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  1. Today I ran Boromir Sam Balin leadership deck with a lot of allies, visionary leadership(think it is 95% one of Tracker1s, I have since added Galadriel and Gimli who rule in this deck) and absolutely housed Helms Deep solo. Stayed on Stage 2A for the entire quest until I made it to stage 5A. Had a decent draw from encounter deck, with no nasty treacheries poppping out, but was able to travel strategically and let the deck make a little progress if it suited the situation. This quest certainly seems easier for solo players(for once) but it honestly might be my favorite.
  2. I managed to beat I was just able to beat it with Boromir and Eowyn, lot of questing alies and only tactics cards were to get boromir boosted. Song of Travel turn 1 was a must for early 2 cost allies. Would be interested in other's solo decks, anyone post one?
  3. Haven't tried the scenarios yet til they get up on OCTGN, but re: Helms Deep, if your WP is less than threat, the enemies make progress on the locations/quest. This is bad. Quests seem very cool, new "wizardry" keyword, a bit similar to Scour but triggers when locations are explored in the Isengard quest. Isengard quest has a few copies of ent Objective allies, and you spend the first quest card trying to get them to join you which is pretty sweet.
  4. Ok so the tactics attachment is Arod. 1 Cost, Mount. It's unique so can't stack, but cam work with the Horse Breeding and the Rohan event to get +3.
  5. Sounds too good to be true I've meant to ask why the hate on Leadership? One of most fun solo decks I have is leadership. Can be very powerful but since no cancellation very risky
  6. So I dont have all the details for this one like restircted, unique and such since I forget them, but there is a 1 Cost Tactics Attachment. Attach to a Hero or Legolas. After attached character destroys an enemy, place 1 progress on the current quest. I may have some of the wording wrong but thats the gist
  7. Deadmans Dike is giving me some real trouble. I thought I had the game in hand when the Sorcery card made me discard a just played Gandalf and Faramir. Then the Boss killed a hero and it was time to scoop. Another game, also had the board under control, had one enemy engaged. Staging is a side quest, fine. WITH SURGE, oh no! Surges into a Cursed, dead, which brought 2 more back from discard. Now I have 4 enemies engaged. Well played, encounter deck, well played. Oh, the side quest was one where it brought back one undead enemy each refresh phase too. Scoop.
  8. There are some encounter quests in Lost Realm without Surge
  9. Isn't this card errata'do to be one per hero? Either way with Gandalf you get a free card each phase, but you reference multiple copies so that wouldn't matter
  10. 'Has anyone seen the card "Hunting the Orcs" that you're suppose to add to the staging area as part of the setup? i swear ive looked through my box like 10 times' Dont feel bad, I couldnt find it as well at first. Kinda of a silly decision to make the side the player needs to find for the start of the quest on the 'backside' of a double sided objective card, seeing as how this is the first double sided non-quest card of the game's history.
  11. Even with Time I think Antlered Crown is one of my favorites. Can be difficult but not too difficult. Played 2P the other day and a couple times it looked like we had lost if it wasn't for some location management. Very fun. I think this cycle was one of the best, Tharbad was a bit too easy for Solo player, and Nin in ElPh kinda annoyed me because it could destroy any strategy depending on the quest you draw, but overall a strong cycle and I have nothing but optimism for the direction the game is heading
  12. Holding bow with left hand=You are right hand dominant. I couldn't be more right handed, and hold a bow in my left hand and pull back with my stronger and more dextrous right hand. I will say however that any great archer can/should be able to use both.
  13. Well just got my butt beat by Celebrimbor so I can wait for AC. I've handled that one well but it can vary quite a bit. Very happy with it.
  14. Any engagement in the first stage is not allowed. Basically power quest through the first stage and go from there. I'm not really sure the significance of skipping the encounter phase but I'm sure there is one.
  15. The game is easy...but I don't try to play the harder version of victory because getting treasures is difficult? Hmmm figured you'd like the challenge.
  16. Just beat it with a Gondor all ledership deck with Boromir, Sam, Balin(allies are all Gondor). Has a lot of WP with Faramir, and with all the allies when the boss comes hes not too bad to deal with. Balins Shadow Cancel helps a lot. An Ill timed low on Provisions could be costly, but Gandalf sometimes can soak up some damage as well. Its a good, decently tough quest.
  17. Yep Ive played it a few times with some decks not designed for it really, just decks that have fared well against other quests in the cycle, and have had a tough go. Only easy win was with Gandalf/Elrond/Glorf, but that deck can prob take on anything. Silvan has trouble with WP as you basically have 2-3 turns usually to make 13-16 progress. Global WP boosts might be a must on this one, with decent attack, dont need a TON, just need to be able to must 7 a turn to be safe after a few rounds. Tracker1 send us a deck to stomp this one! Maybe using Mablung
  18. Just played RGS and lost on first try after a treachery combo with a location caused me to lose 4 allies. Was using a silvan deck and got pretty unlucky with AVGT and The Mistrel that searches for events. AVGT basically always discarded events and the Minstrell only found allies haha. Anyway seems fun, hope to play more. Anyone care to post some decent solo decks that can use the new player cards?
  19. Subtract damage done by X whenever damage is dealt. Makes sense, just makes them a bit harder to kill
  20. Left cards at the office, wasn't crazy about watcher art, just some tentacles, it was decent I suppose. High stats, indestructible, immune to player effects. He takes Frodo and you have to do 6 damage before he lets Frodo go and then you can quest through Doors of Durin. Seems like a very cool quest
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