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  1. Palpster

    Is it me or my deck?

    It’s the steal mechanic, it sets your opponent further from their win condition while at the same time bringing you closer. Shadows just happens to have a lot of it.
  2. Palpster

    Good Tournament Deck?

    Just bring a deck you like playing and enjoy yourself! That’s really all there is to it.
  3. Palpster

    Key Abduction question?

    Also, lost a side pod sealed game while I was up 2 keys and 6 aember to a sick Library Access, Reverse Time, Phase Shift and Key Abduction combo. He forged three keys for free in one turn. Coolest thing I saw all weekend.
  4. Palpster

    Key Abduction question?

    I took a deck with the Sting and Key abduction to Vault Tour. Love that combo and pulled it off couple of times in main event.
  5. Palpster

    Is it me or my deck?

    It’s not you, it’s the deck. There’s always Reversal though 😁
  6. Palpster

    Going To Time

    Similar question: If I play Miasma on the last turn, does that stop the opponent from forging? (I guess not because it doesn’t happen in the Forge a key step, right?)
  7. Palpster

    Going To Time

    Question: when going to time we both get a chance to forge a key for 6 at the end. If I still have my The Sting in play, will I get the aember my opponent used for that? (Obviously i cannot forge at that point, but lets say my opponent does and we end on 2 keys both)
  8. Have you tried the store locator on the Keyforge site?
  9. Palpster

    Need Help Running Chainbound Events

    Check the top pinned thread. Maybe ask there what course to take. Jeff is pretty active there although he’s in charge of GEM, not allocation of Chainbound events, but he might have some useful advise.
  10. Palpster

    Mis-printed deck

    are all cardbacks the same? regardless, shoot a message to FFG customer support and they will most likely send you a new deck (they did when my brother opened a deck that had some errors in the card artwork).
  11. One of my favorite decks has One Stood Against Many AND Champion's Challenge with Mugwump. Invariably my opponents have to pick up those cards and read them
  12. Palpster

    Turniments! what should I run?

    Very much this
  13. I would assume if you can login to their account and have their id scanned you can spend their shards. No way to transfer or combine though.
  14. Palpster

    Miss "Anchovies" Rodriguez - Deck Help

    I generally use Creeping Oblivion on my own cards to thin the deck down to the most powerful ones. There are exceptions of course, as always.
  15. Palpster

    Game Over man, Game Over!

    There are games that go to 15 turns?! 😋