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  1. Suburban Philly here (NJ side of the river). I think Showcase in Swarthmore has limited gaming facilities. If that doesn't work for you, look up Liberty Squadron on Facebook, it's a welcoming group and we try to have TTS events when able because not all of us can get to stores that are allowing games.
  2. Or they're playing what they enjoy and are disappointed that in order to be competitive, they need to fly things they dislike?
  3. I dislike the cost of the new stuff, and the pack as a whole is underwhelming despite the potential they had. However, I'm just pleased we got something. That said, we didn't need more RZ-2 pilots, especially another at Initiative 5. I even wrote a blog about my feelings on the matter! If Hera isn't in the A-Wing at I5 or higher in the coming Phoenix Cell pack, the Rebel players should all riot. As a Resistance player, I hate that the Rebel A-Wing has received absolutely zero love since release.
  4. In which I talk about the Heralds of Hope pack, which I'd hoped would go someway to correct the shortcomings in the Resistance faction (such as overpriced Poe) and really just left me underwhelmed and worried about the faction in general... Link Here!
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