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  1. I don't have the Beta so this may not be as applicable as I think, but what about "Loyalty"? Or "Prestige"?
  2. I would just like to say, because I think it's a very important point, that the effectiveness of the Stormtroopers in the movie, with regards to their aim and how quickly they were dispatched, in contrast to their fearsome reputation, should have no bearing on their statistical representation in a game. Why? Because the bad guys needed to die quickly and miss the heroes for narrative reasons. An individual unnamed stormtrooper is expendable to the plot. A character with a highly paid actor and a name in the screen-play is not. But whenever characters talk about the Empire, or it's military, it definitely conveys the fact that Imperial Stormtroopers are a formidable menace. And there is no direct, literal absolute values to be placed on Star Wars movie characters. You can, of course, you can give them stats, and there's nothing wrong with that, but they didn't have stats in the movies because it's a different medium, and I'm not being snarky here, that's important. I'm not sure I agree that you can watch a scene from Return of the Jedi, assign a character Soak in your head, notice how quickly Leia was able to strangle that character, and then cry foul about the tabletop game. It just doesn't make sense to me. Stormtroopers are supposed to be threatening. They miss a lot in the movies, and they go down quickly, because they are fighting the heroes. So you have a question: how do I reconcile this? Well, first of all, Stormtrooper minions in the game, in my experience, do go down quickly. But other than that, it stands to reason that eventually, as the heroes in your game become more powerful, these enemies will go down quicker, and miss more often. Han Solo, Leia, Luke, Chewbecca, they don't have XP in the movies. But if you were to put them in your game, maybe you would make them more powerful than beginners. I don't know. I guess I just want to make the point that Stormtroopers behave the way do in the films because of the needs of the story. On that point, of course, as a GM, one is free to also alter things to fit the needs of the game's story.
  3. I would probably put myself pretty firmly as a 5. The extent of my Extended Universe knowledge really only consists of the video games made by Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment, and considering how much EU stuff there is out there, that's a very small percentage.
  4. I'm sure the logical, cost-effective thing to do would be to buy the decks you need. Many players will only have one specialization for their character. Even with two, that's about $14. As a GM you may be tempted to get them all, but then it's on you if you're willing to pay that much. A better idea, similarly, if you want to buy these and provide them for your players, is to determine which ones your players need, and then buy just those. So if you have four players and they each have 1 spec, that's about $28. But really, I'm sure the intention here is for players to buy their own decks, and obviously not all of them. These are reference cards, not an indispensable expansion.
  5. I'm extremely excited about this product. It's not easy for every player to keep track of which Talents they have and exactly how they work. It's very intuitive to hold a deck of cards and see at a glance what you can do, and how to do it.
  6. There's a lot of great ideas here I like better than mine. The more I think about it, I think Im having trouble coming up with 6 career examples because I've been way too narrow with the Soldier concept. This is a military-centric book so there needs to be more than one pure combat career.
  7. Each Core Rulebook will be compatible with one another, and yet will also stand on its own. There are already topics on these forums dedicated to speculation about the contents of the next Core Rulebooks, including Age of Rebellion. My question is rather a hypothetical one: if it was your job to decide what careers make it into Star Wars: Age of Rebellion, what would they be? Edge of the Empire obviously already has some iconic (and off the beaten track) careers implemented: the Bounty Hunter, Colonist, Explorer, Hired Gun, Smuggler, and Technician. What comes next? Here's my prompt to anyone who feels up to the task ... (A) Name 6 career concepts you think should be present in Star Wars: Age of Rebellion. (A-1) Any ideas for Specializations? (B) Which ones would you be most interested in? How likely do you think it is that these career ideas will make it in? I've been able to come up with 4 ideas that I think would fit and then got stuck: 1.Soldier (A brave combatant who fights on the front lines) Specializations: Commando (a deadly raider), Trooper (an enforcer of law), Starfighter Pilot (a master of aerial combat) 2. Spy (A master of intrigue and sabotage) Specializations: Double Agent (a duplicitous master of manipulation), Saboteur (an infiltrator of strongholds and destroyer of plans), Infochant (an information broker and informant) 3. Leader (A natural ruler and mover of events) Specializations: Officer (a military commander and strategist), Freedom Fighter (a paragon for a political cause), Executive (a corporate administrator) 4. Industrialist (an intellectual pioneer and resourceful builder) Specializations: Arms Dealer (a maker of weapons and armor), Chemist (an adept in biological experiments and medical research), Inventor (a wily creator of gadgets and devices) 5. ? 6. ? "Soldier" and "Spy" seem like a given and would provide Age of Rebellion flavored alternatives to the play-styles of EotE's Hired Gun and Smuggler. "Leader" to me encompasses iconic character inspirations like Gran Moff Tarkin, Admiral Ackbar, Princess Leia and aspects of Lando Calrissian a bit better than EotE's Colonist would. The "Industrialist" would highlight a new crafting mechanic that isn't explicitly spelled out in Edge of the Empire. There are references to creating new items in EotE, and FFG has stated this was put in as a kind of "forward compatibility" consideration, so there's a chance we could really see a career like this (but I'm just speculating). Anyone who likes playing Technicians but wishes they were coming up with new items instead of modifying and fixing existing ones would like an Industrialist. I would also tentatively suggest "Jedi Padawan" as a Universal Specialization, based on statements from FFG that you could create a Force Sensitive Exile in Edge of the Empire, develop that character further in Age of Rebellion, and finally be a fully fledged Jedi in Force and Destiny. Thoughts?
  8. Im extremely excited about this : )
  9. You could conceivably activate the detonator and then spend a maneuver to get out of range of the blast. Thermal detonators as I understand them are basically bombs, and very dangerous to anyone nearby. I think this is why it was such a grave threat (and bluff) when Leia walked into Jabbas palace impersonating a Bounty Hunter, and threatened to blow everyone to pieces with one of these if she didn't get the reward she wanted. Very deadly.
  10. I am very intrigued to see what exactly will replace Obligation. I'm assuming Age of Rebellion will have it's own unique mechanic, and that Obligation is a mechanic unique to Edge of the Empire. The idea of military rank that jayderyu suggested seems likely. Perhaps they will do something similar to what was done in the Rebellion Era Campaign Guide for Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars: Saga Edition and provide rules (or guidelines) for building your own particular type of military squad. It will be especially fun then, I'm guessing, to mix and match characters created from the different Core Rulebooks.
  11. Another simple solution: Characters with a silhouette of 0 who wish to increase their Brawn must do so by spending the standard amount of XP plus an additional 10 XP. [Example: Wicket the Ewok (with a silhouette of 0) has a Brawn rating of 1. He wishes to increase his Brawn rating to 2. This normally costs 20 XP (10 x the rank purchased). For Wicket, it will instead cost 30 XP (20 + 10). Similarly if Wicket wanted to further increase his Brawn rating to 3, it would cost an additional 40 XP (30 + 10).]
  12. It doesn't specifically say when to apply them, but because they need to be non-career skills, you have to apply them after you have chosen your career and specializations. Otherwise all skills are non-career skills.
  13. I tend to think Deflection ought to be a Talent. Here's my own idea for a Lightsaber Deflection Talent. This would be used in tandem with the Lightsaber skill (which would be a custom skill in Edge of the Empire). The rulebook states this skill is based off of Agility or Brawn. Lightsaber Deflection - Active - 10 XP Whenever you are targeted by a successful attack which utilizes the Ranged (Light) or Ranged (Heavy) skill in conjunction with a blaster weapon, suffer 2 strain to choose to deflect the attack. Make an opposed roll (Lightsaber vs. Ranged (Light) or Ranged (Heavy)). On a failure, you are unable to deflect the attack. On a success, you deflect the blaster bolt harmlessly away. May spend 2 Advantage to deflect the blaster bolt at a specific object within a range equal to the range of the weapon being used against you. May spend 1 Triumph to direct the blaster bolt back at a specific opponent within a range equal to the range of the weapon being used against you. The target is deemed to have suffered wounds equal to the base damage of the ranged weapon used.
  14. Actually I think getting a "huge cool new piece of gear" would only feed the obsession, increasing the Obligation. I think perhaps this character could reduce his Obligation by turning down upgrades and cool stuff. This would be an obvious challenge for player and character unlike, but would represent the droid getting a handle on his compulsions. What do you think?
  15. I think the characteristics are supposed to be vague approximates in a way. 2 is average, 1 is poor, 3 or 4 are very exceptional, and values of 5 or 6 are absolutely rare and extraordinary. I do feel that Wookiee Rage and their free rank in Brawl makes up for this. But yeah, even a Rancor doesn't have a Brawn characteristic higher than 6, if I'm not mistaken. The other purpose of this is to cut down on the sheer number of dice you will need at any given time, I'm sure. That said, I feel the Species are sufficiently different. They start out with different default values in their characteristics, wound and strain thresholds, and starting XP. They also each have their own special abilities. For example Twi'leks have a passive ability to remove any Setbacks due to hot or arid environments, while Trandoshans get a unique claw attack when Brawling.
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