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  1. Stryker359

    Are triple T70's viable?

    Same. Not looking forward to it at all! 76 people, including all the top London players, and then there's me. Makes me wish I lived in one of these areas that have 8-person HS trials...
  2. Stryker359

    Are triple T70's viable?

    Iden can only cancel the damage from one attack on a friendly TIE/ln, and then her ability is gone. Out-positioning the swarm is a PITA, but it's doable, even if it means you have to take Vader head-on to do it. That said, I struggle too. But that's incompetence more than the list...
  3. Stryker359

    LEGO Episode IX Releases (and what we will probably get as well)

    The Paw Patrol team are basically Alphabet Squadron
  4. Stryker359

    Are triple T70's viable?

    If you give him Composure, you can intentionally fail the free boost for a Focus and then Target Lock as your action for Double-Modded goodness!
  5. Stryker359

    Are triple T70's viable?

    So my Poe/Nien/Ello list has risen from 196 to 199 thanks to the Torpedo increase, Do I: 1) Keep it as-is? 2) Drop Torps for R4 and Black One on Poe? 3) Third option (please make suggestions)
  6. Ooh ooh! I'm one of those players! I fell out of X-Wing just prior to the Auzituk's wave (having been in the game since the day it had its UK release), and made the mistake of attempting to try and re-enter about the time Harpoon Missiles had just been released. It was a mistake. Now we're back, with 2.0, and facing the same issues: while Second Edition is generally more wholesome a game than 1.0 became, there are ships and crew that make me wonder whether anything has changed. Specifically things like Sloane or Vader on Whisper (why do Phantoms have a crew slot anyway?) Also, how much are some of the more...popular...1.0 ships going for online now? I heard someone found a Punisher on eBay for $90: that's just insane. A new player shouldn't have to pay that much money just to remain "competitive". By differentiating the formats, new players can have a chance at success; for the most part they'll have the same card ship/library as their more experienced contemporaries, and the result of events will be more likely to come down to strategic and tactical ability rather than whose Vader triggers first or whose Redline fires Torpedoes last. Extended events, either run by stores or System Opens, will still cater to the players who want to hit each other with meta-sticks, and those brave enough to venture there with a Hyperspace list because it's all they've got (they're new, after all!) I see why it's divisive, and I do have some sympathy with players who want more Extended OP events, feel marginalised by FFG, or whose gaming groups are being torn apart like Kylo Ren crying to his father on a bridge; but I do believe Hyperspace is probably good for the game in the long-run.
  7. Stryker359

    Nien Numb

    ^ That. Cluster Missile Nien against Sloane Swarm could prove hilarious in that respect!
  8. Stryker359

    Nien Numb

    It also means he has no issue killing Sloane swarms; he kills a ship, acquires two stress, and if there's an enemy in arc at range one, the stress goes away.
  9. Mostly because Thane has a nasty habit of rolling blanks with primaries and Predator felt the better choice. Four Black Aces with Crack Shot would be nice, though I'd favour four with Heroic just in case I blank out at an inopportune moment. You're right about the dependency on Torpedoes, though; it's not become a crutch yet but they do ensure the Alpha Strike pays off. When it doesn't, it hurts. I considered triple T-70s with Clusters for Hyperspace and the inevitable Imperial tight formation/swarm lists. Fortunately Sloane isn't an issue, but even if she were, Nien could potentially acquire four stress (finishing off two TIEs) and so long as there was an enemy in his arc at Range One, he'd immediately dump all four of them.
  10. I've had success with Poe/Nien/Ello, and a player at my FLGS has been experimenting with Snap Wexley; that free boost is pretty useful. Have you considered Shield Upgrade on the T-65s? You can fit a Wedge/Thane/Garven Alpha (Swarm on Wedge and Garven, Torps on Wedge and Thane, Shield on all) for a touch under 200pts, which is fun to fly but a little predictable. It's still something to consider, though?
  11. Stryker359

    HWK of Prey

    You need three: This one, because it's awesome! A Green one, for variety. One painted like it's cloaked, for flying round your opponents quoting Shakespeare in your best Christopher Plummer impersonation.
  12. Stryker359

    HWK of Prey

    I love what you've done here, and it looks amazing, but the Trekkie in me is screaming about it not being green Really well done, though!
  13. Stryker359

    Sooo. How are you building your Poe??

    It was situational at best today, if the Barrel Roll doesn't get you into Bullseye, you're rolling -1 Attack Dice thanks to the closed S-Foils. Much better to focus/boost or focus/lock without linking.
  14. Stryker359

    Heroic Talent?

    Heroic failed me once today out of the ten or fifteen triggers. There were times that obviously there was one annoying Focus result that ruined it for everyone, but turning a 4 blank attack roll into four hits not once but TWICE made the card well worth it for me!
  15. Stryker359

    Are triple T70's viable?

    I ran this list without R4 Astromechs and a 4 point bid. I went 2-3, losing to two Scum swarms (because Scum), and a close game in which I couldn't get the final hit on two I1 Defenders, which managed to pick of Nien just before the game ended. I feel I might have been better served by dropping the R4 on Ello and running Poe with Black One. Still experimenting, though. That's how I played it anyway, mainly because the BR wouldn't have got me into arc while a boost might. However, Heroic is ******* AWESOME! The law of averages suggests it shouldn't work, but it triggered several times per game and failed me once. On two occasions, it turned a four-blank attack (one torpedo one primary) into a four hit attack without spending a Focus. That alone justifies me continuing to run it, in my book!