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  1. Some sets also tickle a hero's personal bane...A mess of things can be very tough on She-Hulk, who is particularly affected by Stunned. Don't know about Goblin Gimmicks, it seems to work better with Mutagen formula than with Risky Business (as far as The Green Goblin pack is concerned).
  2. p.4 of the rulebook says: Prepare the Star Player Decks: Take all Star Player cards (identified by the ✪ symbol on both sides of the player’s name), and separate them into two decks, based on their card back – OWA and CWC. Shuffle each deck separately and place them facedown near the Highlight deck. I've put the important part in bold and underscored. So yes, all star players from the division the teams are in, including out-of-race ones. I do wonder why they did this, to be honest, as the tabletop game has a far stricter star player ruleset (each team can only hire certain star players, so you'd never see a wood elf playing for a dwarf team..ever (which would no sense at all if you consider the lore of the game), but team manager allows this. It makes "ogres" really too common on the pitch and with such wild skills. As a side note, that's why we came up with house rules to reflect the tabletop version better.
  3. Dam is correct I believe. Bombardiers blowing themselves up is a relatively common occurence on the tabletop game and so in theme with the goblin team mindset that i am pretty certain of that interpretation. The bomb ability is great in team manager, so it has a downside to balance it out by being unreliable
  4. Hmm, i hope for 1 more expansion, and then i'd consider the game complete. Given what we currently have, there's apparently one spot left : 2 cunning, 2 willpower and 1 strenght Nemesis. So that leaves 1 missing strenght Nemesis to give equal odds for to the character/heroes when randomly determining the nemesis. Right now, strenght focused characters have higher odds than others of facing an uphill battle vs nemesis. Orks would be a fairly obvious strenght nemesis, although i am not sure what new mechanics he could have. We already have "swarming" Nemesises and "brute" style ones. An ork kommando nob (stealth and undercover mechanics (à la Mister X maybe) or flash git boss (gear based or being a gun for hire for everyone). One thing going for orks is that they are already in the story/system so the mechanics could benefit from the existing threat cards. That being said, a strenght based dark eldar Wytch is also very possible (normal DE would be cunning, and haemonculi would be willpower). It could expand on the webway portal mechanism which i find somewhat lacking. There could even be some rivalry between it and the current eldar nemesis if they ever are on the board at the same time (6 player game). Unlike orks though, there's no other dark eldar cards showing their presence in the game so far.
  5. It comes from the HoT expansion but it's a red threat card, just in case you put it in the wrong deck. It's en Encounter with Special Timing. So once drawn you place it on a space with a blue threat icon. As stated in the rulebook (p.10), encounters typically remain in play unless stated otherwise. In this case, when resolved, a character must pass a cunning test (13) to get a relic. Nothing else is mentionned so by the rules it remains in play. Note that it doesn't have charges like many encounters do. We've not had it spawn yet in our games, but it seems like a pretty good way to get relics for a high Cunning character with evasive abilities (to evade the blue threat icon's card).
  6. I'll take a look when i get a chance (next time we crack open the game). What color is it just to quicken the search?
  7. We beat this without using caps. And no, that's not the only way to succeed.
  8. Yeah it's a buzz, also with the movies coming out, it's just logical that they get the most of their license to go along with the hype. I haven't played it yet, but X-Wing seem to be like a good game system at the moment, and i think it's taking a chunk of miniature game players that FFG didn't use to get. It's gettng bloated out, so it will eventually slow down, but they have a lot of things to exploit if they want, in fact they haven't even touched the clone wars yet. That said, the print-on-demand thing is our best bet, and i hope we are heard. Just like Space Hulk: Death Angel (awesome game btw). The thing with team packs is that they will only sell for 2 types of Team Manager players: 1- completists who will want all the teams anyway 2- fans of that specific team The real question is if that will be enough to justify the resources? depends how much it costs to develop.
  9. Bought the whole game (including expansions). It's a great alternative to the tabletop (miniature) game, especially when travelling. The solo play is great as well as with others. Would love to see space wolves or ultra marines, although my favorite being deathwing, i am really happy with it
  10. We succeeded against the scenario, albeit we only got to play it once. One of the big deal, i think, is that we had my wife playing the Canoness (she always does) and another player got the Navigator at random. Both those can toy a bit more with corruption than other characters, so this may explain our success. Obviously, with a Nemesis on the board, the scenario is completely nuts as mentionned above, and i wouldn't introduce a nemesis unless there was 5 characters already. The scenario is co-op for a reason.
  11. For us they didn't improve that much over time, some of the busts are just too tight, especially those that came with the original box, so i used a modeling knife to widen ever so slightly the holes inside the busts. Going slow and precise, it worked wonders and now they are all snug-fit and easy to remove.
  12. I think the game is fleshed out in terms of game mechanics, but yes, team expansion packs (maybe in-house printing?) would be great. Main races we don't have atm: Amazons Norse Halflings High Elves Khemri Necromantics So there's enough variety in there to make a few interesting teams with the existing ruleset, although to be complete, some might require either expansions of the game to use all the skills/abilities.
  13. It's maybe an avenue to look at. I'd agree with the statement that all teams are not equal and some are particularily outside the norm. Dwarves, Vampires, Undeads and to a lesser extent (based on our games) dark elves. Dwarves really don't need much to start being viable, and from what we've seen it's not linked to their ability to tackle (block) their opponent, but rather the fact that they are stuck with whatever hands they get in rotation. Lack of sprint is what makes it a problem when playing vs teams with sprint, and the lack of a 4 power player cuts them down when facing orcs for example. So i wouldn't add a death roller to the team from the get go, it's overkill. We did test the team with a free team upgrade (the free sprint for the use of the guard skill) and they had more success. It's why we decided to change the sprint/foul skill in the end, solved that issue for teams who don't get access to it, while still providing a nice bonus to those who do. However, even after this change...it does seem that the Vampire and Undead team are still respectively under and over the crowd.
  14. Indeed that's one thing that always bugged me a bit with the vanilla game. In the tabletop game, each team(race) has its list of available star players. Course guys like Morg play for almost all teams, but that's not the case for Griff Oberwald or Count Luthor Von Drakenborg. Maybe they made it so to add flavor, or maybe they did so to allow for a different star player mechanism down the road,who knows. We use a different system here; Each coach's 5 team star players are shuffled and put into a "star player deck". The top card is put face up, showing which star player is currently available for hire at the time. Each time a team get a "star icon" (star player) payout, they get 1 token. At the end of each scoreboard phase (when they collect payout), they can either spend tokens to hire the available star player, or send it to the bottom of the pile. This creates a bit of a "build up" as people either go for the big guy (5 star) or try to hire 2 or more lesser heroes. So what to do with the rest of the "ogres"? We simply made an Ogre team called the Freebooters with its own set of rules.
  15. I'll probably buy everything they produce for Relic, considering the success it has with my wife and family. I really wish they'll make an Ork nemesis at a point...i hoped it would show up in the next expansion, as that race is great material to explore for a "Strenght" nemesis. That said, concerning the terminator my initial thought was also "could this be a Deathwing terminator?"
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