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  1. Lots of recent projects = depleted piles of misc. parts. Set screws, wire, shims and couplers, etc. - normally trivial if you have a couple junk bins to raid, but once they've been emptied you either need to buy some wire, or take apart the 'fresher (probably explains the state of the Falcon, come to think of it).
  2. Pyremius

    Missing stuff

    My replacement handlebar arrived yesterday.
  3. Pyremius

    Missing stuff

    My Core set was missing the unheld control bar for the AT-RT. According to staff there were 4 documented examples out of the early-afternoon builders.
  4. Pyremius

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Maybe one for each setting, plus three new Universals?
  5. I use a binder and Ultra Pro card pages. I sort by faction, then by difficulty. This way I can see all the Imperial Minions in one spot, and choose the most appropriate Trooper variant for the situation.
  6. Pyremius

    Beyond the Rim failure ending ideas needed

    Just to return to this (we actually ran the escape before everyone's schedules fell apart for the holidays): The Force User was the only player who wanted to go for the narrative approach, so we played it out. A couple lucky rolls took out most of the fighter cover before the IPV-1's were in range. The Concussion Missile missed - it could have had a major impact on how things turned out. Staggering the Imperial's shots helped quite a bit - more tension, and less overall damage. The freighter jumped out immediately thereafter, while the Bandit was still getting out of the atmosphere; it wasn't going to contribute very much with no real gunner on board. Both ships ultimately made it out, with less then 10HT between them. The IPV-1's were in better shape, but both were damaged. It was about 5 minutes after the escape that anyone remembered their freighter was very heavily damaged during their arrival at Cholganna (the Yiyar got a couple great shots in). I think we started it with 75% HT remaining instead of 25%. Had any of us remembered, they might have abandoned the freighter on Raxxus.
  7. Pyremius

    Another Character Generator

    Thanks. I went back through my history, but couldn't find the right address to re-use.
  8. Pyremius

    Another Character Generator

    I took a look at pCloud's site. Somebody please double-check, but it looks like they are currently having a sale, and (assuming no discount for upgrading) it would cost $250 for a 99-year account with a 2TB/month download limit. judging by the thread length I'm sure there's more than enough of us to cover the cost with a $5 donation each. Of course, the PayPal link is in the program, and I can't get it to launch.
  9. Pyremius

    Beyond the Rim failure ending ideas needed

    It's ugly. I'm not really sure how the PCs were supposed to handle quite a few elements in this book, and this is probably the most deadly. 8 guns doing 10+ damage (before Linked) per round would be rough, even if the Bandit wasn't nearly scrap. As it is, one very good round from one SPC is enough to wreck the Bandit, and the PCs have to face either 2 or 5 rounds of shooting before they can escape. The more I look at it, the more I feel the need to replace two of the Turbolaser Batteries with Ion Cannon. Damage is nowhere near as good but the target value is much lower. With the ship disabled they can be boarded, and hauled back to the Imperial base for an escape adventure, complicated by lots of civilians and their new partners.
  10. My group is ready to flee Raxxus Prime (store closed, so we ended ready to fire up the engine). The Bandit is in minimal flyable shape, as none of the characters were particularly useful (Coordination/no Athletics, etc., and the Mechanic only passed 2 rolls all night), and the party's ship has one astromech and a warm body on board (the lone Force user - she came back to defend the ship while the mechanic raced back to get the Bandit's fourth engine running after fixing their ship's damage), and it took the full 30 minutes to reach this stage. As nobody has expressed an interest in space combat (the pilot left due to scheduling conflicts) I gave them the option of narrating the escape (result not revealed), but enough of them want the space battle they might try to fly out anyhow. Nobody has Gunnery so most weapons will be firing at 2 or 3 green dice (The Selonian does have 4). If they play it out I'm expecting a loss (was probably going to go 50-50 for narrated); so I would appreciate thoughts on what sort of escape scenarios would be appropriate. They'll have one Force user on the outside with a ship that's operational, while the rest of the party (Bounty hunter, Heavy, an Mechanic) will be on the losing side along with Cratala, Harsol, and the IsoTech team.
  11. Pyremius

    Another Character Generator

    When trying to open the software I receive an error message saying that the application is improperly formatted. I haven't launched the program in a few weeks (last session got cancelled ), so I don't know how recent my build is. Nov16 error log.txt
  12. I'll think about, but don't have any ideas at the moment.
  13. Would it be possible to add a "negative filter" for Qualities? For example, I'm looking for weapons that do not have the "Cumbersome" quality, because my character is weak, or "Limited Ammunition" because he's very trigger-happy with poor impulse control.
  14. Pyremius

    Possible heavy unit discussion

    If an AT-AT takes up two heavy slots it will work for 1500 point battles (presumably, 4 Heavy slots instead of 2): you can escort it with a pair of AT-STs to keep model count up, or take two AT-ATs and hope they don't have the firepower to deal with both. In many ways similar to the Land Raider in 40K, but even more so. People will field them because they're AT-ATs, but many people will probably pass in favor of something more flexible.