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  1. They should've just said Seventh Sister was Barriss. Leaving it open to interpretation isn't enough.
  2. Easy but people may find difficult: List Building (people feel pressured to be "competitive", potentially at the expense of flying what they enjoy). Flying in formation. Flying close to obstacles/other ships (I'm terrible for this!) Refraining from giving the player who makes bad decisions then blames dice, the list, or their opponent a well-deserved slap. Enjoying the game regardless of result - Nobody likes getting kicked up and down the gaming tables, but if you manage your expectations and take a list that is fun to fly regardless, you'll likely still walk away with a smile on your face.
  3. I flew it for the first time at a 13-player event yesterday. It's good, but unforgiving if you mess it up! You can read about it here, if you're interested!
  4. And somehow Anakin/Obi-Wan made it to the final this weekend at a Hyperspace Trial... Wish I'd seen more games than just the final, would have been interesting to see how it was flown!
  5. Mine: Abaddon Black base. Corvus Black (FW Airbrush Paint) layer - mix 1/1 or 2/1 Abaddon Black and Mechanicus Grey for the same effect. Mechanicus Grey highlights. Macharius Solar Orange trim (Jokaero will work, too). Metalwork in Leadbelcher and Warplock Bronze Nuln Oil wash over everything.
  6. Others have specified the order, but the key is to look at the wording on the card: Pattern Analyser is while you perform a manoeuvre Afterburners is after you perform I got mixed up at first, too. Just meant Afterburners came off Nien Nunb and I had more points for toys elsewhere!
  7. Wedge/Luke as a concept has legs. On Vassal, where you'll see games played to a certain number of rounds and there are no such things as nudged ships or cocked dice, it's doing quite well in the hands of a skilled player. On the tabletop, it's a vastly different story. You need to be very careful how you play the list, and you also need to be aggressive while not being reckless; X-Wings simply are not fast enough to cut and run from a pursuer, even Luke with SNR is going to get pinned down eventually. Also, 174pts might ensure Luke and Wedge go last, but you're going to wish you'd spent those 26pts on something. Note: I took a 190pt Luke/Wedge to a HS trial and went 2-4, so it can win games, but one mistake and it's game over.
  8. I never advertise my blog here here, only on Facebook. That said, I've been a fan of yours for a while, but I only really comment when I feel I have something of value to say/ask. Personally, I write my blog for me rather than anything else; if it starts a conversation, even if it's only one or two comments on Facebook, that's just an added bonus!
  9. He's been posting up a lot of repaints on Facebook, too. He and I had a brief discussion about the correct way to paint Ahsoka's Delta-7 the other day.
  10. Some less extreme (for me) repaints for the Jedi: 1) Neatened up the pattern on Anakin and replaced the dull dark grey with silver. 2) Made Obi-Wan’s colours bolder and cleaner. 3) Full repaint for Ahsoka, not 100% accurate, but drawing a starburst on something half as long as my thumb just wasn’t happening!
  11. Some less extreme (for me) repaints for the Jedi: 1) Neatened up the pattern on Anakin and replaced the dull dark grey with silver. 2) Made Obi-Wan’s colours bolder and cleaner. 3) Full repaint for Ahsoka, not 100% accurate, but drawing a starburst on something half as long as my thumb just wasn’t happening!
  12. I use a thin wash over the whole model after the basecoat, then either add more wash into the recesses with a fine detail brush or use actual black paint depending how much definition I want. Then when that's done, I layer the paint (usually a slightly lighter shade) over the model again to smooth out the colours and neaten it up.
  13. Personally, I've had little/no success with it in 10 games, but that's only 10 games. It needs further study. Very much this. Flown the same list; it's a lot of fun. Fly it well, you'll lose but enjoy yourself. Fly it badly, you'll probably be claiming Republic are terrible before the final dice get rolled.
  14. That's not a bad idea, though I'd probably make it something along the lines of: "After you defend, if the attack missed, recover 1 Force if the attack roll contained a hit result, or 2 Force if it contained a critical hit result." Means you get more Force for avoiding a shot that may have crippled you. You could make it so you regen a Force per hit cancelled, but that'd get pricey, I think (scaled to agility?).
  15. Same. Not looking forward to it at all! 76 people, including all the top London players, and then there's me. Makes me wish I lived in one of these areas that have 8-person HS trials...
  16. Iden can only cancel the damage from one attack on a friendly TIE/ln, and then her ability is gone. Out-positioning the swarm is a PITA, but it's doable, even if it means you have to take Vader head-on to do it. That said, I struggle too. But that's incompetence more than the list...
  17. If you give him Composure, you can intentionally fail the free boost for a Focus and then Target Lock as your action for Double-Modded goodness!
  18. So my Poe/Nien/Ello list has risen from 196 to 199 thanks to the Torpedo increase, Do I: 1) Keep it as-is? 2) Drop Torps for R4 and Black One on Poe? 3) Third option (please make suggestions)
  19. Ooh ooh! I'm one of those players! I fell out of X-Wing just prior to the Auzituk's wave (having been in the game since the day it had its UK release), and made the mistake of attempting to try and re-enter about the time Harpoon Missiles had just been released. It was a mistake. Now we're back, with 2.0, and facing the same issues: while Second Edition is generally more wholesome a game than 1.0 became, there are ships and crew that make me wonder whether anything has changed. Specifically things like Sloane or Vader on Whisper (why do Phantoms have a crew slot anyway?) Also, how much are some of the more...popular...1.0 ships going for online now? I heard someone found a Punisher on eBay for $90: that's just insane. A new player shouldn't have to pay that much money just to remain "competitive". By differentiating the formats, new players can have a chance at success; for the most part they'll have the same card ship/library as their more experienced contemporaries, and the result of events will be more likely to come down to strategic and tactical ability rather than whose Vader triggers first or whose Redline fires Torpedoes last. Extended events, either run by stores or System Opens, will still cater to the players who want to hit each other with meta-sticks, and those brave enough to venture there with a Hyperspace list because it's all they've got (they're new, after all!) I see why it's divisive, and I do have some sympathy with players who want more Extended OP events, feel marginalised by FFG, or whose gaming groups are being torn apart like Kylo Ren crying to his father on a bridge; but I do believe Hyperspace is probably good for the game in the long-run.
  20. Stryker359

    Nien Numb

    ^ That. Cluster Missile Nien against Sloane Swarm could prove hilarious in that respect!
  21. Stryker359

    Nien Numb

    It also means he has no issue killing Sloane swarms; he kills a ship, acquires two stress, and if there's an enemy in arc at range one, the stress goes away.
  22. Mostly because Thane has a nasty habit of rolling blanks with primaries and Predator felt the better choice. Four Black Aces with Crack Shot would be nice, though I'd favour four with Heroic just in case I blank out at an inopportune moment. You're right about the dependency on Torpedoes, though; it's not become a crutch yet but they do ensure the Alpha Strike pays off. When it doesn't, it hurts. I considered triple T-70s with Clusters for Hyperspace and the inevitable Imperial tight formation/swarm lists. Fortunately Sloane isn't an issue, but even if she were, Nien could potentially acquire four stress (finishing off two TIEs) and so long as there was an enemy in his arc at Range One, he'd immediately dump all four of them.
  23. I've had success with Poe/Nien/Ello, and a player at my FLGS has been experimenting with Snap Wexley; that free boost is pretty useful. Have you considered Shield Upgrade on the T-65s? You can fit a Wedge/Thane/Garven Alpha (Swarm on Wedge and Garven, Torps on Wedge and Thane, Shield on all) for a touch under 200pts, which is fun to fly but a little predictable. It's still something to consider, though?
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