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  1. Desslok

    Warriors rejoice

    It might have been Pressure Point? I could have sworn it was in the Hired Gun or Smuggler careers tho, since those were the two I was looking at when building my character. I might have just been smoking dope, too.
  2. Late to the party, but I would put The Three on the same level as the First Ones from B5, the Vorlons and the Shadows. Beings so far advanced of us puny mortals that they might as well be gods. Sufficiently evolved technology, indistinguishable from magic, if you will. They aren't The Force, but they might as well be The Force.
  3. Desslok

    Warriors rejoice

    Holy crap, I'm digging the Steel Hand - that's totally Qui-Chang Caine (without the auto-erotic asphyxiation). That's going to be my Enforcer/Gunslinger's tree when I pick the force up for him. That thing is a Badassed tree. So am I misremembering is there a talent somewhere, another like Martial Grace where you can add a skill (something other than the coordination found here) to the brawl damage?
  4. Another book, another update! But first, let us pour one out for my just retired Engineer who was the root cause for this thread! Final analysis? Utility belt is the best talent I've run into in this game. Hands down, full stop. Saved my **** more times than I can count!
  5. Desslok

    Warriors rejoice

    Geeze, I'm really digging the art in this thing. The impressionistic style on the back cover, the Stormtroopers getting wrecked on page 80, Vader vs that Dead Man Walking on 13 - that's some sweet, sweet luvin'!
  6. Don't worry about maximizing the damage you do? Play to what's cool? Play to the concept not the stats?
  7. Desslok

    Lets talk Coercion!

    Excellent to hear. I was on the fence waffling between Enforce and 'Slinger, but the Enforcer seemed to match my vision right out of the gate. It should! Just not necessarily at that exact moment. Sometimes that's all you need.
  8. We just started a new game and my new character, he's a Enforcer, a hard boiled sonuvabith clone wars vet who is going to lean very heavily on Coercion, especially when I branch out into Gunslinger. But it really hasn't come up much before in our game and the section as written is vague on how this goes down (and intentionally so). Now, I'm not looking at coercion as a magic bullet that stops enemies in their tracks and makes them run away. I'm fine with that. But I wanted to get an idea on how you guys handle something like this. How does coercion unfold in your games?
  9. Desslok

    Warriors rejoice

    So, basically this:
  10. The Big Ol' Mandatory Book Swapping Thread is still a work in progress. However consider yourself signed up.
  11. Desslok

    Slugthrowers: Pointless?

    Shooting a bullet doesn't leave a tracer pointing directly at the shooter?
  12. Here's the short list: 1) Too long to play - I have never seen a game of X-Wing that didn't take forever to get through. A combat in the RPG is suppose to be quick. I don't want to take all night in one 3-on-3 battle. 2) Too lethal - While the RPG has game balance issues, there are ways to mitigate damage on your ship (a quality engineer can do wonders). In X-Wing, boom is boom. 3) It's boring for everyone else - The gunner? The mechanic busy putting out fires? The slicer jamming the enemy ships? The people who would be otherwise doing something during the combat that has use? They get to do nothing but watch the pilot set the maneuver dial. Yippie. 3) Kiss your talents goodbye - This is the most important one. Any schlubb can have five yellow dice in any piloting skill, but the real fun stuff happens when you bring your talents into play. That's where the good stuff lies. There is no way to bring those talents over to X-Wing, and suddenly my 175 point pilot has 95 of those points in something I cant use. This has been discussed many, many, many, many, manymanymanymanymany times from many different angles. It doesn't work.
  13. So we have our first instance of Coaxium outside of Solo. Issue 49 of the main Marvel comic has a mon cal ship fleeing the blockade of Calamari with a cargo hull full of Explodium doing a kamikaze run on a Star Destroyer in the blockade. Blows a fair chunk out of the ship, too - not out and out destruction, but it's certainly crippled. Still probably not a common tactic tho - I imagine that the Calamari were grabbing as many resources from their planet as they could before the Empire locked things down, and this was clearly a "Well, we do this desperate thing or everyone dies" play. Also, still prohibitively expensive.
  14. Desslok

    Amazon shopping

    Seconded! . . . . hey, wait a second! Shouldn't a pirate be ordering rum?!? Shenanigans!