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  1. Same here, except I'm knee deep into Armada and Age of Sigmar. Thought briefly about selling my Battlelore set and pursuing Runewars but I just don't believe I've got the wallet or time for it. I'd certainly never play competitively at a store so a lot of the current announcements aren't really targeted at me anyway. I do hope they're successful with it. It's certainly a great time to be new to the hobby.
  2. @GMmL I see what you mean, and would expand a bit. Star Wars talent trees, comparing to WFRP, are actually actions, advances, and passive talents all in one delivery system. Is that streamlined? I suppose so. Does it offer character flexibility? Not really. In WFRP if I want "scathing tirade" I spend an advance and grab it. It EotE I might have to spend 3 sessions of xp to burrow down through the tree to grab it, possibly picking up things I don't want along the way. I enjoy both systems as well, but WFRP offers a clear path to character customization as opposed to Edge's tree method. On CoC and Ars Magicka I have no idea what y'all are talking about. There's tables ten miles long depending on which version you're running. Simple? Come play a round of CoC with me and I'll have you crawling back to your career cards That whole part of the conversation is bullocks and anti-card rhetoric. But it is Yepes, who I have a deal of respect for, so I'll forget I saw it. He probably couldn't help himself. As far as the original topic, I don't feel that the rank 1 intro characters have too much on their plate and wouldn't mess with the soup recipe myself. I'm much more concerned about a character dying at rank 3. In some cases GM's will award extra advances so a character can "catch up" to the party. At that point you're handing a player a ton of stuff that would overwhelm them. Almost like a high level respec in an MMO...you hand yourself 20+ talents and start scratching your head. Rank 1 seems pretty elementary. Of course if you have new players that can't hang do what you want. That's the beauty of modular systems with optional tools. Out!
  3. "You gotta know when to hold 'em Know when to fold 'em Know when to walk away And no when to run... You never count your money When you're sittin' at the table There'll be time enough for countin' When the dealin's done."
  4. I could only make it a few pages in. Same song and dance. At this point I don't think the web has much more to offer me as far as WFRP goes. It's not even interesting at this point aside from some 1e guys who actually know their fluff really well.
  5. Back on topic, my no-go's... * No crying or table flipping when your character dies. The disclaimer of "this will happen" was clearly laid out 1st session. * Put your **** smartphone away. * No mid-encounter rules lawyer-ing. I'll accept your thesis during an extended rally step or after the session.
  6. It's best to not care. Your first tip was the clear misunderstanding of ammunition rules. It rolls downhill from there. I typed this in a 3 second action. What did he misunderstand about the ammunition rules? Probably just another one of our infamous language barrier mishaps, but I'll take a stab at it. Pretty simple stuff concerning JH's #6. Unless you're just following RAW to the letter you're left battling abstract vs. simulation. While in many rpg's a single action can be a flurry of several separate actions WFRP 3e is clearly not setup this way in many areas. Let's take ranged attacks...with a bow specifically. Let's say you have 12 arrows in your quiver. After the encounter you can roll fortune dice to reclaim lost arrows. So here we have a fairly definitive system in place to track ammunition. Not as fiddly as Shadowrun but not as abstract as Fate. This leads us to the Ranged Shot action card. Shot, as in singular. This card and the roll of the dice does not mean you fire a flurry of arrows at your target and see what sticks...there are cards for that. You fire an arrow. One. So, with no blast, AOE, or multiple, repeating shots it therefore makes sense that a single arrow could not take out the 3-4 targets in a minion pack with one hit. JH's solution makes sense at this point because while yes the player might "lose" some damage points he or she is not killing 3 henchmen with a single arrow. Is this too simulationist and not in-line with the abstract nature of 3e? Who knows who cares. It makes sense and isn't "gamey" so I'm in support of the idea. So, what's the alternative? Your Ranged Shot actually represents multiple arrows that hit the henchman pack for 20 damage, killing all 3? Ok, Legolas. Are you tracking every arrow in that barrage? Are you taking fatigue for reload maneuvers? It's hard to have it both ways with this situation so you're left following RAW to the letter for the sake of doing so, or finding the lesser of the evils as a solution. I believe the point is, JH isn't "breaking rules" or doing anything crazy. In fact, he's throwing a simple house interpretation in that's bringing mook casualties in line with the rest of the damage accounting for the whole game, keeping munchkinism at bay, and adding some "dark and gritty" to the dark and gritty in a manner that doesn't have the players performing extra math and slowing down combat. Seems like we're ok here. Please continue.
  7. It's best to not care. Your first tip was the clear misunderstanding of ammunition rules. It rolls downhill from there. I typed this in a 3 second action.
  8. Or a Pimp? At least make it official and just apply to work for them. Heavy. I think the OP light hearted tone suggests his agenda is to add another level of fun and interest to his -demo- gamesWell, I can see the issue if this was a home game but it sounds to me like this gamification(?) of related purchases is for a very specific environment - a mate's store. I don't think this is about pimping ffg, it's about keeping a venue for those players to go to afloat. I am not clear on what the spirit of roleplay really is, nor whether it should or shouldnt be monetized. But people rocking up to a shop weekly for a few hours hosted entertainment and never giving back sounds contrary to spirit of running a business. I believe the phrase he prefers is "pretty strong words".
  9. Oh wait, this is the internet. I'm probably not wearing any pants. That's the spirit!! Force and Destiny is definitely going to be interesting. Edge and Age, from what I've seen and run, should blend together seamlessly for most GM's. The Force Exile in my current group has been really well balanced with the rest of the group, but I'm curious to see what's gonig to happen when 3-4 more white dice hit that pool.
  10. I also feel that it's firmly in the hands of the fans now. We've been left to our own devices in a lot of areas and it's mostly paid off in spades. Liber Fanatica and the Reckless Dice podcast alone are enough to get you inspired and bringing a great game to the table. Beneath the frustration and obvious lack of reading comprehension there is a great group of folks here making it happen for the people, and that's an awesome thing. One for me.... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ One for my homies.... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ And one for TwoDogz... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  11. I'm Keeop. I love all editions of Warhammer Fantasy, shake my head constantly at FFG whilst giving them my money, and am generally misunderstood by Europe as a whole. Not fit for mass consumption, comprehension, or general rabble rousing. Now, off you pop.
  12. I understood you clearly and did not find you offensive in the least. You at least answered Emirikol's question. At face value the Core Box from 5 years ago is a good investment compared to the new Wizards PBH which traditionally is also an "incomplete" game. Yes, both are pricey and don't represent the whole picture, but at least one gave you some dice and a GM booklet. Pretty simple stuff. That's all I'm saying. If folks choose to be sensitive about curt language that's their deal. They can put me on ignore, I care not. Whatevs. White blocks, man. White blocks.
  13. At this point you guys are simply putting words in my mouth and being equally indifferent, as well as suffering from Dunning-Kruger effect, so I'm going to not participate further. If you'll look closely though, you should see that we actually are in agreement about a great many things, even though we don't see eye to eye on the franchise as a whole. I'll leave you to it, whatever that is. Farewell.
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