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  1. The day before this scenario was played I was going to have the AT-AT move 3 inches and I was fiddling around with a ruler wondering if I should go with a different number or perhaps even go metric when I realized the speed 1 template is 3 inches long. That's when I settled on using the Legion template instead of a ruler.
  2. It won't let me upload the 4th photo in the comments either. But to restate the basic concept and that's place the speed 1 template on the corner. Place your finger to mark the spot where the the template ends. Slide the model to your finger.
  3. I own an AT-AT from when Wizards of the Coast had the license and last night played a "Battle of Hoth" scenario with it. I had to invent the stats and how it moves, and movement is what I want to share. The first thing I did was to take some extra order tokens and put a little sticker on it that said "AT-AT move". When that token came up the only thing the AT-AT could do was move. No other actions. Next I had to figure how to get the templates to work with it. In the next 4 photos I will show forward and a something we can't really call a right turn, but it did drift to the right a little bit. I designated the right had corner as the spot to set the speed 1 template. (See photo1 with a speeder bike for scale.) Next I moved the model to the front of the template. Often I put my finger in the spot one would normally place the rear of a model at then slide the AT-AT to my finger. (see photo 2) and now the same concept but a drift to the right. (See photo 3) and now the ending position of that.... it will have to be in a comment as I've exceed the memory size... I'll share my invented stats for the AT-AT after another play test. Last night's game showed that I made it way too powerful. If you've invented stats that seem to work in a play test please share.
  4. I'm looking for a some homebrewed rules for the Battle Of Hoth. I have models from "Wizards of the Coast" for the AT-AT, Atgar cannon, and the DR.9 Golan arms - Tower cannon. Please post suggestions or share links pages where this has already been discussed. (I did attempt a search but I think the 2 letters "a" and "t" spelling the word at mess up the algorithms) Thank you.
  5. I need some help interpreting how to control the AI on the Elite Tie Interceptor. So I’m at step 1 and last bit is “Free Focus Action” ok so I place the token. I do step 2 and am at Step 3. It says Barrel Roll to get a shot. Ok so I do…. But wait… … That’s 2 actions right now. A normal ship can’t do that. So what’s up with that? Next I read on the Elite card and it says Push the Limit perform an additional action. … but it already did 2 actions! Does Push the Limit allow this ship to have 3 actions?
  6. The second hand rumor is that my local store is getting 2 Store Championship kits. (That seems odd to me, but for right now let's just say it's true.) I'm playing a small role in discussing when to hold the Store Championship event(s) while not wanting to double book a date with any store within a reasonable driving distance. I contributed the idea of "What if one of the Store Championship kits is used as a League prize?" ... and then the other being a normal 1 day tournament. So a part of the reason for exploring this option is so that there's not a schedule conflict with our neighbors. And I'm coming here to see if any organized play rules are being broken and what the broader community thinks about this. If the main problem is the bye-card I'll suggest removing that in the League, and throwing it away. Is there any additional rules literature specifically about Store Championships? I looked at the downloads page and see the Tournament Rules but don't see anything labeled "Store Championship"
  7. If my local gaming group wanted to use a Store Championship kit as the prize support for a League that's spread out over multiple weeks instead of as a 1 day tournament is that breaking any Fantasy Flight Organized Play rules?
  8. CliffordHolm

    Demo games

    Here's a little write up I did for the blog "The Metal Bikini" http://www.themetalbikini.com/2014/05/hosting-demo-game-by-cliff.html
  9. CliffordHolm

    Demo games

    Luke with R2 vs two Tie Academy pilots and let the newcomer be Luke. The game will last long enough to show the rules then let the next interested player in line rotate in. If you're demoing larger games I'd say do 50 points and have there be partners to get the full 100. The perfect beginner 50 point build is the Millennium Falcon piloted by Chewie, Luke as crew and the title. Tell the player to always focus or dodge and dodge be the default if they don't know what to do. My reasons for saying that build is so good for beginners is that's its an Iconic ship, it has a turret (no out of arc shots), Luke allows a reroll (hitting is fun). and Chewie means you don't have to bother with critical hits.
  10. Here's my First Draft of my rules. They've not been play tested. Please give me constructive criticism. Ballistic Torpedo Deployment The model for the Ballistic Torpedo remains off the game mat during setup and stays there until deployed. Deployment occurs when a friendly ship acquires and spends its target lock declaring the expenditure as being for the Ballistic Torpedo. The target lock token is then replaced with the “Radar Ping” token. The next turn the model for the Ballistic Torpedo is placed on the edge of mat, in the deployment zone for the controlling player. Movement The Ballistic Torpedo has a Pilot Skill of 0. (except when in Ballistic mode) The Ballistic Torpedo should travel toward the enemy ship that has the Radar Ping token, but its course is up to the controlling player. Obstacles affect the Ballistic Torpedo in the same manner as other ships. Dial Straight ahead. 1, 2, 3 all green. Gentle left or right turns. 1, 2, 3 all white. U-Turn. Red maneuver. The U-turn is a unique movement template. The controlling player must declare if the U-turn will be the left or right before placing the template near the model. (The U-turn is something cool I saw at Litko's website. Its a new movement template they invented.) There are no 90 degree turns or K-turns or S-turns Actions Barrel Roll Boost Evade Target lock (moves the Radar Ping token to a new ship) Become a proximity mine. (can’t be undone) Become a Seismic Charge. (can’t be undone) Become Heat Seeking. (can’t be undone) Become Ballistic. (can’t be undone.) Explanation of actions: Becoming a proximity mine or seismic charge means the model is swapped out for those tokens and they behave as stated in the core rules. Becoming Heat Seeking means that the controlling player will no longer be able to program its movement dial nor can it take any actions. Movement will be Speed 2 with it being measured 360’ around its circular base. (The model of the Ballistic Torpedo now being changed from a regular X-wing base.) The Torpedo will not alter its course but head toward the ship with the Radar Ping token. If it encounters an obstacle then use the core rules to resolve the situation. The attack will be at -2 Red dice from its beginning stats. Becoming Ballistic means that the controlling player will no longer be able to program its movement dial nor can it take any actions. Movement will be speed 4 straight ahead until it collides with something (enemy, obstacle or friendly ship) or is off the map. The attack will be at +2 Red dice from its beginning stats. The Radar Ping token is not used anymore and can be removed. Enemy ships may pass through a Torpedo during their movement and not set off the Torpedo. During the Torpedo’s move it must impact the first ship it encounters (and not pass by seeking a better target). When in Ballistic mode the Torpedo moves last, being treated as having a pilot skill of +1 of the highest pilot fielded. Miscellaneous Radar Ping token is placed on the designed target for the torpedo. The Torpedo will fly past, around, other ships that don’t have the Radar Ping token (except when in Ballistic mode). The Radar Ping token could be any mission token that came from any X-wing expansion. “Tip the wings” Enemy ships that don’t have the Radar Ping token can disrupt the Torpedo. If an enemy ship lands on, touches, passes through the Torpedo the enemy player may spin the Torpedo in any direction they want to. [This concept is inspired from the British RAF ‘tipping the wings’ of the German V-1 Rockets] Stats Cost 10 Pilot Skill 0 Hull 1 Green 2 Red 5 on impact you may change your Focus results to Hit. At the start of each Action phase the Ballistic Torpedo gets a free evade token. (Using the evade action would then grant the Ballistic Torpedo 2 evades that turn.)
  11. This has been a great discussion and thank you to everyone. I was day dreaming this to have 2 purposes. First to simulate a chase scene where the hero out runs and out maneuvers a heat seeking missle. Second to have some sort of kamikaze disposable weapon against Capital ships in Epic games. I want it to cost 10 points and the stats will match that. 10 points because its cheaper than 12, the accepted lowest cost ship, and there are a couple of those now. I was picturing this as an off the map area artilllery shot, so the launch platform will not be seen. The guided missile will just appear on the edge of the deployment zone, but not the first turn.
  12. Does anyone have some home brewed rules for having missiles or torpedo be a model that's placed on the game mat and it then has its own dial? (Its movement is programmed by the controlling player.) Thank you, Cliff
  13. He allows guest authors to post articles. I had one of mine posted once. So anyhow I'd suggest writing up something you're interested in and send it to him. That would be one way keep new content on the site.
  14. Gabe69velasquez, Thank you for posting those clips. I had not seen them before. I did HEAR most them before with the Radio version of Star Wars but had not seen them.
  15. I love the Zann stories. Years ago when I first read them I had no idea the wild karrde looked so dumb. It's just a silly looking ship
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