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  1. Pygon

    It did happen! Scum Epic!

    I wonder what the mid-huge Scum will be?
  2. Pygon

    Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!

    Thanks for the well wishes. According to Facebook, I'm just supposed to feel bad.
  3. Pygon

    The First Trailer for Star Wars XI !!!!

  4. Pygon

    What Drew You To X-Wing

    The only reason I got interested in XWing was seeing a pic of the Millennium Falcon mini on display at GenCon. I bought the base set, read the rules and thought... hmm.. this actually looks pretty good...
  5. Pygon

    RIP Kenny Baker

    Just saw that. [r2d2]sigh[/r2d2]
  6. Pygon

    Hold Your Breath and Count to [Wave 10]

    Was not expecting another Wave announcement this soon. Then again, GenCon is happening. And holy crap, have fun storing that shuttle!
  7. Pygon

    Rogue One: RE-release of the RED CORE SET?!?

    Wouldn't that be cool. I wonder if that's why Target put the Force Awakens core sets on clearance. Would be a bit early though.
  8. Note to self - don't leave XWing storage in a car in the sun.
  9. Pygon

    Star Wars Fans ruin X-Wing not FFG!

    The answer to an issue has been found! Finally we can lay it to rest. One less thing to think about, whew.
  10. Pygon

    FFG stop making rebells expensive

    125 pt would be fun And then the lists with the extra ship instead of the upgrades would win!
  11. Pygon

    FFG stop making rebells expensive

    It always bugs me how you build a list and want to put interesting upgrades on them but they add up so fast that you can't fit what you like in a 100 point list. It's like the game advertises all these cool little additions you can use to spice up your list but in the end you have to cherry pick the most important ones and settle for those.
  12. Pygon

    Let's go Lego!

    Too bad it couldn't be a man who fell to the dark side by doing understandably manly things with the wrong approach and for the wrong reasons without the guidance he needed at the time, with the Force offering him a fair opportunity to come back at the end. So sad. Thanks for hitting me in my childhood, George.
  13. Pygon

    Imp Veterans release delayed till next week

    My local store will have them this weekend. I usually order from Mini Market but since I'm not buying a whole wave I'll give my brick store some patronage.
  14. Pygon

    Worth buying 2 imperial veterans?

    mmm ion and lasers in the same turn...
  15. Pygon

    Veterans is off the boat.

    Oh, it's shipping. Oh, oh it so is.