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  1. tkati

    Can we get the digital treatment for AGOT?

    From my understanding HBO is doing spin off series on Game of thrones lore/history so it's not like game of thrones is going away. What FFG has going for it is the art in my opinion. I'd do it like $10 starter decks of house Stark, Lannister, Targaryans, baratheon, Greyjoys, Arryns, martels, freys, tullys, boltons, tyrells, wildlings. You have some kingdom core cards where you should be able to pickup any card x 3 for $1, then you could do chapter decks , though I think they should center around the minor houses as much as the events of the books. I played the lcg of 1st edition and was fun but was hard to find players, online would solve that, I hear two is better. Accessibility and being able to play the house you want is key. I like Starks in terms of story and lore (also jaime/tyrion) but as much as i dislike lannisters and boltons houses in book and tv series, in terms of game play, i like their lcg styles of those two houses. I remember it kind of sucked trying to make a bolton themed deck cause there were only so many bolton cards to choose from. I'd only introduce a new "chapter or themed" every 4-6 months. For multiplyer,in addition to traditional play, I'd introduce a campaign map where like upwards of 12+ people can fight over westoroes at their own pace kind of like play by email, capturing certain provinces unlocks certain cards or blocks certain cards from being used. Once you lose all your provinces, you're eliminated, so it's sort of like a round robin but not quite.
  2. I'm relatively new myself and try playing Stark. It's a tough go. There's a neutral card, court advisor that may give you intrigue help and also help draw another card. I've also started using things like Icy Catapult. Don't know of how it would work against a burn deck but I'm toying with the idea of using something like Focused Offense, not to kill cards on the board but to get claim and there are cards like Lethal Counterattack that may help. Problem with Starks is that every card has some catch to it, like you can only use against military challanges, or you have to kneel a noble crest character to remove card of choosing, if you have this or if you have that, or if this happens you lose the decent card ( Bolton characters, Host of the bear). The Court Advisor I mentioned before allows me to run plot cards like Frey's Hospitality. I've been running high Initiative plot cards of late to strike first and often, and I don't play shadow cards currently cause I currently use things like The King's Law. If you get a lot of cards on the board at the start, you might want to consider playing something like War of Attrition to purposelly lose challanges...then maybe use something like Fear of Winter or Valar Morgulis to control the board (never actually tried that combo but tempting)
  3. tkati

    A simple solution to TLV

    Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with the card. I think it's doing well because there are a lot of people playing it and it's new. So people's strategies aren't optimized for the variable. But if there was to be a rule change/errata change… To keep in the "spirit" of the card, I think the card is missing something along the lines of: Give an opponent 1 Gold. Then Player may draw one additional card. Limited Response or action may be done only once per phase.
  4. tkati

    Discard Pile and House Deck

    Thanks for the information. I think there are some cards like barristan selmy which allow the discard pile to be shuffled back into the house deck. But what happens if you don't have such a card, no characters on the board, no cards in shadows, in hand etc. Are you eliminated or do opponents get to have undefened challanges (ignoring the support rules and other such effects) or do most games end before any such event happens in most cases.
  5. AGoT LCG is my first card game experience so I apologize if I ruffle some feathers for a newbie question…. When a player has no more house deck cards to draw from, what happens? Does the discard pile get reshuffled as the "new" house deck (which i believe there is a rule that states you can't reorder the discard pile, implying that it doesn't get reshuffled ever)? Is the player eliminated? Or does the player just not have the option to draw more cards and can only play with the "in-play" and shadow cards on the table? I've read the rulebook, watched the video tutorials, and even read the official rulse clarification/FAQ/Errata yet the game mechanic doesn't appear to be addressed. Or have I just missed it? Thank you for your time and answers. - new chicago area player