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  1. I actually see some promise there. The Obi-Wan book wasn't GREAT, by any stretch, but there's some fun potential as a kind of Jundland Wastes Batman, quietly working on the outskirts. Not the kind of thing that could run ten seasons, or anything, but it could certainly be fun.
  2. Shipped from MM. I ponied up for faster shipping, so I've got a delivery date of Friday! Sure am glad I'll have to work late that night...
  3. Which is what they ended up doing, if I'm not mistaken. I think they ended up calling it a CR-70? That doesn't forgive them for being sloppy and lazy as butts, though. If they REALLY meant it to be a different ship, they should have made it a DIFFERENT ship. This was pretty clearly intended to be the same ship we see in IV.
  4. Wait, is that actually "a thing"? Were 7 and 8 really supposed to be "about" Han and Luke? (I mean, I've seen them, I know there was a bunch of other stuff going on.) It's like the celebration at Yavin is still going on and Chewbacca's STILL standing right there, unrecognized... 🙄
  5. At that price, a second might not be so absurd... If only Christmas wasn't already so expensive this year...
  6. Geology 102: Me: When the identification chart says "gritty to the teeth..."? Dr. Mike: Yup!
  7. Got that Gangsta Lean goin' on!
  8. I'd like to see Iggy in that role, now that you mention it...
  9. I'm pretty sure it gave me cancer in less than a minute and a half...
  10. This. How these conversion kits weren't designed around being able to fly half a spam list of generics (so two kits should get you a full squad) of each ship will forever be a mystery to me. Spam lists aren't for everyone, but having to buy a third kit (or wait for the re-release) for some seems ridiculous. Maybe you can't please everyone, but this seems like the easy way to please most.
  11. I only play casually with my son, and not often at that, but I have a sizable X-Wing collection that we haven't played in a LONG time because, I felt, the game desperately needed a rebalancing. (I kept collecting in good faith that when FFG did it, they would provide conversion kits, ala Descent 2.0) So I was SUPER excited about the X-Wing 2.0 announcement, and started bracing my wallet. But then Armada announced the SSD and ultimately THAT'S what put the nail in the X-Wing coffin, for me. I like the big fleet game a little better and while i was happy to keep up with a good collection of both, despite how rarely they hit the table, that's just too much all at once, one of them had to go. On topic, I don't think it's necessary, but I would follow along if FFG was able to substantially improve the game with a 2.0, though I like the idea of a builder-app-based 1.5 even better.
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