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  1. Desslok

    There is something SINISTER about <Random NPC #122>

    Never EVER ignore Crazy Ralph!
  2. Desslok

    Morality sucks

    I don't recall specifically session to session what he was getting, but I'm going to guess that he probably averaged 4-6 a go. Sometimes it was lower, sometimes it was much higher (I think the torture session bagged him 15-ish. It was way more than the top end 10+ for straight up murder). I guess I was just rolling well. But even leaning in hard on the morality, it still felt like unnecessary trolling and/or bookwork - admittedly that I was encouraging (self-inflicted trolling?). I think from this point moving forward, removing the randomness of the roll and arbitrarily assigning a morality gain/loss is the smart way to go.
  3. Desslok

    Morality sucks

    We're just (maybe) wrapping up our current campaign, and I can say with authority and conviction that the morality system sucks. So I got a chance to play through my concept of a hard man who does bad things as necessary, but isn't a sadistic murderhobo and I leaned REALLY hard on the morality. Lets see how long it takes for him to fall by accident, the death of a thousand cuts. Being an Enforcer (then Padawan from the Rebels book, and then Steel Hand), his default position was to scare the piss out of his enemies first, which was always good for a conflict or two. He would routinely use dark side pips as often as he used the light. Emergency money was just one trip to a casino and a "this is a winning hand" mindtrick away. One time he beat the everluvin **** out of some guy who was sitting on information the team badly needed (coming up with methods that made the other players go "Jesus, where did you think of that?!?"). I would often suggest "That's probably worth a conflict or two" or "yeah, this is going to be worth a bucket of conflict. Hand me the dice." And more importantly, if nothing conflict worthy came up that session, I didn't roll. Yeah, not the rules as RAW, but it made sense. After all of that, you know where his current morality is sitting at? 52, two above his starting point. Unless there's an unexpected swerve next (and probably last) game, even doing all this bad stuff all campaign long,, he's still on his way (very slowly) upwards. So yeah, the system as written doesn't work.
  4. Desslok

    Cybernetics? No thanks!

    There was one comic last year where the dude who built Vader's suit put a backdoor killswitch into it. He was very put out when after being forced to trigger the kill switch, Vader turned back on, got up and handed him his ***.
  5. Desslok

    Our GM has no Hope!

    Oh come on. You guys fail as nerds!
  6. Desslok

    Our GM has no Hope!

    Well, that seems a bit drastic. A bit like burning nike shoes in response to POLITICAL TRAUMA X. The company doesn't care, they have your money. The relationship is over, as far as they're concerned. Also, Disney will be making these movies until the sun grows cold. Some will be good, some will be terrible, some will be awesome, some will be dog poop with nuggets of corn embedded in it. Watch what you like, skip what you don't. Seems simple to me.
  7. You want weird looking monsters/aliens/creatures? How about this Russian fisherman's twitter feed? Wait, I hear you saying - why would I be interested in this? Because he catches stuff that looks like this: Tell me that's not a Star Wars alien, a monster just waiting for a GM to stat it up?
  8. I09 put together another helpful guide: Everything we know about the New Republic.
  9. Desslok

    Slicing Issue

    I can neither confirm nor deny that I spent several hours reading that section of the book. Nothing to see here citizen. Go about your business.
  10. What was it suppose to link to?
  11. Desslok

    Slicing Issue

    That's okay, because as it turns out I don't know my slicer all that well. The person I thought bought into the slicer tree, the one I was getting set to do massive epic battle with - she doesn't have the tree. At all. She's got a good computer skill, but none of the talents that makes slicing encounters fun. So all that quickly fell by the wayside.
  12. I'm working my way through the Video Nasties (a series of banned and censored movies from the eighties) and there are some gems in there - the italian Giallos, Bava, Argento and the like - there's been a ton of terrible movies like Don't Go In the Woods Alone, which is basically if Ed Wood made a slasher flick. By every metric imaginable, it is a terrible movie - but I enjoy the **** out of it. That said, @Tramp Graphics you are a bad person and you should feel ashamed of yourself!
  13. Can we at least agree that 85% of all Star Wars books - both vintage and neo - are varying degrees of utter dogshite? Most of them suck.
  14. Paging @Absol197! Abby please report to thread, stat!