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  1. I agree, I would like it if they made a rule or condition card or something where for a few points, Imps or Rebs could "hire out" up to 35 (or whatever) points of Scum. The condition card (or whatever) should cost *something* but it feels like a fun, thematic addition that could be made somewhere down the road. With that faint hope, I hope the errata is something more along the lines of "IG-2000 can only be added to a ship with an Iggy Pilot." That leaves room for an Iggy piloting something else, or an (Iggy-style) Aggressor being piloted by someone else. (I know the 2k was tricked out to be unsuitable for life forms, but that was something they did to an existing ship, right?) tl;dr: "IG-2000 can only be added to a ship with an Iggy Pilot" for maximum future shenanigans.
  2. I think front-to-front (or back-to-back, or a side-mounted thing) should have been built in from the start, because it would make large ships handle better, but at this stage, I think it's too late to try and force it. It's one of the few really good arguments I've heard for a 2nd edition, tweaking movement so it can still offer a fun range of diversity without making large ships behave so strangely.
  3. I think the real problem is that the game has been built as time goes on, almost on the fly. New abilities (boost, talon rolls, system, tech, etc.) get added as the game grows and ages and in some cases, for no other reason than the TIE Interceptor was designed before the talon roll was developed, options in the older waves start to feel limited and incomplete. I think they've done a pretty good job, most things considered, but the game was developed over time, maybe not by the seat of the designers pants, but I'm sure when they were designing the B-Wing they had NO idea that the game would get this far. Now they understand the plastic crack they've invented, so they keep building new things, but that leaves older waves sort of in the dust in some regards. It's hard to modify a Y-Wing's dial after it's been printed, after all. You can modify the difficulty of a maneuver with a talent or a droid, for SOME ships/pilots, but there are a lot of things that the older ships are sort of locked out of because the tool/effect/maneuver wasn't imagined when the ship was designed. That said, we're kind of in a new Golden Age of Star Wars with a continuing stream of new movies and a TV show and comics and the like, so presumably they'll have the material to keep expanding the game for the foreseeable future. But unless they come up with a way to upgrade older ships with some of the swanky new tricks that later waves have, eventually FFG is going to start fighting their own momentum, I think. Does that mean X-Wing the Second Edition? Maybe, maybe not. But they're going to have to come up with something clever to keep the older ships feeling like they have a place while not ostracizing the people who don't want to have to buy a fourth or fifth X-Wing.
  4. Wow, you apparently got WAY more context out of those 20 seconds of fast cuts than I did! I'm not a drooling PRE-ORDER IMMEDIATELY sort, but it looks pretty and in my opinion it's FAR too early to make ANY real quality judgements. That said, f it's ANY better than the first one, I expect I'll be happy enough.
  5. That looks promising! For all the hate it gets, I still occasionally enjoy the current one. Including the Raider was a really nice touch!
  6. I agree on the math of it, the three announced ships seems suspiciously low, especially when the three factions are still out of synch, but this is supposed to release in Q2, whereas previous waves that got additions for next-movie tie-ins were (at least supposed to be) released around the time of the movie. (For the record, that was waves 8 and 10, not strictly the last two waves.) I'd be pretty surprised if we got Ep. VIII ships, even announced, this far ahead of the movie. That said, maybe some additional R1 ships? I don't know why they would hold that sort of thing back, though... Corellian Conflict-like campaign? Second Scum Huge? Or maybe they're just taking it easy on our wallets?
  7. Out of 30? Garbage post salvaged only by epic R2D2 Rick-Roll.
  8. I actually really like this one, though I've seen better images of it. If we had to get the Punisher eventually, whatever, but I really wish they would have started here for an upgraded bomber because it's hard to imagine how they would step backwards and find something that "feels right" that fits in the space between the bomber and the punisher.
  9. Stolen shuttle I keep going back and forth on, moreso now that the stolen TIE has been released. For the most part, I think Stolen Lambda is something that works better at home as a house-rule or as a scenario-specific ship. I've never seen a need to be able to fly a stolen Lambda in a tournament. Stolen TIE kind of implies that they've come around to thinking that this sort of one-off specialty item warrants official play, so I guess it's probably only a matter of time, now... I know in the X-Wing novels they commonly had a Lambda floofing about...
  10. Raider had a bunch of weird delays, though, so it might not be the best model of timing.
  11. FFG didn't make up the Aggressor name, though. They're just working with what's out there already (with a few exceptions). Maybe when they made Iggy, they never thought they would dig this deep into the barrel, but the TIE Aggressor and Iggy's "Modified Aggressor Assault Fighter" predate the game, so there wasn't a lot they could do about that. (Though, for what it's worth, the TIE Interdictor/Punisher did stop by to say hello, the other day, but I'm not sure that was FFG's decision.) Incidentally, my money's on a more specific errata making the IG2000 title something that can only be applied to a ship piloted by an IG88 to leave room for whatever means they eventually come up with to allow Scum to contract for the Empire and fly in the same Imperial list.
  12. Alas. Thanks for the clarification, at least.
  13. This is my hope (and expectation) as well. I expect we'll see the rebel fleet get trounced. There will be survivors, of course, including most of the Ghost crew and the other key/named figures who carry on into later stories/movies, but I expect the Empire will have every reason to believe that all that's left to do is a bunch of scattered mop-up actions, which will be done by lesser officers. (Which, of course, is how the Rebellion can be rebuilt.) The cherry would be Thrawn getting a promotion out of it - he's not a Grand Admiral yet, right?