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  1. Eh, maybe I am over reacting. We have onlyplayed "First Blod" and "Castle Daerion". They won FB and I won CD. The reason I am worried is because there are only two heros, so my Dragons, Ettins, etc, get killed real fast and when "win Condition" is them illing a monster, ill be screwed.
  2. Hey friends, new to the forum here. I read quite a bit about the reanimate on another post but I have a quick question of my own that didn't seem to fit with the direction the other post was going in. 1) After completing first blood and Castle Daerion, our Necromancer bought the ability that gives his Reanimate the extra yellow attack die. This seems extremey powerful this early in the game. Is there something I am missing here? Cause having that thing swing at my monsters for an average of 5-8 before I even get a turn simply does not seem fair. As far as i understand the Reanimate, it would work like this. Necromancer moves up to his speed. He then summons his Reanimate. The Reanimate then moves up to its given speed, then swings and beats the crap out of me. Tell me there is something I am missing! As an OL this scares the crap out of me!
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