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  1. The problem is FFG has always designed core sets to be introductions to the game. If they were to make a new core, they could update the rulebook again, the damage deck, I suppose, and they could errata any cards for the included ships, but that won't be how they distribute sweeping errata updates to anything that doesn't work with the three ships included in the box because a new player won't even know what to do with them. To date, that means that even if the new core featured a T-65 with a flashy upgrade that made them super-sweet, there would only be one copy of it in the box because what would a new player who just brought it home even do with four of the same upgrade when they only have one copy of the ship, you know? A campaign kit of some sort might be able to distribute these kinds of sweeping updates because, like Corellian Conflict, it would have to assume that you've purchased more than just that box, but I really feel that a TLJ Core Set is both hugely unlikely AND not going to be the silver bullet that provides fixes for everything anyway. (All that said, I'd be pretty happy to be proven wrong...)
  2. The TFA core set made sense - Star Wars had just come back in force (har!) and it introduced a new "era" in the timeline. I would be pretty surprised if they made another core set like the two out there already any time soon.
  3. People say that pre-ordering is silly, right until the product comes out and everything's been spoken for.
  4. Oh! Weird! In my head, it was always a December release, like the first one.
  5. The new movie related releases, so far, have been released around the same time as the movie, so a May release for Ep. VIII ships would have been weird.
  6. Easy for players to keep up? Check. Players want to buy stuff? Check. FFG making bank? Check.
  7. ...and that's exactly what they're doing.
  8. No, the main counter is that, to date, FFG clearly have no interest in it. The system they're running is working. By all accounts they've been very successful in the marketplace running the current system. It's not like they're just not smart enough to come up with the idea that they can cater to a smaller portion of the market by splitting up their product, they've run their numbers and done their diligence, and have concluded that the current system is working well enough that there isn't a good reason to disrupt it right now. Maybe some day that will change, but it's not going to be because the 400th thread on the subject was created and they finally saw it and they all smacked their heads and shouted "Eureka!" in unison. It will be because whatever economic voodoo chicken bones they're reading said "It is time; Release The Cards."
  9. FFG Game Center has a "Play Until Midnight" event for Wednesday the 12th. That pretty well means that the 13th is legit.
  10. What I did for a little while, to simplify things at home, was to lay out all the cards for a ship/squad on the scanner at home and just print off the whole thing as one sheet. Cram as many as you can onto one sheet and cut them out by ship, or whatever. It takes up just as much room, but it's a little easier to deal with when you have a lot of things attached to a given ship/list.
  11. I'd like to have had some sort of squadron mechanic built in from the start, something that would encourage the use of the generics. Something along the lines of a points discount for each pilot with the same name. For example, one Red Squadron Pilot would still cost 23pts, but if you're flying multiples you would subtract (for example) 2 points per, so they'd really be 21pts each in groups. So you could field two for 42 points (23 + 23 - 4) or three for 63 (23 + 23 + 23 - 6) etc. Specific values would have to be worked out, of course, and the "Squadron Discount" would have to be specific per ship (two points feels like a LOT on an Academy Pilot, for example) so it would be super-messy to add at this stage of the game. Would adding a 1 point PS bump to all non-unique ships in the squad be too much? Then also allow for a Squad Leader Elite Skill where if there are two or more ships getting the Squadron Discount then you could apply the same discount to ONE unique pilot who qualifies for an elite skill. It's a pipe dream in the place we're in, but something like this would definitely go on my wish list if a 2.0 were being developed.
  12. Or Lando. Or whoever Lando got the Falcon from. Or whoever that guy got it from... It's actually a SUPER ambiguous line. He's IMPLYING that he's hot ****, but...
  13. Sure, but that won't stop the howling of "My $30 ship is now literally unusable unless I purchase this other product as well." It's the same reasoning why the updated Damage Deck is still only optional.
  14. Sure, they'll BUY one of everything, but if someone's heading to a tournament and they have one card that's "broken" and one for the same thing that's "fixed," how likely are they to give up the advantage of the broken version? If it resulted in a better engagement among friends, the fixed version will still see plenty of time on the dining room table, but in a tournament not everyone is going to throw out the advantage. In fact, I think, MOST players who were prone to play that particular ship in the first place will stick with the broken version, in much the same way that people bring the damage deck that serves their tournament list better.