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  1. Pyremius

    Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    Think of it this way - there is no "standard Ilum crystal". Every crystal is unique, and neither the player nor the GM knows what that crystal's capabilities are (much less the character). Each time your character tries to modify the crystal, they always succeed in learning something new about it - it's just sometimes they learn it's not quite as good as they had hoped. Improving your Mechanics score doesn't make modifying the crystal easier, it stacks fate in your favor as to how powerful a crystal you really received.
  2. The problem I see is what will he be doing going forward? The best idea I've got is that as a relatively new recruit, he was involved in an operation that went wrong in all the ways that pushed his "nope" buttons - but managed to pull off the miracle that saved the operation. After the dust settles, someone with a lot authority has to publicly reward the associate who saved the day, but said associate realizes they're in over their head and really don't want this kind of life. A token reward and get cut loose with the message "don't interfere" going both directions mostly works. He won't be able to call on Black Sun contacts, because they're under orders to honor his wish to be left alone - but they won't come trying to involve him, either. If he decides to reach out and re-join they might be interested, although there will be some understandable concern about his willingness to follow through.
  3. Pyremius

    3d printed lines

    I've seen reports of using Modge Podge successfully - although it typically takes a couple coats.
  4. Hopefully it was nothing too serious, and things are straightened back out. I'd still love to play, as soon as you're ready.
  5. I hope so; I was just getting ready to ask what our next step is, myself.
  6. Pyremius

    Creating Inquisitors

    If you want a recurring villain, I think Underachiever599 has the right idea: don't let the PCs face him directly very often. Since the Inquisitorious doesn't get involved until there's a reason, the first "encounters" should probably indirect. Round one could be an ambush by local troops, with the Inquisitor observing from a distance to learn the PC's tactics. Next up could be a capture mission, possibly using specialist troops or mercenaries. Only after they've confirmed Force users are present and have started to learn a bit about the group's strengths and weaknesses, should the Inquisitor start getting involved directly - and they should always have a way out planned. The important thing is for the Inquisitor to always have the initiative - not in combat, but in staging the encounters with the PCs. Assume the PCs will win any straight battle the Inquisitor initiates, and have a way to avoid losing. "We can kill him in just 5 more rounds" sounds good . . . unless there's a pair of AT-AT's 3 rounds away (conveniently loud enough to hear/feel over the sounds of battle). Disengage while "winning" so they can flee should become the party's MO, with a transition towards having the Inquisitor being the one to flee as the party get's more powerful - and then the Inquisitor changes tactics and starts going after the PC's support network. Eventually the PCs should get fed up with the interference and go on the offense, trying to take the fight to the Inquisitor. When they finally chase him down after cutting off his access to Imperial resources, you'll get the climactic battle with no more escape options* and the death of their nemesis. *Any opportunity to "lose" the body for a second round is, of course, acceptable. With Darth Maul surviving Naboo part of canon again (And Anakin, for that matter), plausibility is not particularly necessary.
  7. I'll support the E-9, also.
  8. Some interesting info here on the E-9 - apparently (almost?) every diagram we can find online is using the wrong dimensions. The original vision for the ship sounds interesting: 2 double-bunk rooms, 4 single-bunk rooms (optional use), a science lab, and a cargo hatch large enough for an 8m long cargo sled.
  9. Second the no YT-1300. Oneeyedmatt87 definitely needs to weigh in; his growth plans are probably the most important factor in this decision.
  10. I forgot about the turtle. It's slower then the Lancer but tankier - so encourages different strategies. Definitely a good option. For Sil 4, I'd ambivalent between the Ghtroc 720 or the YT-2000; if you prefer the Ghtroc that's good enough reason for me to vote for it. I did not look at any of the Sil 5 ships; I assumed they were avoided due to how much range that size covers, and to give us something to aim for if we wanted to make our ship a significant element in our operation. The PB-950 and HT-2200 might also be contenders at this size, although the Wayfarer is definitely the most interesting of the three.
  11. What are everyone's thoughts on our starting ship?
  12. I believe I have Sien Yovv completed. I might need to make some changes to the background, and there are a few specifics that need to be filled in (gang names). http://swsheets.com/c/9nkjrjxkd-sien-yovv
  13. The starting Obligation is the baseline to give the GM hooks to work with, and provides no bonuses. Any extra Obligation you take (maximum equal to starting Obligation) can be applied toward additional XP or Credits. In our case, the group size means a starting Obligation of 5. We may take 5 additional Obligation at most; this would give a starting Obligation of 10, and qualify for either of the 5-point bonuses (+5 XP, or +1000 credits).
  14. Here's my preliminary thoughts. I still need to do a lot of work, especially on the background (some ideas haven't made it onto the sheet yet). Any advice I should consider? http://swsheets.com/c/9nkjrjxkd-sien-yovv
  15. So I can keep to a similar build style as everyone else, how much XP is everyone planning to put into Characteristics?