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  1. Did they ever make it so you could just pick a trilogy timeperiod and stay with it? I swear to ****, I am sick to ****** death of battledroids...
  2. I've only seen it once, but I enjoyed it. Not top three (ESB, ANH, RO) but certainly not bottom three (TPM, TLJ, AotC) either.
  3. I enjoyed the movie well enough on it's face, but every single time some new specific "clarification" is presented, it makes it dumber and dumber. In Movie: Oh, sweet, Palps had a bunch of surplus ISDs tucked away for his evil --- NOPE! Brand ******* new, AND bigger. Because. And now this 14,000 ships bull. A couple hundred is cool and Star Wars-ey, but 14,000 is pure bull. (eta: bullsh** should be edited to all stars or bull****. Editing it to "bull" is as stupid as building a thousand plus-sized Star Destroyers.)
  4. I think the laser guillotine literally gave me cancer, but there's a lot of potential in the rest of it.
  5. Riled up, lol. I see you'd rather bend over backwards to fit it all together, but if you actually care: There's literally no support for this in the movies. There's no indication that JJ had any intention of having him be cut off. There's no indication that he was headed for the tree when Rey showed up. Johnson wanted to take the story in a completely different direction from the set-up, which is fine, this was just clumsy.
  6. Well, is he cut off from the force or not? If he's cut off, how did he know Rey was coming to get all gussied up for her arrival? Or does he just dress up in his old robes every Thursday and it was just terrible timing? If he knew Rey was coming, even though he's cut off, he HAS to know why, at least in the general sense - he's got to know she's looking for training or to pull him back into the fight. If he's got no interest and no intention of getting involved, why dress the part just to turn her away? (I'm fine with Johnson disrupting our expectations, or whatever, but if Luke's actively doing it too, that's kind of a **** move.)
  7. That's right, I forgot there was a costume change in there. Still a pretty weird thing to do, dress up like a Jedi just to "Nope" out.
  8. So wait... If Luke "cut himself off from the force," then why is he still dressing in full Jedi garb? I mean, a good half of the civilian population of Star Wars seem to be low-key cosplaying Jedi, but Luke's still going full-out? Didn't look like there were a TON of shopping malls on his island, but the natives are coming up with clothes...
  9. I'd read somewhere (a LONG time ago) that in one of the original plans, the Falcon didn't make it out of DSII in time. Supposedly, as the explosion overwhelmed them, Lando says "I hope that old pirate can forgive me," and I STILL get choked up thinking about it. I don't know anymore if this is legit or if it came from some fever dream, but I would have loved it to add a measure of sacrifice to their victory. (I mean, sure, plenty of (at the time) unnamed pilots and crew died, but...)
  10. Oh my god, I'd managed to forget all about the ****** Execution Troopers and their laser axes...
  11. Or perhaps as though people have been out of town and not glued to the internet and are just now catching up on the latest histrionics. As one of the people you're not calling out by name, I can assure you you were not the only person who's posts I reacted to.
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