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  1. Thanks. I'll certainly look there. It feels like a thing someone might've done already, so was hoping someone had the list. Again, not seeking stats or other material, just a list by era would be cool.
  2. I'm setting my campaign during the Rebels era. This book will be a huge help, but I have a problem. Not many of the entries say which era or eras in which the vehicles can be found. I can go by my memories and re-watching the series. However, if there's someplace where this information is available in list format, I'd appreciate seeing it. Does anyone have one of those?
  3. I made a post asking this question before seeing this one. My take is going to be that yes, the genocide happened, but a good number of Geonosians were off-world at the time. With no queens left, they're the Last Generation. Their class system and their internal politics amount to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, but they're going to keep at it until they're gone because they have nothing else left to do.
  4. I know the adventure was written well before this was established canon; I'd like to see how people have worked it into theirs. In the Clone Wars and Rebels stuff that's come out since, we've learned that the Empire sterilized Geonosis for their role creating the Separatist droid army and wiped out all but one survivor and an egg. So, why would there be a Geonosian political struggle involved in the adventure? There COULD have some royalty off-world for whom all this petty squabbling over the past and the future is the only thing they have left and is perpetuated out of a sense of wounded pride. That's the take I plan to go with, but I'd like to hear yours.
  5. Is there a comprehensive list of commands? Having real trouble with the Destiny Pool because I don't know the subcommands.
  6. Thanks. I also saw a tree for Universal Talents but don't know how to bring that up in the chargen either.
  7. My player made a Soresu Defender with OggDude's character generator and I'm not even seeing a spot where one would add Force Dice to the character or where they might be in the program.
  8. Pretend my game's in an hour and I don't have time to scroll through 439 pages. I'm looking at the Soresu Defender right now and don't see a spot for Force Dice.
  9. Three hours to game time and have a couple questions about it. 1. Have any of the recent books (Dawn of Rebelllion, Rise of the Separatists, etc.) been ported over to the program? If so, where do I get those? 2. Having difficulty looking up two things: Force Dice and Universal Talents. How/where in the chargen do I find those?
  10. That unmapped area to the west is where all the Words In Space end up going. It's uncharted because it's just giant scrolls of long text smashing into each other and jumbling over there.
  11. I can't seem to find Nal Hutta on this map.
  12. I'm the Imperial player in our games. The friend I play it with has a clear pattern now with every campaign: Take Diala, make a mad dash to get Dancing Weapon, proceed to make every round "Diala uses Dancing Weapon twice." It's obviously a very good, useful card. It's just... dammit it's Every. Single. Game. I have no other issues with him or the ability except the knowledge that Diala will be doing it until she can't take any more strain. If it's supposed to be a saber throw, I don't recall off the top of my head what length of real time an action takes, but the visual I get is that she throws the saber, it comes back, and just immediately hurls it again. I'd be interested in any strategies for countering it, etc.. I accept that we might be using it wrong but it seems like once she gets it, that's MOST of what she'll be doing for the rest of the campaign, so if there's a rule I'm overlooking, would be interested in that too.
  13. The rules say that we start with one and can carry up to five, but I don't see anything for how you actually get more of them.
  14. I'm not finding anywhere in the rules where it says "This is how you start a quest" or "this is when you draw more of them." Do I just say "I'm doing a quest?" Do I have to be in a specific location? And again, when do we draw more?
  15. I've got a bad back. Being able to use the Mansions of Madness app via my Steam Machine on my TV would be a lot more convenient than hauling my laptop back and forth. It's not Steam OS supported as far as I know, so doesn't actually PLAY on the Steam Machine, it streams from the laptop. But if I can use the Steam controller to run the game on the laptop in the other room, that would be a serious bonus for me. On the Steam Machine library page for the app, it says "Controller Configuration Required." But I get no information on "configured to what configuration." I get no cursor on the screen, and it doesn't respond to any controls I've been able to find. Pretend I bought my Steam Machine used, so it came with no M for me to RTF. How do I make the app work, please? I'm sitting here with my newly-purchased Streets of Arkham set and want to get in a game within the next hour or so if possible.
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