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  1. And it wouldn't make things easier, as you will not only be reducing the size of the encounter deck, but the worst cards in the encounter deck are not usually Villains, so they will now be coming up more often. They could make it that Elite Villain and Villainous villains are immune to it as well as to not break the game in any way.
  2. It was in the stream. Here is a link to a discussion about some of the new packs coming including Most Wanted:
  3. Arguably, the only thing similar between Ms. Marvel and the now Captain Marvel is the name. The powerset, personality, style of book, types of stories, literally everything is different. Saying that, I do not disagree with your point. Also, yeah, only 3.5 years difference. I think Miles just feels longer as he really did feel like another Peter to me.
  4. Unless the reason had absolutely nothing to do with Kamala Khan being a woman or a Muslim, I could understand why people would assume it had something to do with being bigoted against woman and Muslims. But lets not rehash any of that. I have zero context into it, and don't really need it. I will say, that within my circle of friends, I am the only one that has read any comics with Miles in them. Then again, I've been reading about 40 comics a month for the last 15+ years, so I've read many. Having said this, I would say I've read maybe 20% of his comics. I've read 100% of the Ms. Marvel comics, and everything I've been aware of her appearing in. I've always found her comics to be brilliantly written with fantastic art. I've love her from her start, and continue to enjoy her to this day. I know of 4 others that have also read most of her comics if not all, and only 2 of them were because I urged them to (and once they started they didn't stop). So in my, arguably extremely small sample set, Ms Marvel is a hit, and extremely popular. I don't know any other Marvel comic that is read by more than 2 of any of my other friends, so within my circle of friends, she is without a doubt the most popular Marvel character. Based on how consistently good her comics have been, I find it very hard to believe that she isn't one of Marvel's most popular characters. And yes, I know Miles is more known, but he has had 2 TV series, a Movie, and been around for a lot longer. Kamala has only had the comic.
  5. This has not been my experience on FFG at all. They tend to not tolerate sexism or bigotry of any kind, but criticism of the IPs is usually fair game. (I'm not accusing you of sexism or bigotry, just that is what I've seen not be tolerated)
  6. Not only does this go against what the devs said about what has happened, it goes against several film maker's experiences working with Marvel as per those film makers. You could provide some evidence to back these assertions, but until then, I'll dismiss it (that which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence).
  7. They have said that the direction from Marvel about using Scott Lang was the only time they've received direction, and even then, my understanding of it was that Marvel didn't say they have to, they just kinda asked if they would rather.
  8. I think you're onto something. Not willing to go back and re-watch it, but now that you mention it, I don't actually remember if it was signature Ally or not. Now I'm hoping that it isn't signature for this reason.
  9. They said in the stream that their signature Allies are the other hero that they can team up with, so Ant-Man's signature Ally is Wasp, and Wasp is Ant-Man. Even if you just get the one pack, the Team-Up cards will still be able to be played as then you can use it when your signature Ally is out.
  10. Nick Fury would still be in play, as it stays in play until the end of the round or defeated. Events aren't discarded until the effect is resolved. So if you're playing Repulsor Blast, that card will stay in play until after all the cards have been discarded and damage is dealt, and only then it will be discarded.
  11. I don't see the point of more than 2 Enhanced Awareness. I use 2 instead of 1 as sometimes it will get discarded then playing his Blasters Card (can't remember what it is called, but the one you discard 5 cards to see damage). Once I'm going in IronMan, I go through my deck at least twice every 3 turns, so I get 2 chances to pick up the second Enhanced Awareness before the first one finishes.
  12. The If solo part is important though. I just don't play Thor in solo anymore, don't think he is worth it. But I love me some Thor in multiplayer, and I've ended a few games with others saying I was the clear MVP. He is a powerhouse in MP.
  13. This is the way we play it, but I just realized, this isn't actually RAW (unless I can't find it and it is there somewhere). I'm now wondering if there has been any official ruling to say that if an Ally defends, and is defeated by the boost ability, that the attack is no longer considered defended by the Ally.
  14. This is only half correct. Resource card is a specific type of card or ability. So you can play Resource cards during the villain phase, and trigger resource abilities during the villain phase. You still can't use Helicarrier during the Villain phase, as that isn't a resource ability, but an actual action. Also, Helicarrier doesn't generate a resource, you use it to decrease the cost of the next card played this phase. So @IceHot42 was correct, you can't use Helicarrier during the villain phase. But you are also correct in that you can use Pepper Pots during the Villain phase.
  15. Yes, whenever a villain attacks you or schemes, unless it explicitly states they don't draw a boost card, they do. Klaw will still draw 2 as he is attacking. This also applies to minions that have the Villainous keyword, although none of these have been released yet.
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