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  1. For those running and playing in a Kessel Run event next weekend make sure you have some way of checking your opponent's damage deck. Each person is required to bring a standard damage deck. I know most people have been buying multiple core sets and may have mixed their damage decks. You can not use this in official games. A player could also pick the most favorable damage cards (crit hit wise) for the team they are running and this too is not legal. Each player is required to bring their own (unmodified) damage deck, as it comes with the core set. I believe the organizers at my venue have a printout of each card from the deck on paper and each player is required to match up the cards from their deck to the checklist at the beginning of the tournament. This seems like the best way to handle this.
  2. I personally love the random pull of which army gets used and is why I have selected this venue to play at. I believe it makes it a little tougher because you have two be good at both rebels and imperials. I don't play in any games where same sides can fight, it's just a personal preference. The store always stocks plenty of product so someone could purchase another army if they need to.
  3. Help my venue is running the Kessel Run and I have a question. My venue is forcing players to bring both 100 points of Imp and 100 points of Reel. They are going to do a random sides drawing when match-ups are assigned to decide what's army the players play. I love this idea because it ensures no rebel vs rebel or Imp vs Imp match-ups. Any way, the question arose as to how long to make each match. I've done some general play testing my armies and I can not get a 100 point game under 2 hours. If the venue gets 16 players (the max that they can fit on their gaming tables) we will never finish the tournament. The tournament is to run Sunday from 2pm until 7pm (when the store closes). How long is everyone taking to play through 100 point matches? Should they cut it to 1 hour match and follow the guidelines for scoring from the tournament doc? Thanks, I appreciate any responses. Brian
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