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  1. I found that you’re better off using Chrome to view and download from GMBinder.
  2. Will there be (perhaps it’s on your ‘to do’ list) an advsaries creation tab? If not may I suggest it?
  3. By "stuff" I meant home-brew talents, archetypes, skills, gear...etc. Nothing inappropriate.? But you are correct about being specific...so...ahem...Is there a repository or planned repository for the home-brew goodies (talents, archetypes, careers, etc) that other kind folks want to share? ?
  4. With the "Custom Talents"...is there (will there) be a way to make multiple skills Career Skills? Or is that wish-listed? I also saw someone else ask if anyone had "stuff" to import yet...or if there’s a (future planned?) repository?
  5. best way is to do the webinstall which will automatically detect and install the new version. the manual installs you need to uninstall and reinstall. but it does not destroy your data. Hmmmmm. I tried the web install from G-Drive, it ran through installation, then I got an error at the end stating, "Cannot download the application. The application is missing required files. Contact application vendor for assistance". I grabbed the "Details" on that error, but it's a huge .txt document. Then I tried it from Dropbox and got, "You cannot start application Star Wars Character Generator and GM Tools from this location because it is already installed from a different location." Uhhhhhhhhhhh... okay. So, I have the previous version of the character generator "installed", in that I extracted it from the zip file into a folder, on my desktop. The web install links downloaded the "setup.exe" file to my desktop as well. What am I doing wrong here? Your not doing anything wrong. The Google Drive client doesn't always sync things properly and files occasionally go missing for no reason when I deploy my apps to it. It's annoying. DropBox is much more reliable, but it has bandwidth limits that sometimes prevent people from downloading if it gets too busy. Try using the DropBox link and see if that solves the problem. I know I used it myself earlier today and it installed without a glitch. I just tried using the Dropbox link, and it tells me it won't run because I've installed the program from somewhere else (the google link?). Should I uninstall the program and then run from the Dropbox link?
  6. Bab-5 and Star Trek I could see...I never thought about a Terminator RPG....sounds interesting.
  7. Paying extra force pips for more strength and/or having it cost strain. Perhaps even putting a cap on Force-throw and force-pull (perhaps nothing bigger than silhouette 2) and to exceed that cap you pay strain. Maybe 2 strain for every one point of difference between strength and silhouette and the same amount for activating fore-pull/throw.
  8. Could do...but I think a Sith tree would be different, with ranks in Intimidating, Fearsome, etc. I was just thinking in terms of a generic "officially trained" character. I do see what you're saying tho....a Sith would have different skills/talents than a Jedi. Perhaps what's in order is a(n unofficial) guide to the Jedi and Sith?
  9. Instead of "Jedi-In-Training", perhaps call it "Apprentice". This way it's neither Jedi nor Sith, but still implies some sort of formal training.
  10. So clicking that link takes me to a page with a bunch of products. Could you be specific by naming the products you are recommending? Thanks, J All of them.
  11. Engine Publishing (http://www.rpgnow.com/browse.php?manufacturers_id=3323) has three books that offer a GM all sorts of goodies including NPC's for any genre, plot hooks and campaign management ideas.
  12. First (although I may have said this before)...Thanks OggDude..this program is fantastic. My games would be lost without it. Now...onto my nonsense... This may have been covered earlier in this thread...my search-fu is clouded by the dark-side... Is there a way to give characters a pet? One of my players adoped a Nexu...don't ask...even I don't want to know...and I was there. And is there a way to add your own custom switches...so we can customize the program for our home-brew rules? Thanks.
  13. Use Virtualbox Luke...er...DanteRotterdam... I learned the hard way (MAC user BTW) about using VirtualBox. If you don't have a version of Windows to install, you can probably find a Windows image somewhere.
  14. I may have found a way to run this fantabulous program on a MAC. I will list out what I did. Mind you I am running the latest MAC OS...Maverick. Goto this site has a link to the Wine-Bottler program. Download it and install both programs (Wine and WineBottler) to your system. Run Wine Bottler, select 'Advanced' fromthe icons at the top...a screen with a yellow background will appear. For the "Program to Install" field click "select file" and choose any of the three .exe files Click the button that says "This is the actual program, copy it and all the files that are in the same folder" From the Winetricks window select the following dotnet40 vb6run Then click the "bundle" button. Then click install. You will get an error message regarding a version of runtime...but I found you can hit "ok" and ignore it. After a few seconds it will run the program. On subsequent runs you will not get the runtime rror message. For some reason the CharGen and the GMTools appear with a Script font whie the data editor looks ok. I have found one issue...you can not print...you get an error and it will tell you you can shut down or cancel the action. I haven't figured out the issue with printing yet. I hope this helps, and I would hope that someone figures out the printing issues.
  15. Has anyone made thier own descriptions for skills, talents...etc, and if I asked nicely would you share the file? I'm busy with different things and I haven't found the time to make the entries myself. Thanks in advance.
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