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  1. can you retreat your ships from adjacent sea area into a friendly port?
  2. If you get bullfrogged on a server with whirlpool as its first ice, do you get whirlpooled?
  3. If you can't break the first subroutine on wotan (or any) do you face all the following subroutine(s) or are you considered out since every subroutine that you can't break ends the run ? Are you considered out as soon as the run ends ?
  4. Ok so with the arrival of caissa programs, this question came up at my lgs; can you trash an ice at any time or do you have to replace it with a new one ? The rulebook seems to go for replacing. What's the call on this one ?
  5. Can a runner simply trash a ressource that does not have a trash icon option on it ? i.e. can you trash hard at work whenever you want or are you stuck with it forever when you install it ?
  6. Can you host a caisa on an undezzed piece of ice ? Seems it would make sense for rook ? And while we're at it, parasite ?
  7. Does Alix have to be revealed to accumulate power counters when cards are installed or does it work even if the card is facedown ?
  8. Whirlpool would still work if right behind H-B ?
  9. According to the timing of a run as I read it, you can pay the one cred to add Himitsu-Bako to HQ before the runner can jack out. If H-B is the first ice and you take it back to HQ, does the following ice becomes the first ice (runner can't jack out) ?
  10. Can you trash more than one installed card at the beginning of the same turn with mr. Pawnshop ?
  11. Can you use the credit on cyberfeeder to bypass a subroutine on the ice choosen when femme fatale has been installed ?
  12. I see. We were under the impression that accessing a card is different from jacking out; JA only applies to ice and access only applies to Assets/agendas/upgrades installed on a server.
  13. Situation: Runner encounters whirlpool. Cannot jack out for the remainder of the run. Next ice: Bullfrog. Corp wins the bid and brings the runner on an unprotected remote server. Asset: Junebug, with 4 counters. Question is, can the runner decides not to access the asset or is this part of the run and the runner is forced to access it ?
  14. Hans. His grenade thrower doesn't have the grenades characteristic. A friend told me it was corrected in some errata but I could'nt find anything in the FaQ. Does Hans throws grenades with his grenade thrower or potatoes ?
  15. Sooo I've been told that this question has been answered here but could'nt find it. Here: I have 2 personal workshop going on, 1 hosted card on one of the two. How many tokens can I take off this card when my turn begins (without paying) ?
  16. Missiles and torpedoes require a target lock to be fired. Do they also need their target to be in their firing arc ?
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