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  1. So true! Signed out, link deleted. All done here. Have fun.
  2. Oh too funny! Please go on about how superior Europe is! You just can't make this stuff up, oh wait, you are! Cut the crap, most of you have your heads up your ass and knee deep in your own self perceived notion of intellectual superiority. The problem is not sexual orientation, gender, color, religion, political views, geographic location, etc... there is only one problem, people. You will find people that will use anything and do something wrong with it. Hell, some people are just as assholes and need no medium to display that. Say what you will about me but if nothing else I'm brutally honest, even if that hurts your feelings. Thanks for reminding me why I stayed away from this place. Later.
  3. B&C was not bad, certainly better than most things they stick on Syfy or other networks.
  4. I've changed part of my position on this; Gencon should absolutely vacate Indianapolis (mostly because it is a pit) and move to Texas. The Astro Arena complex or GRB convention center would do nicely. Others survive the military with their "conscience " in tact also. Just look at Burdahl.
  5. Hey, look what I found for sale on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331514159796?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 problem solved
  6. So we have to protect business owners from discrimination by allowing them to practice discrimination?It's not a two edged sword, just admit your bigotry. EXCUSE ME????????? Would you like to retract your ignorance now? The basis of the discussion was on religious beliefs not racial. So others comments about not serving Blacks, etc... is not even in the realm of the discussion. When you force someone to do something they do not want to you infringe upon their freedom. This is especially egregious when you force someone to violate their own personal religious beliefs. Supporting the "rights" of one person at the cost of another persons freedom is not justice. You have no "right" to force the behavior of another. Too many today deem government and legislation as their daily care taker, it is much better to respect the wishes and beliefs of others. As in the case of the gay couple and the religious baker who refused their business: Why in the heck would this gay couple even want this baker to provide their cake when they know he disapproves of them? Why in the heck would a baker want to provide service for those he does not agree with yet but is now forced to be a government that claims to protect the freedom of its citizens? This couple should have been glad to not donate any of their money to keeping this bakers shop open and gone elsewhere and the baker should have been glad they brought their money elsewhere also. There is no right to not be offended by another in this world, get over it.
  7. So you advocate violating the freedom of religion of a business owner instead? It's a two edged sword. Let those on both sides of the coin do business with whom they choose. Not much "freedom" if you are forced to do something. Gencon has moved before, no big deal.
  8. "I'm curious - and by no means is anyone obligated to answer if they don't want to - but a.) how many of you got jobs related to your specialty in the military when you got out, or b.) your military service directly influenced the job you have?" My job (Legal) has nothing to do with my military experience but I was originally hired into the field because of my military experience. But today I have clients that specifically hire because they view my military experience as an asset or desirable. i.e. I picked up and transported a large sum of cash across several states, 5% transportation fee plus expenses Most any employer will recognize the difference in work ethic,motivation, and desire to succeed between most people and veterans.
  9. Go to community college for 2 years and get an associates degree in petrochemical operator then go work in refinery/petrochemical plant, make over $100K. Use your GI Bill and go to maritime academy and become vessel officer, radio officers start around $110K. Don't spend a dime and go work offshore on an oil rig as a roughneck, work your way up, easily make $150K+. Some local port pilots make up to $500K for piloting vessels into port. Just a few ideas.
  10. My FIL used to fly on the hurricane hunters in the USAF. No wonder why he hates flying now!
  11. US Army, high speed low drag stuff. 1986 to 1994. Desert Shield/Storm. Loved it but left to get married. Sort of went back 2005-2008 as a contractor with DynCorp first for 6 months then got picked up by Blackwater for the rest of the time. Left that and returned home to bring kids into the equation. Loved that too but need to stay home if kids are about. Being a contractor was very similar but different from regular service, mostly better. Military definitely helped me in all aspects of my life, even today.
  12. LOL, love it, the realization that life as you knew it is over. You just started, it gets worse, much worse... Money for gaming? wait until you have to pay for your stuff and stuff for kids too!
  13. They updated S&V to shipping and gave a street date of 02/26. What more do you want?
  14. I've been playing since wave 1. I still buy the models but no longer play regularly. Now about 2 games a year, a game with friends at a convention. Take what you will from that.
  15. Rather disappointing that nobody mentioned The Long Riders.
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