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  1. Pyremius

    You can't save everyone...

    Ebak: It sounds like you indicated the player spent the XP in the middle of an encounter to gain Healing Mastery - is that correct? I think a lot of problems can be avoided be limiting XP expenditures to either between sessions, or during an extended character downtime segment added for that purpose. I would definitely disallow XP being spent in the middle of combat. One point that hasn't been addressed: did the Guardian actually bring a dying man back from the very edge of death, specifically to allow him to commit suicide so that the Guardian could live? If I'm interpreting what you wrote correctly . . . I don't even know if the Morality system is designed to handle Conflict of an appropriate magnitude.
  2. Pyremius

    Morality sucks

    On the mechanics side, one idea I had while reading through everything here was this: in order to use a dark pip, the character has to flip a dark destiny point instead of a light destiny point. The logic is that spending destiny points "benefits" whichever side is spending the point, and gaining conflict benefits the dark side. Not only does the dark side become easier to use, but the very act itself is tempting, as it provides a benefit that other members of the party can take advantage of later. Typing this out, I wonder if removing the strain cost as well would be appropriate thematically - there is absolutely no cost now to giving in to the dark side, and multiple benefits to doing so. Remaining strong and not succumbing to the temptation becomes a lot harder.
  3. Pyremius

    Slicing Remotely

    My thoughts: Holonet Communicators: Bulky, power-hungry equipment, with exclusively point-to-point communication (laser, not radio). Mid-stream interception is effectively impossible for two reasons: it's not broadcast, and it travels through hyperspace. Connecting a rogue node is easy because it was originally a civilian system that was designed for growth; it only became a military tool when the Empire began restricting its use, and they haven't re-engineered the entire system (and replaced all the existing nodes). The difficult part of setting up a rogue node is convincing anyone who notices the new connection to not bother assigning a Star Destroyer to check it out before you can relocate. To flesh the design out a little further: the original design had core nodes with well-publicized "addresses": any new node would initially connect to one of them, and then download an up-to-date list of closer nodes to connect to. Star Destroyers don't actually initiate communication directly with each other via Holonet: they connect back to fixed-location communication stations that have the processing power needed to update the target's location, and records of where the rest of the fleet was last located. Potentially, it's not possible to use the Holonet while moving, whichever you prefer. In either case, it would make sense that you can't initiate a Holonet transmission to a ship unless it hasn't moved since you last received its location. Wireless networks: Not normally used for security reasons. With the ubiquity of computing equipment, the shear volume of people in society (if one person in a million is a computer-literate thief, how many are there in a society of hundreds of trillions?), and the phenomenal number of droids, any wireless channels into the typical network will be isolated in the strongest ways possible from anything of real value - with intrusion detection being an even higher priority (I don't have to keep you out of my network. I only have to get you arrested/killed before you get to my data). Pick your preferred explanation for why physical access equates to "slicing is possible". The solution for "the guy in the chair" then is as described above: portable wireless interfaces. Plug one into the target and you get to use your wireless network instead of theirs (bypassing their wireless security) on their physical network. The downside (for the GM to exploit) is that there's now a rogue wireless signal in the area; depending on the security level it might have a chance of being noticed (possible setback dice, and a use for Despair). One upside for the players is they can plug one in and then head in a different direction to keep attention away from the compromised computer.
  4. The only thing unique about Anakin's lightsaber(s) appears to have been the multi-digit personal ID# he needed to know how many he'd previously lost/broken.
  5. Lots of recent projects = depleted piles of misc. parts. Set screws, wire, shims and couplers, etc. - normally trivial if you have a couple junk bins to raid, but once they've been emptied you either need to buy some wire, or take apart the 'fresher (probably explains the state of the Falcon, come to think of it).
  6. Pyremius

    Missing stuff

    My replacement handlebar arrived yesterday.
  7. Pyremius

    Missing stuff

    My Core set was missing the unheld control bar for the AT-RT. According to staff there were 4 documented examples out of the early-afternoon builders.
  8. Pyremius

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Maybe one for each setting, plus three new Universals?
  9. I use a binder and Ultra Pro card pages. I sort by faction, then by difficulty. This way I can see all the Imperial Minions in one spot, and choose the most appropriate Trooper variant for the situation.
  10. Pyremius

    Beyond the Rim failure ending ideas needed

    Just to return to this (we actually ran the escape before everyone's schedules fell apart for the holidays): The Force User was the only player who wanted to go for the narrative approach, so we played it out. A couple lucky rolls took out most of the fighter cover before the IPV-1's were in range. The Concussion Missile missed - it could have had a major impact on how things turned out. Staggering the Imperial's shots helped quite a bit - more tension, and less overall damage. The freighter jumped out immediately thereafter, while the Bandit was still getting out of the atmosphere; it wasn't going to contribute very much with no real gunner on board. Both ships ultimately made it out, with less then 10HT between them. The IPV-1's were in better shape, but both were damaged. It was about 5 minutes after the escape that anyone remembered their freighter was very heavily damaged during their arrival at Cholganna (the Yiyar got a couple great shots in). I think we started it with 75% HT remaining instead of 25%. Had any of us remembered, they might have abandoned the freighter on Raxxus.
  11. Pyremius

    Another Character Generator

    Thanks. I went back through my history, but couldn't find the right address to re-use.
  12. Pyremius

    Another Character Generator

    I took a look at pCloud's site. Somebody please double-check, but it looks like they are currently having a sale, and (assuming no discount for upgrading) it would cost $250 for a 99-year account with a 2TB/month download limit. judging by the thread length I'm sure there's more than enough of us to cover the cost with a $5 donation each. Of course, the PayPal link is in the program, and I can't get it to launch.
  13. Pyremius

    Beyond the Rim failure ending ideas needed

    It's ugly. I'm not really sure how the PCs were supposed to handle quite a few elements in this book, and this is probably the most deadly. 8 guns doing 10+ damage (before Linked) per round would be rough, even if the Bandit wasn't nearly scrap. As it is, one very good round from one SPC is enough to wreck the Bandit, and the PCs have to face either 2 or 5 rounds of shooting before they can escape. The more I look at it, the more I feel the need to replace two of the Turbolaser Batteries with Ion Cannon. Damage is nowhere near as good but the target value is much lower. With the ship disabled they can be boarded, and hauled back to the Imperial base for an escape adventure, complicated by lots of civilians and their new partners.
  14. My group is ready to flee Raxxus Prime (store closed, so we ended ready to fire up the engine). The Bandit is in minimal flyable shape, as none of the characters were particularly useful (Coordination/no Athletics, etc., and the Mechanic only passed 2 rolls all night), and the party's ship has one astromech and a warm body on board (the lone Force user - she came back to defend the ship while the mechanic raced back to get the Bandit's fourth engine running after fixing their ship's damage), and it took the full 30 minutes to reach this stage. As nobody has expressed an interest in space combat (the pilot left due to scheduling conflicts) I gave them the option of narrating the escape (result not revealed), but enough of them want the space battle they might try to fly out anyhow. Nobody has Gunnery so most weapons will be firing at 2 or 3 green dice (The Selonian does have 4). If they play it out I'm expecting a loss (was probably going to go 50-50 for narrated); so I would appreciate thoughts on what sort of escape scenarios would be appropriate. They'll have one Force user on the outside with a ship that's operational, while the rest of the party (Bounty hunter, Heavy, an Mechanic) will be on the losing side along with Cratala, Harsol, and the IsoTech team.