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  1. The problem isn't Juke, and it never was; things like Defenders and Phantoms (which were the only free evade ships until the N-1) were experimental designs in Legends (and canon for the Defender) and probably should have all been Limited. If they'd simply made it impossible to take four Sigmas, Quad Phantoms with Juke wouldn't have been an issue (admittedly nothing would've stopped double named Defenders, Whisper/Echo, etc). What they're doing now is flailing about rendering upgrades obsolete/useless with successive points changes because certain ships break things and they didn't have the foresight to anticipate it. Alternatively, they could just remove the Talent slot from generic Phantoms and Defenders, and the problem goes away entirely. As for Heroic, as a Resistance player, I'll keep the 1pt per ship option thanks
  2. Partly inspired by and with an idea or two borrowed from the MidWest Scrubs' (pre-points) article on the E-Wing Fix, I have my own crack at it from a post-points standpoint. It still looks silly, and it still lacks pizzazz, but does it really need fixing? Article
  3. Poe dropped a whole point in the last update, and with new Poe arriving soon, I take a last look at what can work and what may not work so well on the Resistance's "best pilot*". Poe Dameron: Building a Better Flyboy *: Actual best pilot not guaranteed.
  4. I really like the new Poe as a force multiplier rather than a wannabe-Ace, but he'd have to be the right price to be any better. Current Poe is too expensive for what he does, and I expect new Poe to be similarly overcosted because he can affect other ships and not himself. Ultimately, I'm staying positive until October, but I won't be heartbroken if I keep flying old Poe instead - I figure that Resistance isn't the faction you fly to win tournaments, and if it is, you should probably stay away from Poe anyway; so you may as well use what you enjoy.
  5. Legends Lore-wise it'd need to be a Z-95 with four cannons, so essentially a baby X-Wing in every respect with a 3/2/2/2 statline.
  6. Star Wars Squadrons is around the corner, multiple people have been experimenting with turning that into a format for tabletop play; however I felt it was a bit poo to limit it to two factions, so I opened it to all seven. This is how it turned out! Expanding the Squadrons Format
  7. Signed up for the Kyber Cup having had three or four TTS test games, panicked and submitted a list I'm not very good with ten minutes before deadline, what could go wrong! Round One (also streamed on Hexiled Gaming) Round Two
  8. Danger Leader (I forget his name) steals one from a recycling plant during Resistance Reborn; that said, it could have been destroyed or damaged beyond repair prior to EpIX. I imagine all other T-85 pilots have been hunted down by the First Order or Bounty Hunters by that point.
  9. I've flown four Black Aces with Heroic or Crack Shot, 3x Heroic Red Experts and Jess Pava with a BB Astromech, and what I call "Resistance 1234" - Rookie, Bastian, Jess, Wexley - took me to 3-3 and 45th place at PAX Unplugged. I'm not sure all of the T-70s will come down in points, but I hope pilots like Seastriker and Jaycriss do.
  10. I'll pass this on to the TNX Boys and any 186th fellows I have contact with. I can't make it myself thanks to now living across the pond, but I'll gladly help where I can. I may also have some spare Alt-Arts I can send over for prize support. I'll have a look and PM you.
  11. Wave 2 - Resistance has been the only faction I've played which hasn't felt like a letdown at times. Wave 3 was good, but something I wasn't prepared to buy into initially. I don't regret buying into Jedi, but I also don't regret selling them either.
  12. My experiences at the Philadelphia System Open this year. The format change and late announcement may have affected numbers, but it was good fun! Article here!
  13. In no particular order: 1) Wedge/Thane/Garven Alpha - Wedge and Thane with Torps and Shield Upgrade. Garven and Wedge with Swarm Tactics. 191pts. Built to murderise Redline (or anything else, really). Lasted a whole week or so of 2019 before the January Points Update, but still up there. First 2.0 4-0 at a tournament. 2) Danger Zone - Poe, Nien, L'ulo - Just fun to fly and reasonably competitive. 3-3 at UKSO. 3) 5 RZ-2s (Tallie, Greer, Zari, 2x Blue) - Fast, harder-hitting than you'd think, and excellent time on target. Struggles against Aces. 4-2 and 8th in Swiss at a HST this Autumn. 4) Quad T-70s (specifically Temmin, Jess, Bastian, Blue Rookie) - Stacked initiative makes formation flying tricky but the abilities interact well and it can murderise most lists that try and joust it. Struggles with aces. Second 2.0 4-0 at a tournament, list for PAX Unplugged this weekend. 5) Rebel Not-Aces (Wedge, Luke, Corran) - Just fun to fly and three of my favourite pilots. Could be competitive if flown properly. Possible contender for Worlds Qualifier at PAX Unplugged. Honourable mention: Two Jedi (Anakin/Obi-Wan or Anakin/Saesee) - Fun to fly but only good (in my hands) at smaller/casual events.
  14. They're replacing Hyperspace Trials. Good to know that there will be OP support for store kits, though it seems like it's really no different to what we had for Hyperspace Trials this year... I wonder if the winner still gets a Worlds Invite?
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