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    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    This. How these conversion kits weren't designed around being able to fly half a spam list of generics (so two kits should get you a full squad) of each ship will forever be a mystery to me. Spam lists aren't for everyone, but having to buy a third kit (or wait for the re-release) for some seems ridiculous. Maybe you can't please everyone, but this seems like the easy way to please most.
  2. NotBatman

    Would you move over to Armada 2.0?

    I only play casually with my son, and not often at that, but I have a sizable X-Wing collection that we haven't played in a LONG time because, I felt, the game desperately needed a rebalancing. (I kept collecting in good faith that when FFG did it, they would provide conversion kits, ala Descent 2.0) So I was SUPER excited about the X-Wing 2.0 announcement, and started bracing my wallet. But then Armada announced the SSD and ultimately THAT'S what put the nail in the X-Wing coffin, for me. I like the big fleet game a little better and while i was happy to keep up with a good collection of both, despite how rarely they hit the table, that's just too much all at once, one of them had to go. On topic, I don't think it's necessary, but I would follow along if FFG was able to substantially improve the game with a 2.0, though I like the idea of a builder-app-based 1.5 even better.
  3. NotBatman

    Ozzel was a rebel sympathizer theory

    The video was awful, but I like the idea of it. I can accept it.
  4. NotBatman

    Nebulon - B????

    Some of y'all get VERY excitable about your pretend spaceships...
  5. NotBatman

    Happy Fri... Gen Con News!

    Get out.
  6. NotBatman

    Sole reason Solo flopped

    Ack, derp, sorry.
  7. NotBatman

    Sole reason Solo flopped

    No, EVERY previous Star Wars movie has had a substantial time jump between movies. New Hope to Empire was something like four or five years, Empire to Jedi was at least a year. Phantom Menace to Clones saw Little Orphan Ani go from being a whiny little kid to a whiny teenager, so that's some kind of ten-ish years. Clones to Sith went from the very start of the Clone War to the end of it. This was the first time they went DIRECTLY from one movie to the next without any extra time. And it was an extremely silly decision.
  8. NotBatman

    So we need errata already

    I don't know why, but what amuses me most is that even the art is different. Maybe this is how updating cards will work in the future? Corrections have a closer and closer crop of the original image so you can tell which one is the newer version at a glance?
  9. NotBatman

    Next conversion kit guess

    At $30, they'd have to provide a FULL 100 200 points of each ship's cheapest generic to even consider it, I think. I had originally assumed that they would provide for both factions in one similarly-sized box, since there's so much less of it, but given their new feature of not "forcing" people to buy ships outside of their preferred faction, I expect that will mean that the two will be seperate. I'm not super committed to the sequel trilogy ships in the first place. I never even bought into the last wave of snail-bomber and super-intercepter, or whatever, so if they don't provide for everything I already have, I'll probably end up defaulting to OT/Scum only. I pretty well enjoy all of Star Wars (minus the prequels) but I guess there's an actual limit after all.
  10. NotBatman

    Luuke pilot confirmed!

    Is it doubling any vowel in general? The impression I got from the Thrawn trilogy was that all you needed to make a clone is an extra "u"...
  11. NotBatman

    What's the point of the Resistance?

    To be fair, one of the missteps of TLJ is that it happens within, like, a week of the end of TFA (no one seems to stay in bacta treatment very long) and takes place in the span of a day or two. (BOTH of these decisions were pretty silly, in my opinion.) Even if the destruction of the capitol stirred up everyone with a blaster to go out and find and hit back the the F/O, it might have just not happened yet. Though if it had stirred up ANYONE, you'd think SOMEONE would have responded to Leia's plea for help so... ugh. I enjoyed TLJ, even with all of it's many flaws, but I also wish they'd just told a better story in the first place. That said, this is where we are and hopefully something can be salvaged for a strong finish.
  12. NotBatman

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    Oh my god, this was beautiful! Thank you!!!
  13. NotBatman

    2.0 Design Space Discussion: Blue Actions

    If stressed ships can take a special action that eliminates stress, and that's the only action that they can take, unless the action was super detrimental ("Push 1 Crew Member Out The Airlock") then it wouldn't be a choice, you would just ALWAYS do that and never have to worry about gaining stress, because you'll just remove it anyway. Be just as well to have an ability that automatically removes one stress token at the end of the round. Or am I missing something obvious...?
  14. NotBatman

    New Y-Wing incoming?

    I love how the turret went from being almost just painted on and implied to this weirdly over-sized (looking) cannon on top (because the plastic has to be thick enough, I suppose). Loving the new sculpt, though... I think that's my REAL problem with 2.0, I want to replace more than I need to because the new stuff is so lovely...
  15. NotBatman

    FFG, please take your time testing 2.0

    Oh snap! I hadn't even noticed that! That's awesome!
  16. NotBatman

    PSA 2nd Edition Will Not Be Balanced

    Oh, good, so we can look forward to even more daily "FFG, Please XXX Now" posts. I actually think this will be a good control mechanism, but the process will get painful, at times.
  17. NotBatman

    1,000 Words - Star Wars Memes (maybe nsfw?)

    Oh... oh that's just awesome! I need to remember this one...
  18. Put me down for 20 quatloos on 2.0, please. One where existing models can still be used with an introductory conversion kit, of some sort, ala Descent 2nd edition.
  19. NotBatman

    STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!

    On the edge of my seat from a pretty strong finish (though I was getting pretty **** tired of EVERYONE just THROWING Rukh and letting him survive time and time again, and the wolves were a little over-played). Anyway, I'm into it and Ezra's on the bridge and I'm wondering how in all butts are they gonna wrap this up. Then someone starts in about "They just came in from hyperspace! They're destroying the fleet!" I'm literally muttering to my family, "Please-don't-be-space-whales, please-don't-be-space-whales" and then the space whales appeared and I threw up my arms with a mighty howl of "MOTHERF___ER!!!" (to the delight of my twelve year old, who thinks swears (and [male genitalia] jokes) are just THE BEST). Kinda ruined the whole finale for me. Since then I've heard some decent arguments about Ezra's connection to life and whatever, but this was just WAY too out of the blue, deus ex machina for me. I did tear up a little when Ahsoka came back, though...
  20. NotBatman

    STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!

    True, but the epilogue was post-Jedi, so we don't have an on-screen answer for when she popped out and what she's been up to. I could totally get down with her having taught Luke in between movies (again, with the caveat that it's done well) but that's going to be a harder sell, just because Luke never mentions her and appears to have no idea she exists. And obviously the REAL reason for that is that she didn't exist at the time - I don't mind a bit of hand-waving that sort of thing away, like U-Wings being "a thing" even though we never saw them before R1, but given that there almost HAS TO BE an Obi-Wan movie coming, it would be nice to see her in it.
  21. NotBatman

    STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!

    You know, if they did it right, I think I could TOTALLY get down with Ahsoka showing up in an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie and there being some plot/tension that leads to Obi-Wan telling her to stay away from Luke, for whatever reason. Done right, that could be a lot of fun. As to the rest, it's all pretty spot-on, in my opinion.
  22. NotBatman

    STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!

    Mother F-ing Space whales. I enjoyed the show as a whole, and a lot of the finale was great, (and beautifully rendered!) but it would have been just fine if we never saw the space whales again...
  23. NotBatman

    STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!

    In A New Hope, "The Emperor" fills the same niche, but since he doesn't take direct action or really influence the story on the screen, the story moves on without him. We first see the Emperor in Empire when he starts moving things around, but it's a pretty minor role overall, without a ton of fanfare other than the ominous "Vader bows to this guy, holy ****!" The Emperor doesn't have a real role until Jedi when he's an important part of the story that we're watching. He does stuff. He contributes. He drives the whole Skywalker conflict and takes a critical role in Vader finally having had enough of his ****. That's how storytelling works.
  24. NotBatman

    STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!

    Alright then, I guess let's rephrase the question:
  25. NotBatman

    Chimera ISD

    Can anyone can provide a single image of a Star Destroyer rotated 180* from the "horizontal" plane of other cap ships, in any film? How is this not just the top of the forward section of the Star Destroyer? Any differences in the model are going to be the result of the props department variations. This whole Tector discussion seems very silly in light of the stills from the movie...