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  1. Whatever happened I wish they would make more cards for this game. This game needs about two more years of cards! Dang it I need more deep strike cards!
  2. Looks good. Can't wait to try out some decks with it.
  3. Oh wow range! 6 cost yikes if there was a way to bring that baby out. You'll need some serious command struggle wins and a good amount of them.
  4. ^Dropped 1 ECT might change it back.
  5. @robin Lol yeah Hallow Librarium I can see that used in a Shadowsun, probably a Ragnar deck I'd probably start with two ambush platforms and 2 Hallow Librariums. I really hate that reaction on the tank must be because of the Blood Claw. But like Robin said good command bully. Edit: actually I do like that ability I read the card wrong first time.
  6. I'll be happy to try that tank out and that event once they come out more Space wolf stuff is nice. The support is different I'll give it that. I'll try it out as well. As far as what to try it in I don't know yet.
  7. Swing by someplace with free wifi and download them all. then you can binge the casts whenever you want with no internet. If you have iTunes you can add the podcast to your library once and listen whenever you want. Good idea
  8. I wish I could watch your podcast but I'm on a Hotspot for internet. That would make my data plan go waay up! I moved recently and now use this useful but yet lacking Hotspot.
  9. ^Tried Firedrake Terminators instead of Crisis Guard and still prefer Crisis Battle Guard over them, mobile to me is still better. I'm really liking Even the Odds I might add another and replace....I don't know what I'll replace I figure something out.
  10. You'll come back home with more knowledge of the game your going to play. New tactics,better understanding,new deck ideas ect. Always good.
  11. ^Actually even the odds will stay it works well with deck.
  12. I agree those ideas look pretty cool. Yeah I was thinking same if they did double icon planets as well. Good points.
  13. I agree and hope it never is an issue, that's kind of the point of the thread. I understand how tie breakers work I just don't understand the logic of increasing the chances of that win condition.
  14. @killax But Planets get shuffled right? Randomness would be the problem. And the more added the bigger the problem. You can't control randomness if the rule is to shuffle. If it said mix and match to your hearts desire I'd agree. I still believe they should sell planets as "sets" or "sectors" and still achieve different battle triggers and things like you said. If they start adding to the existing they will keep adding to the existing and the randomness will get worse. They'll add 1 icon, 2 icon ect. Over and over until They add up increasing the chances of having tie breakers. This is FFG they love expansions lol. For them it would be best to make planet sector set expansions of 10. That way they still get to make their expansions without the randomness setting in to much. How big does a sector/set need to be?
  15. I wish I can change my topic to My Deck(s) Journal because that's what I'm basically doing right now and maybe giving some ideas to new players and veterans. I been messing around with Shadowsun again but it doesn't feel competitive worthy yet. My main problem with Shadowsun is Ragnar decks right now. I've taken out Eldar entirely (Gun line change). After playing around with above deck for awhile I wanted to try a Tau/SM deck even though in the past I could never make a good one I still feel it's weak against Ragnar decks. And yes I've tried Tense Negotiations, the Broadside and so far I don't like them in any deck I've made with them. Sadly! This is what I'm running as of right now. Shadowsun (50 card deck) Army Units 3x Fire warrior Note: I can't seem to break from these bodyguards. I like them to follow THIS warlord around everywhere he goes. I have considered and tried others like Iron Hand TechMarines,Blood Angels Vets., and Bork'an Recruits all are useful in different situations but none other then Fire Warriors helps keep this warlord alive better. These are also 3 cost and I don't want to cut anything for the 3 cost (except for Bork'an). Problem I have with Bork'an is their often just a 2/2 I think they are a waist unless you take advantage of their 4/2 with warlord. Since I can't always use them as a 4/2 I'd rather use Fire Warrior elites. Another thing I like about Fire Warriors is if my opponent goes warlord hunt on me these guys dropping in kind of changes their mind. 4x Shadowsun's Stealth Cadre 3x Void Pirates 3x Vash'ya Trailblazers 3x Gun Drones 3x Earth Caste Technician 3x Recon Drones 3x Vior'la Marksman 3x Eager Recruits 3x Tactical Squad Cardinis 2x Crisis Battle Guard Note: I had The broadside but this feels better and I figured even before the broadside came out this would be the case even though I wanted them to work. The mobile is so useful and I miss that in prior Tau decks..ahh! who knows they still might! Attachments 3x Heavy Marker Drones 3x Ion Rifles 1x Command-Link Drone Support 2x Ambush Platform Note: had 3 but feel only 2 is needed 1x Communications Relay Note: does anybody ever drawl this card? I rarely do. Events 3x Deception 2x Squadron Redeployment Note: I've have decent plays with this card but I'd rather have Fire Warriors be the signature instead of these. 2x Even the Odds Note: This had two Tense Negotiations but got rid of them for these and haven't tested this deck with these yet but I think I'll like what you can do with these better, but will see. If I don't I'll either put Tense Negotiations back or something else. Maybe more SM army units will see. Might take these out and put Blood Angles back or at least 2. Anyways it was fun to play with. Edit: I should say I still like gun line deck I'm just trying something new I'm really starting to like SM more and more and wanted to give this another try I've made a similar deck to this before but didn't like it.
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