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  1. Duncan and I had to bump our game to this week. Should be getting it in on Sunday.
  2. Ricky, is my reward for winning a game for my name to finally be spelled correctly? lol
  3. Agreed. Two dice thrusters doesn't get a lot of mileage. Better to let the little droid take it on the dome for you. integrated gets you a situational hit point. any time autothrusters triggers, it essentially does the same. i've been running 3 t-70s, all with autothrusters, and they've proven their worth every game. it rewards good fundamental play, keep the initial exchange at range 3 so they trigger, force range 3 on pursuits so they trigger. they also trigger against every (almost) tlt shot. for one more point than something that gets you more greens or for the same cost as the targetting astro, i'd take thrusters every single time and it's not even a question. integrated astro is definitely more for the t-65. the only situation i'd take IA over thrusters with t-70s is if i'm running 4 blue squad novices with r2s...and that's only because you don't have the points for thrusters then.
  4. ...and in the process of doing so you've turned them into 3 HP ships on 2 AGI with no shields which will die a horrible death. you'll probably lose 1 ship a turn, so yeah, the others are getting 3 dice attacks with a focus. again...on 2 AGI. if you seriously want to throw that many red dice with 5 ships at PS greater than 2 for tlt purposes, just grab 5 avengers and call it a day...
  5. Having been someone who's run Turr a lot since wave 2, unproductively so at times, the only case I can see for ever trying to argue for VI over PTL on Turr is for one of 2 corner reasons: 1) You absolutely can't find the extra 2 points in the list. VI Turr with Autothrusters is 28 pts. That could be an Academy TIE and Backstabber, just as an alternative example. Another easier alternative to see is just dropping down to a RGP with PTL and Autothrusters at 27 pts. That gains you 1 more point in list building. Not having PTL on an interceptor is very hard to argue for. There are also a lot of other PS9 options that are easier to argue for. 2) You want the option for pulling rebel captive stress there instead of having it forced on a Soontir/Vader/Whisper in non ideal situations. This is a little easier to understand. Rebel captive is a thing that's quite common and it can be really annoying when RC forces you to shut down your usual ace tactics. Having multiple pilots where you're able to alternate taking stress between is something that can be useful. Whisper hates RC because that shuts down the recloak after shooting. That's a big deal. Soontir is a bit easier to handle the RC because he get's the focus after taking the shot, but that also means he's not PTLing in the action phase. Being able to shirk the RC stress onto a different pilot in those nonideal situations can be very helpful. However, is a VI Turr the best way of doing that? RC screws up Turr's ability and if you're looking for a cheap PS9 to do so, maybe a VI Mithel would be easier. That's a whole 10 points cheaper for the only real loss is 1 attack die at ranges 2-3 and no access to autothrusters. I only mention it because it's technically an alternative to the same problem. These are some of the questions you should be asking if this is your thought process behind putting VI on Turr. Essentially, for both of those situations, you can make the case that you should be looking at other alternatives in your list construction because PTL on any interceptor is the optimum loadout. PTL on Turr goes above and beyond that normal utility when you're against anything PS7 or lower. Contrary to popular belief in this thread, you don't have to be PS9 to make the most out of his ability. PS7 is plenty high and PTL makes that abilty shine the brightest, without question. Plus, even if you're not trying to make use of his abilily because of a certain PS skill matchup, you still have access to PTL turtling. That's going to make you far more survivable to those usual threats than not having PTL tokens but being able to pop a free boost or barrell roll here or there.
  6. no....no they don't. plus, in this era, it wouldn't be thematic either.
  7. Yeah....that is not possible at all, at least legally. Opportunist only triggers off one of the cluster shots. You can't trigger opportunist if you're already stressed by the Glitterstim. (Almost more importantly, why would anyone run opportunist on N'Dru anyways?) In order to have set up the bump for Han to have been bumped by an enemy Z, and then N'Dru to still have a legal cluster shot (range 1-2 of the target) while his ability still triggered (outside range 1-2 of all friendly ships) is incredibly unlikely. Possible, yes, but you'd have to really have some ballsy confidence in your positioning skills to set that shot up perfectly. That's 3 likely ways this doesn't add up, at least within the realm of rules. If misplayed completely, yeah...even then that's very statistically unlikely. That's a perfect 5 for 5 on the first shot to completely strip the shields. Then AT LEAST a 4 crit situation on the second shot where all of the crits is either a direct hit or a minor explosion that also triggers the second damage. Sorry buddy, that's just not gonna happen unless you have a dice roll that has a 0.0244% chance at happening plus having the damage deck stacked perfectly in your favor where all those crits do double damage. Just pulling the simple solution of 4 consecutive direct hits has a likelihood of around 0.08%. So....yeah.... And you also mentioned that you only pulled 3 double damage crits, which means you should have had life left. 5 shields + 8 hull. You would have had 1 hull point left. Now, with all that said, I've been running N'Dru + Lonewolf + Cluster + Glitterstim for a while. That Cluster Missile attack is definitely awesome as all get out, for sure. I ran this plus 3 unhinged TLT Thugs at a small local event Labor Day weekend and proceeded to do 24 damage over the course of 4 games with those cluster missiles. Super awesome, but my goal in game 4 was to one shot a TLT Ywing, even knowing that was fairly statistically unlikely. I've dealt 7 damage twice (once on a Y, the other on a Miranda), but haven't achieved the full oneshot monty on anything with 8 HP yet. That's also with Lonewolf rerolls, plus the super focus from Glitterstim. Very potent and fun, but no way in hell are you ever going to one shot a Falcon with it. Cripple it? Yes, that's very possible. Destroy it? Not without the TLT support fire following up. Even that's gonna take a really good run of red dice to accomplish. Hell, not only that, but running Lonewolf well is one of the most difficult upgrades to run well. It takes a lot of skill to know how to keep that range from all your friendlies while still maintaining peak efficiency in the process. The TLT Thugs are the best way to do that and it's what gives my list potential.
  8. I'm really hoping this isn't the only thing in the works to address the T-65 and this just happens to be the one that is included with the T-70 that can cross over and more subtle things like this are going to filter into the game over the next few releases. My biggest issue with this is that in order to see any benefit, you're required to spend even more points on a ship that's already questionably costed. If it applied the same identical effect with even a 1 point discount on the cost towards the astromech to make it useful, I'd be more excited. It also takes up your mod slot. So, now you can't even take this, with a R2, EU, and PTL on someone like Wedge if you wanted to. Same thing with Poe and R5-P9 as it takes up the mod slot that's needed for Autothrusters. Definitely an interesting idea, but this seems extremely situationally effective when it comes to build synergy. Here's hoping this is just the tip of several small things to really allow T-65s to be utilized in many versatile ways. Now, if this opens up the design space for a lot of different and useful astromechs designed around various tweaks to how x-wings can be used, then this could be all sorts of awesome. I'm really hoping that's the direction they're headed here. For example, the R2 and R5 astromechs are obviously decent for this role because of their cost and provide different things. If we've got some new 0 cost astromechs that provide some very subtle tweaks, that'd be perfect. I know a 0-cost droid that allows the Xwing to barrell roll would be too much ask for. At a 1 or 2 point cost though? That's probably doable. What about a astromech that provides some type of synergy with target locking in a similar vein but not identical to FCS? (maybe that's what's coming with that new droid) What about a droid that gives you access to the evade action (obviously at a cost)? All of these can greatly differentiate how Xwings can be utilized in a list and I think would be very thematic and pair with this upgrade. Even if some/most of these astromechs would have to have 'Xwing only' as limiters, I think this would be a cool space to explore that simultaneously differentiates the Xwings from the other ships, but also keeps things very thematic and inline with how the ship should perform in the universe.
  9. My current favorite 21 point filler ship, for both scum and rebels is this: Gold Squad / Thug + Autoblaster Turret + BTL-A4 Title + R2 / Unhinged Astromech Basically, makes them range 1 death machines. Because of that, you fly them almost like kamikazes to get them right up into the thick of things make make your opponent try to get through 8 hit points before you're able to get your 5 dice range 1 salvo off on a target, with 2 of those being uncancellable hits because of the autoblaster turret. The astromech makes them deceptively agile on both fronts, but with a slightly different flavor on each side. The unhinged makes the overall dial better eliminating everything red except the k-turn. The R2 makes the dial much more effective at eliminating stress after the k-turn or the hard 3, or tactician, rebel captive, etc. It really allows you to fly more effectively looking for those range 1 opportunities. It's a super fun way to fly a Y wing. 2 of these guys have become my support of choice for 58 point Dash. Now, if you want to go nuts with an all Y wing build, here's what I would recommend: Gold Squad + Ion Turret + BTL-A4 + R3-A2 3x Gold Squad + Autoblaster Turret + BTL-A4 + R2 Astromech + 4 point options of Shield / Engine Upgrade or 2x Flachette Torps - You can also now update the Autoblaster Turrests to Twin Laser Turrets with those additional 4 points. -OR- 5x Gold Squad / Thug + Autoblaster Turret + BTL-A4 (have to sacrifice the droid so the dials are a bit more limiting, but you can now fit 5 into a list...that's 40 hit points of range 1 pain)
  10. The list I've put together to test out the Cobra is this: Eval + HLC + Outlaw Tech + Tactician + Bossk Thug + Autoblaster + Title + Unhinged Cobra + Lonewolf + Glitterstim Set up the 666 and the Y on one corner, Cobra on the other. Force your opponent to choose who to chase and who to let flank. Eval's big sweeping boomstick of death backed by focus every turn, minimum, and being able to stress with tactician should be a deterant enough to allow a Lonewolfed Cobra to get on the back lines and wreck face. Bossk is just the bonus handing out free target locks if the big gun happens to miss a slippery target on any one turn. The titled thug is perfect in this list as he's almost guaranteed to get ignored until his range 1 death volley makes them take notice (that's essentially 5 dice at range 1, 2 of them autoblastered). I think that you have to force your opponent to choose between trying to kill Cobra quickly (when he's backed by lonewolf on blanks and glitterstim if things look particularly hairy) or really put the hurt on the big cannon wielder. otherwise, any list where Cobra is the most threatening option will be priority target 1 every time and he's not built to survive that kind of sustained attention.
  11. I've seen Oicuun turned into a reverse Oicuun. Oicuun gets critted to lose his pilot ability. (injured pilot) Oicuun gets critted to take damage every time he bumps another ship. (stunned pilot) It was pretty **** amusing.
  12. yeah....that's a TIE Interceptor. Alpha Squadron Pilot + Autothrusters (x5) yep, that's as many 3 dice attack ships as you're going to get in 100 points.
  13. Really, other than a couple minor stat changes for certain ships and some quirky card costs for their abilities (ordinance being the biggest ones) most things can be fixed with future upgrades and abilities like they've been doing. However, the one thing that has bothered me completely, and still does, is the Millenium Falcon title. Really, what the Millenium Falcon title should provide is this: +1 Attack +2 Hull +1 Shield Action Bar gains the Evade Action That means that the stat lines and costs for the YT-1300 pilots should look like this: Outer Rim Smuggler PS1 (2-1-6-4) = 27 pts. Chewbacca PS5 (2-1-6-4) = 31 pts. Lando Calrissian PS7 (2-1-6-4) = 33 pts. Han Solo PS9 (2-1-6-4) = 35 pts. Which means that the Millenium Falcon title costs a substantial 12 pts. and is, of course, unique. Meaning, that there is only ONE Millenium Falcon in the universe and thus you don't have silly theme breaking lists with Chewie and Lando flying 2 tricked out Millemium Falcon-lites (only without the evade action ability but with the same boosted stat lines). The point equivalents remain the same as the current game, but you're only allowed 1 real Millenium Falcon, as it should be. If they ever made any type of ret-con fixes to this game, this is what I would want. Unfortunately, this would require 3 new pilot card prints, 1 new MF title card print, and 3 new prints for the equivalent cardboard bases which means that a fix like this is almost a complete impossibility. Still, this is the one thing I would applaud to see changed.
  14. I have built lists around VI turr flying wingman with PTL Soontir since they dropped in wave 2. going from 7 to 9 used to not be as big of a deal, and thus PTL became prefferred on Turr if I could find 2 more points in my list. now, with autothrusters on the horizon and PS9 being more of a big deal for soaking rebel captive stress off Soontir, VI+autothrusters will by my 3 pts. of upgrades spent on Turr. as many have mentioned, this is a bit meta specific as if there isn't as much ps8 or 9 or rebel captive, then you'd be better off with PTL and shaving 2 points off your list elsewhere.
  15. like what? a shield upgrade? oh wait, isn't that the same HP savings as just one evade token? oh, and you potentially get that over the course of multiple rounds, you say? and, it combos with EI or PTL shenanigans? let me guess, you're one of those people who think C3PO sucks on the falcon, too...
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