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  1. Dont forget to use five or six backpacks! That'll let your character carry a walker.
  2. Oh totally. I never had it used against me when I was using Bad Motivator , but I would have fully supported the idea of turning a purple into a red if I was using it on a Boss or some black dice if the situation called for it (and the GM was able to come up with enough reasons for the blacks to overcome my 5 or 6 Black-Be-Gone talents).
  3. Just curious, how much experience did your current crew top out at?
  4. I'm lucky enough that our group tags off GM duties every couple of weeks. It lets the GM take a break from executive producing the show, lets us get some different styles of game and generally keeps things fresh all around. Just a thought for next time you take up the GM Screen?
  5. Well, it is kind of old. How often do people browse Page 39? Not very often. Also, that post is from 2013? Yikes. I've been here that long? Egads. If there's no danger on your players accidentally finding it, you should put your modified version on google drive or drop box and post a link in the thread. I'd love to see what you changed up.
  6. Doctor Who has been mining that trope for 55 years now! Its either the Tardis goes to the wrong spot or there's some kind of Plot Device that's keeping them from getting back to the Tardis. Either way, it's a well worn path.
  7. I've used it on my players, so I share with you: How about this scenario shamelessly inspired by real life events?
  8. I've never seen the anime (or if I did, it was so long ago that I don't recall anything about it), but it sounds like Alita is a meat brain inside of a metal body, right? Basically a Cyberman? I would probably take the base Gank, reskin it to be human and go from there. Put her brain in a metal chassis (that bit is pure color) and let her pick whatever attachments make her happy.
  9. There's also no requirement to come up with cool and interesting ways to pass a Blue Die onto the next player when someone spends an advantage to do so other than saying "I spend my advantage to give Bob a boost die". But it's kind of implied in the DNA of the game that you (be you PC or GM) do just that.
  10. Now that said. . . . if I were handling Bad Motivator/It's Not That Bad/Etc, I'd be pretty loosey goosey with what "inspect" meant. Did the doctor have a medical tracker wrist unit keeping tabs on the squad (think what they had in the APC in Aliens, but smaller and more portable)? That would do from across the battlefield, well out of line of sight. I'd even take "Oh stop whining, you baby. That was clearly the sound of a Blastech L7. Those things don't have the stopping power to drop an Ee. You'll be fine." as a justification. Anything the player comes up with, run with. Pretty much it comes down not to "I activate my talent", but "Here is how I activate my talent".
  11. Don't forget to punch up the color. Ages ago, when the players were investigating an old sith facility, I would throw in stuff like the disembodied (yet still alive) faces hanging from meathooks or headcrabs like the monster from The Thing, but way more eldrich-y, gooey and X-Rated (for violence, not sex - but I could see a bondage Sith going the adult rated route too).
  12. Exactly. At the end of the day, it's just one crit. Well timed against the right crit at the right moment and it could be a game changer, but it's still just one crit out of many. Sure I'm of the belief that there should be some kind of interaction with the wound in question - a glance assessment would be enough (more however than the stated "I roll over from being sound asleep and say the words") - but the talent is more designed to make the battlefield doctor a super cool badass at the top of his game. The GM should work with the player to that end (and visa versa).
  13. Ah, nothing like responding a year and a half after the fact. Looking at the list of tools with a rarity of 4 or less (and assuming the ENC cap of less than 2, which seems a reasonable limiter even if it's not in the RAW), that means that there's only 35-ish things that the technician can access. That pretty much makes the talent useless. If the talent was on the five point tier, I could see your way of thinking - but it's a pretty hefty pricetag (15 or 20 points, I don't remember which and I'm AFB). For that kind of XP cost, I would expect greater functionality from the talent. If I were a GM and a player had that talent, I would totally define tool as the much broader "a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function." and not just that extremely limited list. While I'm not playing Tecetta anymore, I guess I could spend some time updating the list with the new books. Also, I must have missed Improved Utility Belt!
  14. Weirdly enough we're in the early days of a game where an old school sith (from the KotOR days) and a very confused Padawan will be hanging together. It'll be interesting to see how this unfolds, if the Jedi falls or the Sith gets redemed - who knows how the dynamic will work out. I'll disagree with Brit's "this will never work out!" hypothesis tho. The two players are mature enough to handle mustache twirling and virtuousness at the same time in the same group. Mind you, that may not true for every table, but I'm pretty sure we can handle it. Will report back in after a while with a full accounting.
  15. The way I see it - one of the main themes of the prequels is that the Jedi Order is broken. They mean well but they live in an ivory tower (both literally and figuratively), they're out of touch with the common man. So doing stuff that might be questionable to serve the greater good is right in line with that hypothesis. There's no malice, but they have lost their way - which is why Anakin needed to kick their collective asses and Luke was to bring humanity back to the Jedi by creating a more grounded order.
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