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  1. Think of Obligation as "a monkey on your back"—less of a "wind in your sails" and more of a "kick in the ***" sort of thing. Earning jagganath points is something your Trandoshan is going to want to do anyways so it's not really much of an obligation, now is it? It does, however, make a pretty easy Motivation (either Status or Religion, depending on how your character sees it) and you can even earn extra XP if you play up your motivation well—how meta! You can really expand your character's dimensionality by picking an Obligation that goes in a different direction. Perhaps, during a hunt, a clan mate sacrificed him or herself in a time of peril so that you could avoid being captured and now you feel you owe a debt of Responsibility to his or her orphaned children (could also be played as a Family obligation). Maybe you took special skills training (perhaps that's how you got the extra starting XP) and are now Dutybound to your deceptively evil master and must assassinate his enemies when he orders you to—no matter how inconvenient his timing may be. What if you left your betrothed for a life of exploring and adventure on the edge of the galaxy and that Betrayal comes back to haunt you every now and then? The more imaginative you get with your obligation the more your GM will be able to weave really interesting stories around you. Your entire group will cheer when your obligation gets rolled for the session because it'll be like finally getting to watch the next episode of a long-running arc in your favorite TV show but mostly they'll be cheering because it gets to happen to you and not to them. Those are outstanding ideas. I was going to have his duty part be that while he treats the rest of the group as insufferable warmblood nuisances what he actually believes is that the Scorekeeper put them in his life to help him on his hunts and as a result he'll do anything to keep them safe or resolves their own obligations ...while never telling them how he really felt about them because, after all, they are still warmblood meatbags.
  2. So if I'm a Trandoshan bounty hunter assassin spec what would I ideally like to start with in terms of starting stats? The only character we know for sure that is a definite is my guy. I already know his obligation will be trying to rack up points for the Scorekeeper.
  3. A group that consists of myself, my wife and three friends are going to be playing this for the first time with one of the friends working as the GM. All but one of us have RPG experience. What would you guys recommend to new players in terms of building characters and other tips? In terms of what the party makeup will be, so far we have the following: myself as a Trandoshan bounty hunter my wife as Twi'lek smuggler pilot the totally new to RPG player said she wants to play some kind of healer and I have no clue what the other person is thinking We are going to meet up to discuss what each of us want to play and how to decide how our group came to be. I would really appreciate any advice esp. any you may have to a player that has never played any RPG either table top or online. She is familiar with the concept and is a fantasy/sci fi in general and is really looking forward to trying this out.
  4. I missed that reply. When I looked I didn't see any that were the 36" square but that looks pretty good and isn't priced too badly. The corner don't look quite square but if it's the exact right size it should be an amazing battle top; no arguments if you fly off the edge as you literally fly off the edge. My wife and I have played several games on it at this point. The best gaming table you can buy for that kind of money for this game IMO. We have had zero problems with it.
  5. Thank you FFG for a great game that has rules that are quick to grasp but also have layers to them that make for more tactical play. I also can not express my joy in having models pre painted and pre assembled (not counting the attach to base). I love Warhammer and Warhammer 40k but it is a nightmare painting and assembling models. It is such a relief to have a great looking ship already painted and assembled that you can just take out and PLAY and not worry about the other expenses.
  6. Bumping this thread. It really should be stickied to the top so new players can consult this first before asking questions. Several of the posts in here have really excellent information.
  7. I remember the Mandalorians from the Clone Wars and the Mandalore Clans from the, what was her name...Traviss? Boba Fett novels in the EU. I thought that this game would have some kind of variant rules for them but if the GM allows you to house rule ideas then I work with that. I just didn't know if FFG had some kind of official rules or statements about them.
  8. Thanks for the help guys Interesting that you can techncially play one as a Human but I thought FFG would have put out a Mandalore supplement at this point to make them their own species. Isn't Corelllian Human its own species?
  9. I did a search on the forums and the questions about them are over a year ago so forgive me if this is old news but as someone new to this game: can you play a Mandolarian as a PC?
  10. There is a great local gaming store called Moxie Games found here on FB: https://www.facebook.com/moxiegamestore?fref=ts There is a local X wing league that plays every Wednesday night and in fact almost every night there are people there playing Xwing. If you are around Columbus, Ga feel free to come by and play.
  11. I would like to see more viable non swarm lists as well as turrets and unconvential ships. Why not give Imperial players the slew of specific bounty hunter ships like Bossk in Hound's Tooth or Zuckuss and 4-LOM in their ship for example? You can easily give these ships various upgrades and turrets that Rebel players take for granted while still keeping it lore friendly.
  12. I am a man of my word. My wife and I have play tested on it and the table worked fine. You can find it here: http://www.amazon.com/Office-Star-Products-Folding-36-Inch/dp/B0012H2L3E/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top It is sturdy but also light weight enough that you simply fold the legs back down and store it wherever you want. It also would make a good table for picnics, Thanksgiving or anything else you can use. I definitely recommend the table.
  13. thanks for the last two answers, that really helped.
  14. And who determines which edge is to be used? Using the example I provided where if I used the ruler on one edge it would be a valid target but if I used the opposite edge it would not be what determines which edge is the correct one to use?
  15. Who determines which plane of the ruler to use though? For example my wife and I had a game where the Slave 1 and Falcon were close to one another and if I used one edge of the range ruler from Slave 1 base on the firing arc it would be a hit. If I used either the middle of the ruler or the opposite edge it would not be within the firing arc. Does it matter which edge to use or if any part of the ruler held in any way from closest point to closest point would reach/be within the firing arc it counts as a valid target?
  16. My wife and I just started playing within the last week and we had a situation that needs some clarification. When using the range ruler to see if something falls within the arc of a firing range which part of the range ruler is the one to measure by? What I mean by that is do you use the middle part of the range ruler where the laser cannon shot first starts or do you use the edges of the ruler? Something like this: | | | | | . | The dot in that example above is where the laser cannon shot begins and it is equidescent to the edges. Can the person measure the range use either edge of the ruler to determine if the target ship is within arc or range or do you have to use the middle of the ruler to make that determination?
  17. It said it measures 36 by 36 by 29 1/2. It should be coming in tomorrow as I have amazon prime. I will share my opinions of it then and if I think it is good enough for others I will share the link here for others.
  18. I did find a 3 by 3 folding square table on Amazon, bought two and plan on putting them next to each other so my wife and I have plenty of play area plus room for the tokens, dice etc. I'll share the link if the tables are good for those who may be interested.
  19. That's exactly what is happening with my wife and I playing on our round dinner table. Any time the ships move away from the center the fact it is rounded and not three wide wide around the edges is a major pain.
  20. I guess the better question is what tables do you guys use and what are the dimensions?
  21. I appreciate the help. I've been looking online for at least a 48 x 48 table and it seems impossible to find one. Most tables are rectangular or round and the surface area is either just barely regulation size or one dimension is simply too small (the 48x by 20x seems to be the most common size for example) to be of use. I have a nice 3' x 3' game mat to use but I'd kill to have a slightly larger table to use it on.
  22. Some great advice in here. Does anyone know of a good folding table to use for this game? My wife and I have been using our round dinner table that is small (it is just at 3 x 3) and we'd like to get a slightly larger table that we can fold and store. Any suggestions? I'd like to get a 5 x 5 if I could so we'd have more room for both ships and the tokens/markers etc.
  23. Does the -2 hit points to all attackers against the zone the card is in play at count BEFORE the attacker can deal damage or AFTER they deal damage? For example my wife and I played a game and she attacked with three Dwarfs that had 2 hit points apiece and we couldn't determine if the damage the attackers did counted or if they were killed as a result of the Harpie's card before they could deal damage.
  24. I'd like to see them making more actual official factions instead of it being just neutral. I'd also like to see Chaos Dwarfs added in some fashion.
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