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  1. Day-drinking? Or is that just me...?
  2. Personally, I'm not interested in seeing that much Yoda. Obi-Wan I would very much like to see. I'd love to see a bunch more movies with McGregor, but the story as it's set up doesn't leave him much room for doing much more than just dealing with local trouble. That could be fun, but it doesn't allow for a lot of mileage.
  3. If you're really gonna be THAT guy...
  4. The first season or two were pretty good, but it just kept getting sillier and sillier. Every week we'd be shouting at the TV and having "watcher's remorse" after **** near every episode, but we kept watching. Last season's opener was the final straw, it was just too silly and too over-the-top and we finally broke free.
  5. Maybe, but that looks WAY fatter than mine does, though. Also in the model TONS of that space is taken up with the engine. Ultimately I don't mind if the game(s) fudge the scale to make it work for whatever narrative they need, but as originally presented by FFG, I'm not buying that there's any more than a very limited cargo hanger.
  6. Looks to me like the seam doesn't carry through the whole wing. I think it shows where it WOULD articulate, but I would be pretty surprised if the model actually does. I mean, people will do it, but it will be custom jobs, not straight out of the package.
  7. Mmmmm, snuggling compartments...
  8. Oohh... Now I'm torn... Well, realistically, I expect there's ZERO chance of avoiding whatever's in the trailer for the next two and a half months without more effort than it's probably worth, so I guess I'm in.
  9. I'm not quite ready for snow yet, let's enjoy the autumn colors for a little bit first.
  10. Surely you're aware that there are a bunch of people here who saw Star Wars in the theater when it came out...?
  11. They absolutely might be, but it'll be pure coincidence.
  12. Hot Wheels is FOR SURE NOT using the same molds as FFG. They might end up being close to the same size, but a Hot Wheels toy will have very little bearing on size/scale comparisons with FFG.
  13. It doesn't look like there's enough of a seam for a hinge.
  14. Holy ****, Snoke is Jason Todd, CONFIRMED!!! You can clearly see where they first crowbar blow hit!!
  15. Uuhhh, prone to tantrums if he doesn't get an advance on his allowance to get whatever expensive Lego kit or video game he just learned about two minutes ago?