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  1. DekoPuma

    Adepticon pick up games

    Don't forget to sign up on the wait list. There's bound to be some people dropping at the last minute for any number of reasons.
  2. Very nice! Now we just need the Imperial Specialist upgrades.
  3. DekoPuma

    Some painted Specialists

    Nice work there. I love the medical droid's syringe vial. The red liquid looks great.
  4. DekoPuma

    Imperial Generic Commander

    Same here, I got a pair of binoculars from 40k that fits perfectly.
  5. I'm still undecided on attending GenCon this year, though I'd certainly like it. If I do go, I have to be honest and say Runewars is not a priority. I'd attend if the scheduling works out. From basically the day after Worlds, all the wind has gone out of my sails for Runewars. But maybe things will be different 8 months from now.
  6. DekoPuma

    spanish sight has something odd on order page

    It's probably just an identical reprint of the current core set.
  7. DekoPuma

    is 800 points to small of a army?

    I'd like to see an increase to 1000, but I won't be upset if it stays at 800 forever.
  8. DekoPuma

    The Land Endures

    WTF? This is the only game they've ever released that actually had enough dice on the starter set. Not to mention duplicates of all generic upgrades FFG had plenty of missteps, but there was nothing by wrong with the starter box.
  9. DekoPuma

    The Land Endures

    *pours one out for Runewars.*
  10. DekoPuma

    Pre-order dilemma... how many officers to order?!

    So far, I don't think any special forces have a trooper upgrade, only a special weapon slot.
  11. DekoPuma

    officers incoming

    Exactly. Of course, it depends on a lot of things. The medic droids should have Treat X: Y, but we don't know X, Y, or the cost.
  12. DekoPuma

    Wich glue do you use?

    Same here, this stuff is great.
  13. DekoPuma

    officers incoming

    I'm most excited for the medics. There's a lot of potential there, healing things like Palp and such.
  14. DekoPuma

    January Release?

    The "Upcoming" page is currently about 3 weeks out of date, likely due to the holidays. As soon as it updates we'll know if they are arriving in January or not.