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  1. Well, finally got a chance to play through the (distressingly short) single player campaign. No real information to be had - a bit more about Operation Cinder, how Inferno Squad helped recover Destro's Weather Manipulator the Climate Disruption Array from Fondor, deploying them above Vardos (where you get Iden's all to quick Heel/Face turn). There's a peek inside the Emperor's Observatory on Pillio, we find out that just before Jaku, the Empire has an AT-AT factory running at full tilt and that there was a major Imperial refueling depot on Bespin. And then there's the Battle of Jakku - pretty badassed, even if there's not that much to it. You could mine the game missions for some player activities - responding to distress calls, holding off Walkers, fighting their way into a crashed Star Destroyer to set off a chain reaction to blow it up. I didnt think much of the game, but having a raging gun battle on the outside hull of a Star Destroyer is hella cool. So yeah, nothing really new to add to what we know, other than just how vast the Jakku fight was.
  2. We're on our way, m'am!
  3. Speak for yourself. I'm on my way to the bar now!
  4. Oooh, bold, underlined AND Font 14 Size. It must be correct!
  5. Plot armor for Farmboy aside, honestly Tarkin was an idiot. "Hey boss, they're shooting at a hole that goes directly to our reactor. You want I should call down to the Supply Stores and get 5 bucks worth of rebar and chicken wire to plug it up?" "Naw, bro - I got this. Hold my beer." God that was daft, wasnt it. Okay, assuming that the Death Star sat there totally inert and did nothing in response to the X-Wing attack, and that the Rebels had 500 years of flight time and unlimited God Mode ammo turned on, they would have never been able to do enough damage to the Death Star to render it inoperable. Even if the capital ship rammed the thing, it would have been pretty negligible. Whoever ordered that attack was a bigger idiot than "No Chicken Wire, thank you". Honestly, until we actually see the entire stat block, I wouldn't worry about Happy Fun Ball getting shot down. There has to be some kind of modifier in play that we're not seeing.
  6. Here you go, someone cool: Here you go, Bonus Coolness: What a guy!
  7. A couple of games ago, my core world princess was a hardcore Imperial loyalist. While we were not working for the Rebels, our paths occasionally did intersect - and she would dime them out on the secret all the time. When the other characters found out, it did make for some rough times in the crew, but they eventually worked it out. The important bit - the rest of the table knew what she was up to. The characters were in the dark, but the players all knew. So when the shoe dropped, there were no bad player feelings. Everyone was onboard with the story we were trying to tell, and able to keep player and character knowledge divorced. And it worked out great (well up to the point where the game imploded for unrelated reasons before I could fully wrap up her story).
  8. ****, I've been playing the game since launch and I would get overwhelmed with choice if someone dropped 300 xp on me in one go. Sure, mechanically I'd be able to put something together, but I'd have no idea how any of it worked together or what is a strong build. The game is pretty good about mismatched characters not overpower and overshadowing each other. I think your plan of having him start a character per normal and then kick him 50% more Xp until caught up is a strong one. 300 Xp isn't all that much, so he'll be up and running in no time.
  9. Eh, the radar dude on the Death Star was pretty good at spotting 30 ships heading their way, plus you know - they noticed the Falcon amid all that Alderaan line noise. I'm pretty sure they'll be able to spot and intercept a lone X-Wing on attack vector before they get into firing range.
  10. Hmmm, two sides of the coin here - that the GM has to come up with an organic situation that lets the player follow the story, but the player kind of has to buy in to where the story is going. Yes, yes - free will, player agency and all that, but there does kind of have to be a compromise. As the GM, what I would have done was let you go "Naw bro. I'm out" and drop your man off with the Empire. And because the Empire is a bunch of Richards, they would have thrown you under the bus so badly that your wounded pride, always get the job done hunter now has a bigger job: get payback on the Imperial that threw him under the bus. Your GM sucks. Moving on. . . . Wait. . . what? No. The GM doesn't get to play your character like that. "Tough. I pull out my blaster and shoot the general in the chest. I get 18 damage." Naw, F that guy. The situation was handled badly from top to bottom. A clever GM could have made that work, but not this asshat. You did nothing wrong.
  11. If I'm GMing an attack with a Death Star, you bet your *** that the fighters are going to be out patrolling in force and generally stopping people from shooting my Death Star with torpedoes.
  12. Time for a bumpage (mostly so I can find it in a couple of days) because with Battlefield II and it's single player game after Endor, I expect that we'll get a lot more details filled in here in short order.
  13. Yeah, sure, you could take out the Death Star in 3 or 4 rounds with some good torpedo hits. Good luck surviving those 3 rounds with the 500 minion groups (each with 6,500 minions in each) hot on your tail.
  14. Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking - the way I initially thought was clearly too game breaking. Again, let common sense rule the day. It might be easiest if we just build Mouse Droid Prime, give him all the perks and bennies and then just handwave away the construction rolls for the MSE Bravo, MSE Charlie and MSE Delta. I'll talk to the others of the group and show 'em your guys' thoughts.