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  1. After finishing the Aftermath novels and Luke's line about raw power in the trailer. I think Rey could Palpatine reborn.
  2. FFG could always pull more ships from some of the old video games, look at X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter and X-Wing Alliance. There are a bunch of ships they could pull from them, *cough XG-1 StarWing Assault Gunboat cough*. Of course there is still a few ships from Star Wars Galaxies they could use, both fighters and capital scale ships.
  3. they may be falling past it, but look between the wings of the Raider. You can see the hanger opening, very briefly. Have to pause it at just the right time to see it.
  4. anyone else notice at 1:25 the Raider has a hanger. Has it always had one ?
  5. They also must have never flown it in Star Wars Galaxies. No one wanted to fly along and be your gunner because of the horrible firing arc it had. Eventually they increased it's field of fire, if I remember right before the fix you couldn't even rotate the guns forward. It only had a very narrow rear arc. They fixed it by raising the rear gun turret slightly, greatly increasing it's firing arcs as well as a full 360 traverse. I want to say the Y-Wing also had the same issue and was fixed at the same time as the Aggressor. Kind of a shame FFG didn't stick to the source material and keep it's color the correct grey. Oh well, gives them an excuse to repaint it at some point for a reissue. Still though glad to see the Aggressor come out, I think from SWG's Imperial starfighters it only leaves everyones favorite (not really) backwards fighter the TIE Oppressor. Seriously look at the thing, it's like some poor kid put the wings on their old kenner TIE Interceptor backwards.
  6. I hope they make Rho group pilots as well, someone has to take over for that sorry Mu lot. lol I wish I could remember the quotes from TIE Fighter better, but Rho and Mu had a bit of a rivalry going.
  7. Closed S-FoilsTreat all straight maneuvers as green You may flip this card after maneuvering Open S-Foils Ship Gains an Evade/barrel roll action Action: Flip This Card Emphasis mine.In the movies X-wings with closed S-foils are slower and less agile... but can land :/ I guess they can do "S-Foils (landing) for T-65, T-70, B-wing and the ARC, but IMO it's lame They're slightly faster with S-Foils closed, although I don't think it mattered with the ARC.
  8. Getting old EU ships isn't going to end until we stop supporting X-Wing, the sales drop off and it's no longer profitable to continue. It takes a considerable amount of time to make these ships, especially when it's something to do with one of the new movies, all the secrecy around the movies. FFG probably has their production planned out well over a year in advance. It takes time to design the prototypes, get them approved by LFL/Disney and then get the tooling made and then wait in line to use the factory. I'd say the factory wait time is what takes the longest. Thats what alot of companies say anyhow. Keep supporting X-Wing, don't get too whiny about not getting your favorite whatever yet. Give FFG time, movies and tv will always take priority over old and new EU. Hell if this game goes long enough, we'll end up seeing everything from Alephs to Zebras. Yes that is a lame A to Z pun lol.
  9. Now there is something I haven't thought about in over a decade, or even two at this point. I had the same problem in X-Wing, in TIE Fighter for me it was the B-Wing I had that problem with.
  10. Would have loved to gotten one of those posters. Stele is my all time favorite star wars character, since 1994 when I read the Stele Chronicles on the way home with TIE Fighter. Got it for my birthday that year. I need to pay more attention to the forums, I try to collect anything and everything that comes out related to Maarek Stele.
  11. I so hope that Interceptor means Fel is back.
  12. Thrawn is back!!!!!!!!!!! Thrawn is back holy freaking crap!!!!! Season 3 looks so good. IGN has the picture below listed as the cover for the new Thrawn novel. http://oyster.ignimgs.com/wordpress/stg.ign.com/2016/07/Cnf0EdMWIAABGoH.jpg What a great year for star wars this is turning out to be.
  13. First, you're pronouncing it all badly designed on the basis of a handful of pages stamped all over with "not final." Second, how would that add "real depth"? And what is "real depth," anyway? Are we getting fake depth instead? And how do you tell the difference? Not pronouncing all of it badly designed, just those two ships. The TIE Striker could change alot between the concept we've seen and what shows up in the movie. The Striker in it's current form comes off as a fan boy design, It would add depth by making the universe seem larger, by having more links to the past. By fake depth, I think you mean shallow. That is generally the opposite of depth. Shallow, or fake depth like a movie with lots of explosions and no story. Like the Transformers movies. Most ships from Xwing Vs Tie Fighter and ships after it from "the imperial era" look exactly like the Striker. So, instead of paying the legal fees to pay off the original maker of the Tie design they instead made a new one pretty close to what was already there. And then, they made a ship that's pretty close to a Ywing and a Xwing, so much so it's probably supposed to look like chop-job of the two to show the Rebel's limited resources. Honestly, why would they use a clone ship? Are those space capable, hyperspace capable and owned by anyone other than the Empire? (I just looked it up, they are not space capable. That would be a horrible ship to use for the Rebellion. Where would they carry it?) I'm sorry you didn't get the Star Wars you specifically wanted but your argument is a wet noodle. Legal fees to the original maker of the TIE design ? LFL/Disney owns the design, they don't have to pay legal fees to anyone for their own stuff. The Y-Wing is a clone wars era ship as well. Why would they use that ? Because it's common, lots of parts, lots of surplus ships and it's still effective. Just like a real world B-52 bomber. Laat/i's are space capable, but don't have a hyperdrive or a large enough life support to sustain long term space flight. Rebels have plenty of capital ships and large freighters they could carry them on. They would carry them in the same ships they carry X-Wings and Y-Wings, etc. The Empire doesn't use them, they've been phased out of service. Just like the Empire doesn't still use Y-Wings or V-Wings, or ARC-170s, there would be thousands of them and other clone wars era ships/gear on the surplus market they could get.
  14. I really don't like the TIE Striker. It looks like a half assed fan made ship for X-Wing Alliance or X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. Everything in the EU, old and new, they have to go pulling designs out of their asses that hardly even look star wars related. It's like some pop singer trying to put their own twist on the national anthem. The U-Wing, is as badly designed as it's name implies. You know what would of been cool and made for better story telling and added some real depth, if they used old heavily modified LAAT/i's (clone gunships). Just like the Y-Wings, old and with lots of mods and upgrades to keep them going. Give us something to really tie in the OT with the PT. That would make more sense and flow together so much better.
  15. I would love to see some Vindicator heavy cruisers. It was the base ship for the Immobilizer 418, would be a good addition to the game.
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