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  1. Hi, Dust Tactics is now on Table Top Tournaments (T3) Maybe you could register this tournament there and we could follow the insccriptions online (I am wondering if I could came from France but there is no way to check if the tournament will be a big event or has no success for the moment)
  2. Or you can think of the (old but good) confrontation rules : if you have less activation than your opponents and less miniatures : you gain the right to pass some turns. He will end the turn, but with only 1 unit after you…
  3. Yes it must be hard to "hide" every units at the 1st-2nd turn but strategy is simple : 13 activations (vs 8 for a "simple" list !)
  4. Yes 2 squares but the model is too big… I found the german transport disproportioned… the use of the heavy walker'legs is not a good choice obviously. I will think about a conversion. The other models are fan (aka bifidus) creations.
  5. Lot of pictures from this DUST DAY on the french forum (link above)
  6. Any of you have seen these pictures ? Paolo bring them to Paris last week-end ! Lot of pics there : http://dust-france.bb-fr.com/t743p120-dust-week-end-les-1-et-2-decembre-2012 P.9
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