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  1. Desslok

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    Also, if you are looking to make adjustments - apparently the Improved Freerunning is a tier 4 talent in Shadow of the Beanstalk. Change the document to reflect that?
  2. Desslok

    You call me Doctor Jones, doll!

    Okay, okay - it took me a couple of weeks to get around to doing it, but here's Doctor Jade Tsubaki, with about 150 points of XP under her belt. Here's her background. It's a bit long, so I'll spoiler it to save space. We're playing with the NARds fantasy system, but the actual setting itself is all home brewed. But you'll get the jist of it -
  3. I also seem to recall that Shadows of the Empire caused a bottleneck too. I don't remember what facet of the project was the holdup (I want to say the N64 game - but don't quote me on that), but one cog in the machine stripped a tooth and the whole pipeline went askew. Mind you, I just turned 50, so this memory might just be Alzheimers setting in, so take it with several grains of salt.
  4. Exactly. When someone says "I could eat a horse" or "That thing weighed a ton", they don't actually expect you feed them an entire equine or that the filing cabinet was indeed 2,000 pounds. I always saw that as the same style of speech instead of Kenobi saying "The Jedi order has been around for exactly 25.5x1000 years"
  5. Desslok

    Adapting Unmatched Mobility from EtU?

    Yeah, the sad fact is that Unmatched Mobility comes from the early days of the signature talents, while the later day ones are so much better. But it thematically fits with my Off Brand Indy, so there you go. However I'm willing to entertain any and all suggestions on how to spice up the Supreme!
  6. In that my very first "Bad facets of your character gets you XP" mechanic comes from HERO, I just usually use their term and call them Disadvantages (lazily shortened to disads). Even when it's not something disadvantageous to the character like duty.
  7. It's probably a little too mono-focused for a its own sourcebook, but I wonder if there's any gold to be mined in Disneyland's soon to be opened Star Wars Land?
  8. Hey guys - So my Archaeologist Indy/Laura Croft clone seems to be coming together nicely. One of unexpectedly fun things she can do is the freerunning (and soon to be the improved freerunning). I didn't intend for her to pivot that way, but she strikes me as a nimble little minx. So I started brainstorming the idea of adapting Unmatched Mobility from Enter the Unknown as a Heroic Ability. This is very much shooting from the hip, so it may not work at all. The base ability remains unchanged: Once per session as an incidental, spend 2 points to increase the number of maneuvers she is allowed per turn to three for the next 2 rounds. This third maneuver may be gained by the same means as a second maneuver. For the upgrades underneath the Unmatched Mobility base ability are. We've got: Duration +1 Duration +1 Duration +1 Destiny Point expenditure -1 Melee defense Ranged defense Free maneuver (AKA no strain when you take this maneuver) Free maneuver Looking at the Heroic Ability Upgrades listed in the actual Terrinoth book, the Duration and DP expenditure are already written up. So we can just pull those out of consideration, leaving us with: Melee defense Ranged defense and the two Free Maneuvers So my thinking for the Improved Upgrade: While Unmatched Mobility is active, the character gains two additional free maneuvers on his turn. This does not increase the maximum number of maneuvers the character may perform per turn (three with the ability active). In short, those three costs no strain to take. Not too terribly game-breaking, I would think. For the Supreme Upgrade the ranged and melee are rolled into the same: While Unmatched Mobility is active, the character increases his ranged and melee defense by 1. This one might be too strong? I'm not sure. What do you think, sirs?
  9. Desslok

    You call me Doctor Jones, doll!

    So got a chance to take Doctor Jones out for a spin over the weekend. After we vetted the list, everyone was cool with the skill selection. The only hill I really was going to die on was keeping stealth, and we swapped out Deception for Adventuring. And nobody had issues with the whip - so I think we're good to go! When I get home from work, I'll post the final character sheet and the background writeup for you guys.
  10. Desslok

    Dungeon Delving and Loot

    A GM who doesn't listen to player chatter is leaving his most powerful tool back in the shed. I can't count the number of times I've been running something, they'll say something like "Man, I hope that X doesn't happen!" and X is a much better idea than what I had in mind. One quick course correction and we're off to the races!
  11. Desslok

    You call me Doctor Jones, doll!

    Okay, after some consideration and based on what you guys suggested, here's the (tentative) skill list that I'll be presenting to the others. At least unless I change my mind again between now and Saturday. Coordination (which yeah, is kind of covered by Athletics, but it still seems not unreasonable for Indy) Stealth Deception Perception Skullduggery Melee Light Forbidden (I don't know why my eyes rolled right over that skill. I guess I just assumed it was one of the Magic skills, but this would totally cover your Thugge Cults and stuff) Lore And then once I get some points under my belt, I'll start out with Dungeoneer and Museum Worthy, give top priority to Adventurer and Well Traveled and a bit down the road I'll grab Hunter. And yes, I know that my talent Ziggurat is lopsided and not legal at the moment. Those are just the talents that caught my eye. I'll throw some Tougheneds or Grits in there to make it legal. And since I'll be going human, if I put 3 threes in my attributes (probably Brawn, Cunning and Intellect), that leaves me 20 points to play with. Although, man do I miss taking obligation so I can get a couple extra points for that 4th three!
  12. Desslok

    More Books?

    I do wish that Genesis followed the GURPS and HERO template for universal games - keep the source books setting generic. Throw out the back half of the book where they try and paint the picture of a complete world (and fall short) and try and include everything you need for a generic fantasy/cyberpunk game (and fall short).
  13. Desslok

    You call me Doctor Jones, doll!

    Strong point - I haven't even considered any talents yet. I was just thinking of getting the bedrock established so I can present to the group and say "Are you guys okay with this" before I started growing the character. Can do! Right now it's just a bunch of random scribbling on a yellow notepad, but when I get him/her finished, sure. The funny thing? Ages and ages ago when I first started playing RPGs, back when Dinosaurs roamed the earth, my very first WEG character was a shameless mashup of Han and Indy, but pilot/smuggler not archaeologist. And I was very firm in my "no, no! That's not where I got my idea at all". Nowadays it's all "Eh, **** it. Should I give him a hat and a whip too?" Ah, the folly of youth.
  14. Desslok

    You call me Doctor Jones, doll!

    I went with the survival because beyond finding water and food and shelter, that's your "So you're lost in the woods" reading a map skill. And yeah, you're right about needing more knowledge stuff - after sleeping on it, adventuring at the bare minimum. If this were Star Wars, I'd simply pick up another brainy career with my first 20 points, but those 8 skills only go so far.
  15. I'm thinking of putting together an Indiana Jones/Laura Croft archaeologist for our fantasy game, which of course the fantasy book doesn't accommodate. So, time to go off the map! Anyway, I thought I'd bounce this skill selection off you guys for the career: Coordination Stealth Deception Skullduggery Survival Athletics Brawl (Although I might swap this out for some kind of lore/history/artifact appraisal skill) Melee Light So, what do you think sirs? (Also, anyone have stats for a whip? )