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  1. I am running into a similar challenge as OL. We have a Thief who is making it her business to get search tokens and the Disciple is Aurim who gets a free search card draw with his feat. This has given the heroes a pretty substantial amount of money to play with since they are always getting one extra possible chance at gold. I have been fortunate that the shop draws have been usually pretty bad for them. They are lacking a Mage class and there are always a couple of runes and staves that no one wants in the shop draws. They have requested those items be taken out, but I have refused because I feel like its "rigging" the shop deck to always give them what they want which can be a slippery slope.
  2. yesss! wish my local game store got these faster.
  3. I kind of would like to see a campaign where the OL is a fluid role which changes as the campaign moves along. Maybe there could be a corrupting relic that when carried turns a hero into the OL and that player must keep the other heroes from stealing it. Sort of like a capture the flag, hot potato kind of thing. The campaign can go down different quest paths depending on what secret agendas each players have from the start of the game. I am envisioning a secret agenda deck that each player draws a card from and never shares what their agenda is until they manage to take the relic and become the OL. So after a hero gets the relic his/her agenda becomes know and may effect the way the other heroes interact with him/her when they lose the relic and return to the heroes team.
  4. I think the FAQ/errata stated there should be ten tokens in the base box that are the limit of boulder supply. Maybe you are missing one?
  5. I am in the same situation as you. I have all the first ed figures and the CK pack so the Hero and Monster collections have less of an appeal for me. I do however want the rumor cards, reward cards, and quests to add to the rumor deck to make the possible side quests more interesting. I ended up going on ebay and finding sellers who were selling just the rumor cards, reward cards, and quest insert from these Hero and Monster collections. I guess these sellers unpack these expansions and sell it's components individually to make more money than just selling the entire thing. They sold the figures and their cards as one unit, and the rumor, rewards, and quest sheet as another.
  6. http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130628200848/descent2e/images/1/18/The_Shadow_Rune.png I just did a basic google search and this came up.
  7. Humm there is lots of criticism of this first campaign book only utilizing the base game. As someone who owns most of the expansions (don't have Manor) I totally feel the frustration of it seeming like a lost opportunity for a creative campaign with really diverse looking monsters and quest maps, instead of it feeling like Shadow Rune 2.0. Quests with Open Group monsters means we can incorporate monsters from expansions, so that's good. We can use lieutenant plot decks to bring in at least one of our favorite other lieutenants from an expansion. The travel deck will have all the travel cards in it (other than those from SoN), same with the secret room/rumor decks. The shop decks will also have everything in it. Conditions will depend on class/monster choices. So is it really the map tiles that we feel are being wasted? If so, I agree, the map is a huge part of the atmosphere of a quest and the primary way you feel you are in a different world from the base game. I wonder if there is a way to create a campaign book campaign (positive its not how this first one will be) that will have quests that leave certain map tiles of a quest/encounter open for selection. As in when the quest is selected, depending on the special rules players choose maybe one big tile or some smaller ones per quest restrictions. It could be a reward for winning encounter one or the Act I part of the quest tree, or maybe just part of the special rules giving the OL/heroes the choice. I am not sure if that makes sense thematically or not.
  8. Well it says 24.95 on it's product page. As far as being worth getting... that depends on how much of the content you already own and have exhausted playing. I myself haven't gotten around to playing through all of the campaigns that came with the expansions I've bought so it may not be entirely worth it since I want to play through those first. BUT, I do like the fact that I have more options in campaigns without having to purchase another big box.
  9. Morthai ... it would seem from the description of the product that the campaign will only leverage aspects of the base game (tiles, etc.). Is this really the case? If it is, that is unfortunate. They had an opportunity with this product to tie all (or some) of the expansions together. They could have identified on the product what expansions were required to play the campaign. Never the less, I will probably purchase it, as I would expect that the designers should have had plenty of time and play testing, not to mention experience from FAQ entries etc., to produce a superb product - I hope this is indeed the case. I feel you on the idea of new campaign books including monsters/maps from other expansions but I am sure FF knows all that does is narrow the pool of possible buyers to those who already own the needed expansions. I know this means that the quests will most likely feel and look like the ones out of the base game, but it will have more people picking it up since it is limited to the base game. Maybe they will release campaign books that are follow-ups to the big box expansions for those of us who do have those expansions and want new content for those map tiles and monsters.
  10. I actually really like the idea of just a campaign book being released. As someone who already owns both big box expansions, two small box expansions, the CK and first ed monsters, I want more to do with what I already have. This was the main reason I liked the co-op expansion so much, it was a new and fresh way of using the materials I already owned.
  11. I am confident my play group would never reach a point where I would have to mediate aggressive behavior, but I totally see how it falls on the organizer of the event (which often is the OL player) to play that role. It's funny how a discussion on timed turns eventually becomes one about player attitudes.
  12. Your two main players do sound a little insufferable. Timed turns are a point of contention with my group as well with much disagreement but those who are against it would never refuse to try something. Let me just say your narration of the interlude was really riveting and I was pretty excited you pulled a victory out. If your heroes are that hurt about losing ONE quest, just ONE, sounds like it will get worse as you transition into Act II and start rolling in with bigger stronger monsters. I mean, do they expect to win every single quest? as RPG players, probably... but that is a misunderstanding of the game that is on them. I would suggest just hanging in there. For your current group, offer to mix it up and let one of them play OL for a session so they can start seeing the game from both sides, although they sound really attached to their heroes as if their heroes are some kind of on going project (more RPG misunderstandings). If that is the case, if you have other heroes (not if you have any expansions) just play with a different set. But going forward, keep looking for other play groups, especially players new to table-top gaming who wont be coming to the game session thinking they already know everything due to their preconceived expectations. This has worked surprisingly well for me, I find these player are the most concerned with having fun instead of winning.
  13. Some of your experiences sound very familiar. I currently only have the one play group, and I am seeing one of the hero players developing into an alpha gamer as you described, but in their defense its because one of the other players really takes a backseat to the game, when their turn comes around they immediately ask what they should do and don't move until someone tells them... which will be the budding alpha gamer. There are time constraints (we all work and are either grad students or faculty, or both). I have tried to eliminate as much time consuming tasks as possible, like setting up the map before people arrive (we determine the next quest at the end of the session, gives me time to set up the map but also time to do more OL homework on monster selection and strategy), and putting out all the needed fiddly bits like hero/condition tokens, the travel/shop/secretroom/OL decks, etc. All in the hopes that every minute of the session is spent on actual playing (campaign phases usually only last a few minutes). So far we have only done Act 1 quests and I am dreading the Interlude because I know it will take longer than usual. I have floated the idea of timed turns, with lukewarm responses. I think I will start timing turns just to see how long we are actually taking and analyze what is taking the most time, with the suspicion it is over-planning on the heroes part. I think two and a half hours, maybe three, sounds about right. Id like to get it down though just to get more play time. I admit though thinking we can do two quests in a three-hour session may be a little unreasonable.
  14. Are hero tokens treated the same as hero figures? Is there a rule that says hero tokens are treated as heroes in regards to healing?
  15. Heroes scale in power with gaining access to better equipment from the shop deck, so sometimes its better to make sure to get all the search tokens to maximize the gold reward from playing a quest as the primary objective than making sure you "win" the encounter/quest. Most quests will be giving everyone an XP point anyway, and only the relics are really worth slugging it out over. I have tried explaining this to my group of newer players but half of them feel its a ruse to get them to allow me (the OL) to win more often. To be honest, access to much more shop items from expansion sets with the added green die is what scares me as an OL. Seeing act one weapons that roll three dice really rustles my jimmies. So I would say that is what brings the balance back into the heroes favor, if the many monster options ever even gave much of an advantage that really tipped the balance for the Overlord. The heroes in my group always refuse to explore secret rooms, they treat it as a "nothing" draw, but I always setup the secret room tile with the challenges for fun. I try to explain to them YES it does take some time from the quest at hand, but look at the reward for completing it is a free pick off the top of the current shop deck! half of you are still using starting equipment and we are approaching the interlude... this may be worth it to risk letting the OL win this encounter to maybe get a really nice upgrade in gear. But no, they think I am trying to trick them. I have mixed feelings about the large monster vs small monster debate I see on here often. Small monsters do offer you more mobility and more actions during your turn, BUT large monsters, especially the hard to kill (giants, shadow dragons, etc) are still the best way to block hallways to keep heroes from getting to their objective. Fundamentally it comes down to countering the advantages of the enemy. Sure Kobolds are pretty awesome but I have seen Blast just destroy them, and Giants are really menacing but I have seen warriors two-shot them in one turn.
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