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  1. Palpster

    Any Keyforge Tournament Organizer?

    Can TOME scan QR-codes? (I think we’ll see something unique to Keyforge)
  2. Palpster

    The deck that will make you quit keyforge

    if only those Witches were Phase Shifts...
  3. Palpster

    What do you want to see in the next Rulebook?

    having to say check should be removed from the rules in all honesty. It's fine for games with friends, but outside of that it's a complete mess when it should ever have to be enforced ("I did say check!", "no, you didn't!")
  4. Palpster

    Checking deck list : Archon format

    So, let me get this straight. You come into a Keyforge forum and ask a question. Then when multiple people give you the answer you respond with “I’m still not sure of your answers. Why don’t you all go watch X video” This is....quite another level ^^
  5. Palpster

    Restringuntus and Collar of Subordination

    Page 5 of the rulebook says that play abilities resolve after the card enters play. So it is already resolved, who has control over the creature doesn’t change anything about an already resolved effect. The only thing that affects it is stated in the ability itself: until Restringuntus leaves play.
  6. Palpster

    Best Combinations?

    You know that’s an illegal play, right? Breaking the rule of 6 on your headhunters.
  7. Palpster

    Are there any ACTUAL rules issues?

    But why can Greking affect the discard pile, but not the hand/deck? Dextre becomes a new “object” if you will in an out of play area, does any other creature not become the same in the discard pile? again, I agree this is how it should work, but I still don’t see why it does within the rules.
  8. Palpster

    Restringuntus and Collar of Subordination

    The player who played it, because that was the only time this was relevant since it is a play effect. Whatever happens after does not affect that play ability other than the condition it stated when it was played: until Restringuntus leaves play.
  9. Palpster

    Are there any ACTUAL rules issues?

    Why is it that Greking cannot find Dextre, which goes to an out of play area, but can find any other creature (who also go to an out of play area, the discard pile) I do believe that is the intent, but, I’m not quite sure why that should work within the rules we have. Can anyone explain that? (and before you say he takes control before the creature leaves play, why doesn’t he take control of Dextre before he leaves play?)
  10. Palpster

    Help choosing a deck for an OP Kit event Thursday

    The only one with a play ability is Yxili Marauder and that’s mostly a pointless one if you’re going to bring him back to hand after 😉
  11. Palpster

    "One Stood Against Many" Question

    you cannot use OSAM to reap. You can only reap after OSAM has readied a Sanctum creature and there is no one to fight. At this point the creature is ready, OSAM has been fully resolved and goes to the discard pile and then you can reap with the ready creature, resolving it's reap effect as normal.
  12. Palpster

    Help choosing a deck for an OP Kit event Thursday

    Why would you play the mars creatures before Key Abduction? That seems like a waste of time.
  13. Palpster

    Stop trying to make this Magic!

    The number one rule you will find for any competitive player of a ccg is: do not buy booster packs, buy singles. Casual players buy packs, and that is where publishers make their money from. Keyforge isn’t much different probably. If you want to be serious about the competitive side of this game you go online and search for the most busted deck out there, but FFG won’t see anything from the hundreds of dollars you’ve spent on it So casual players very much are the target market.
  14. Palpster

    Stop trying to make this Magic!

    I like the game as it is. The FAQ could certainly do with an update, but apart from referring to a "new object", every clarification we've seen so far is just an explanation of the existing rules and as such I feel the rules are fine. Apparently there are people who feel the need to write everything out in a 200 page document, and by all means, knock yourself out. Personally I have no interest in a game like that though and play Keyforge because it is lighthearted, casual and fun. I don't think any party in this argument is "right" or "wrong", it's an entirely subjective discussion. Some people (like me) love the simple, lighthearted fun that is Keyforge and some feel they need to have (close to) every possible interaction accounted for in order to have fun. I guess it's up to FFG to decide what they want Keyforge to be, but the sad thing is they can never satisfy everyone. Either they keep it simple like it is and lose players who feel the rules as is are wholly inadequate, or they adapt a "Magic-like" rules document of 100+ pages and lose players like me who have no interest whatsoever in a game like that.
  15. Palpster

    Living Rulebook

    Could you elaborate on what you mean by this? These things are in the rules right now, so I'm curious why you would call these out specifically.