments so I'll just leave it at that. Bottom line, dumb or not, it's not allowed in official Keyforge events, what you do in casual games is up to you.
  2. Palpster

    Video about OP with keynotes

    I love how the Magic crowd are going nuts over the "no dice allowed", while most LCG players go: "of course you can't use dice, duh!"
  3. Palpster

    I'm missing today's festivities (Pre-Launch)

    I thought mine was bad with "Questarmy, Knight of the Realm" , but yours is even more plain. Bummer.
  4. Palpster

    Take Hostages timing

    good question, I honestly don't know, send it in, I suppose. Interesting to see how this never mattered in my deck, but does in yours.
  5. Palpster

    Witch of the Wilds Clarification

    Pretty sure it's one based on the wording of the card. There is nothing there that suggests once I've played my one card, I can play another. Edit: I think the thing that sets it apart from other cards is that it very specifically mentions you can play "one card"...there is no "additional", "for each", "extra" or whatever words apply to situations like these, it's just straight up "one card", which doesn't matter if you have two or 15 on the board, it's still just one card allowed and not "one for each".
  6. Palpster

    Four Horsemen decks

    I like it! Wish I could do the same
  7. Palpster

    Four Horsemen decks

    I love Martians as a faction, but the deck I got at the official pre-release event in Eindhoven, NL is seriously hampered by them. Have a pretty great selection of Sanctum and Shadows (Bait & Switch, Faygin + 3 Urchins), but a Mars selection that doesn't work at all. Only three creatures and mostly cards that either want to archive them or build on the number of Mars creatures. Oh and one of the creatures is Tunk (doh!). I had to take a turn multiple times where I chose Mars as the active house just to discard 4 cards and that was all I did for the turn (apart from crying on the inside and receiving sympathetic looks from my opponents). Mass Abduction was great though, I'll give it that.
  8. Last year I went to 4 Store Championships and the average attendance was 13, this year I went to three, but the average attendance was 18. I don't have the exact numbers on Nationals, but on one of the podcasts (I think it was Your Destiny, but I could be wrong there), they had a comparison in people attending between 2017 and 2018 and attendance was up almost everywhere.
  9. Destiny is having some trouble with releases, but attendance at every Nationals event over the past few months has been up from last year. Calling the game dead is just silly.
  10. Palpster

    Has anyone even seen a maverick, yet?

    makes no sense to me, but sure, I'll sell any decks with mavericks if people really want to pay for them 😁
  11. Palpster

    The 3 most powerful cards in Keyforge.

    He had 18 Aember? That seems kinda ridiculous (and especially against a deck with Shadow).
  12. Palpster

    Spangler Box rules question

    That seems correct to me
  13. Palpster

    Artwork -- how do you feel about it?

    If I don't know what a card does I'll ask my opponent if I can see it, same as in any other card game. It'll just happen more than in any other game, because more different cards will be played than in other games.
  14. Palpster

    Exchanging Control?

    I would assume it stays in the state it’s in. Don’t see anything in the rules that would cause the card’s state to change from ready to exhausted or vice versa when taking control of a card.
  15. Palpster

    What if two cards say conflicting things?

    You do as much of a card as you can right? So when Pitlord says you must choose, but you cannot I’d say you’re free to choose one of the other two. That’s just an opinion though, FFG might rule differently (but I doubt it).