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  1. It was a nicely done review Donovan
  2. Nope. Interesting facts on Full Wings with Star Wars during this era: Imperial Star Destroyers each had a full wing of TIE's (standard set-ups) That is 72 fighters -48 are TIE/LN with 2-4 TIE/FC mixed in -12 TIE/IN -12 TIE/SA This is broken down into 6 Squadrons of 12 ships each The Interceptors and Bombers made up their own Squadrons Usually the TIE/LN did Recon The Squadrons are broken down into 3 flights of 4 fighters The flights are broken down into elements of 2 fighters. For the Rebels The standard wing is 36 fighters -12 X-Wing -12 Y-Wing -12 A-Wing They are broken down into their own squadrons and follow the same ship format to a squadron. Follows same set up as Empire for Flights and Elements.
  3. I noticed the armor on the X-Wing as well, should be 2 where the Y-Wing and B-Wing should be higher. Though I could see the B-Wing being the one having 4-5 armor on it, since its purpose is to take out capital ships.
  4. There is an A-Wing and the Interceptor and Defender are also listed.
  5. I am running multiple groups, one of them wants to do a mixed EotE and AoR campaign to test out the compatibility aspect of it all. Two groups are doing AoR strait up as it is in the beta book. Was just looking for some input for the mixed group.
  6. I think it should be failures instead of threats on that. May have to submit a question on that one. Though you could still spend threats to cause them strain damage.....
  7. Since the AoR beta book doesn't cover using it with EotE, but it looks like something that should be tested out. I am wondering how everyone is planning on using duty and obligation. I have come up with a couple of options and decided to run them by you as I await a reply from FFG on this very topic. 1) Decide to just stick with either Duty or Obligation. 2) Use both of them. - This means that EotE classes will start with obligation and no duty. - AoR characters start with duty and no obligation. - Since AoR classes cannot take on anything extra for additional XP/Credits like obligation barring the base of operations choice. Allow the AoR classes take on extra obligation for this. This also will allow the EotE classes to buy extra duty if they want, but up to a limit. - There will be rolls on both the group duty and obligation chart for this each session. I am partial to option 2 personally. For it could make for some interesting dynamics to have one character affected by both obligation and duty, or two people to be feeling some kind of pressure from this. Going to try this with a EotE and AoR mixed group this afternoon. I am interested in hearing what people are planning on doing with combining the two books on this front.
  8. Its a matter of the kind of story/adventure you are going to run. No need to use any Han examples. For a rebel smuggler it would be easy as being hired by them, sympathetic to their cause, or just being caught up in the flow unintentionally. The alliance spy has quite a few more options to them in terms of back story as why they would be working in the galactic underworld. The most obvious would be getting forged data/documents that way to information gathering. One would assume that the Hutts do keep a finger on the pulse of whats happening in the Empire.
  9. Exactly like it does in EotE.
  10. I see no real problem with not allowing him to take them. There is nothing in the RAW to prohibit that.
  11. Actually going to be doing that this afternoon. The group is: Explorer (scout), Hired Gun (Mercenary Soldier), Ace (Gunner), Spy (Infiltrator), Soldier (Medic). Having the extra obligation put on hold for the group till we meet tonight, but they all made up their characters in advance. Need to choose a way to have Obligation and Duty work together. Have a couple of options to make this happen. Will go into detail on this one later on.
  12. Its different to give names like X-Wing is an available ship for use, or such and such is a nemesis. Or talking about if Armor rating of X is too much for this ship compared to this one due to lore, etc.
  13. DeadInkPen


    I guess you can say yes to that example copperbell. Though the rest of the group could get some points to duty for themselves as well.
  14. The X-Wing is indeed a relative new addition, but it is also stated to be its main fighter in a lot of sources. Personally I see no issue if you want to have the players choose between Y-Wings and Headhunters for their fighters. The books gives you the option between a Lamda, Y-Wings, and a Base of Operations. From what I know of the History of the X-Wing is that the rebellion was tipped off about the prototypes, stole them and the plans (destroying the plans at the facility) and took off. They are pretty much the ones building them with the aid of Incom employees and their own engineering facilities. It is entirely up to the one running the game as to how rare they really are in the Rebellion. I would say having someone not of the rebellion having one would be impossible, for they would have had to stole it from them. Which leads them to being hunted down by the rebellion.
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