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  1. Fine - you don't buy the Blind Master trope and you are in your right to ban it at your table. But proclaiming all the "No it isn't so" in the world is not going to change what the actual backstory is for the character - that he's a blind master badass without the force.
  2. Yeah, the official usage is a little kludgy. I much prefer the "Big Assed Deathblossom Sphere" usage myself. And thus was my headcannon.
  3. So from that we can (roughly) extrapolate what a Torpedo Sphere might be sporting, too. Probably half those stats, all around.
  4. That would have been my go-to: politico! Inspire your friends as you shred like a mutherfucker and inflict strain on the blue haired old conservative grannies who think you play the Devil Music. Also, you need a flamethrower in your axe (EDIT - so H E double hockey sticks is censored by the forum software, but not mutherfucker? We live in weird times. . . .)
  5. Oh please - that was R2 going "Jesus H Christ, if I let this kid have the controls, he's gonna get us BOTH killed. Fine - I'll light up the board so it looks like he's doing the flying and I'll keep my hands on the stick . . . ." And then Annie calls out all his attacks like "I'll try spinning!" allowing R2 to maintain the illusion that the 9 year old fleshing is really in control.
  6. So to sum up - we have no consensus on what levels of morality to hand out, if any. Thanks guys - all been a big help. Upon reflection, I do kind of wish the players had been a bit more nosey (or I had tantalized them with a bigger carrot), I would have like to see how this would have played out. Ah well - the idea goes into the recycle bin for future use at some point down the road.
  7. Snake Plisken Maelora? I thought he she was dead?
  8. Fortunately we happened to have a camera on the scene at the time:
  9. Oh man, I loved those super late night cross-country drives where you could pick up AM stations from 5 states away, listening to Coast to Coast with all the time travelers and lizard spacemen and crazy ****. The new host they have is just all about the boring old “GMOs are bad!” conspiracies. Come on man, don't tell us about Monsanto! Tell us all about the Interpol Pedophile Assassination Squads!!!
  10. Lets go to the west of the Rockies phone line. Hello caller, you're on the air with Art Bell . . .
  11. It's the Rebel Spy and the Interrogator I'm liking the best. All the Phasma bits are "Look how Klingon I am!" (which admittedly I'm not very far into - they just had that big fight with that other native tribe over the baby when I knocked off for the night) I'm seriously considering skipping the Klingon bits and just reading the modern bits.
  12. I'm 5 or 6 chapters into the Phasma book and it's a real chore for me. I just could give no **** for the character. The field in which I grow my ****, lay thine eyes upon it and thou shalt see that it is barren. I'd rather read a book about Ice Cream Maker Guy over this forced "Look, isn't this Badass Character badassed?" wannabe.
  13. Skulduggery is limited? I use it all the time!