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  1. I thought pre measuring was already outright banned? When I picked this game up a couple of years ago I could have sworn it was already against the rules then.
  2. Bulwyf

    Wave 7 news

    As long as I get Bossk as a pilot and Hound's Tooth for S&V I'm good.
  3. That is just a blatant attempt to force players to buy their place mats when every other player I know of that seriously plays has their own mat already. I will continue to use my two other mats thank you.
  4. ::sigh:: I wish more people around here were interested in playing for fun. I'm SICK TO DEATH of 100pt tournament format. Just tired of playing the same game, with the same objectives against the same builds over and over again. If you're playing over and over again against the same builds, you're doing it wrong (or rather your opponents are). Please elaborate; I'm interested in what you said, but I don't quite grasp the meaning. How is it the opponent's fault if they play their favorite list repeatedly, especially if they keep winning with it? Because--from my perspective, anyway--that's a recipe for making the game boring. I don't mind 100-point dogfights at all, although I'd leaven them with Epic play if I knew anyone else who was interested in Epic play. But knowing that every time I play John Doe he's going to be using the same Whisper/Chiraneau list he's had on the table for the last five months, I'm pretty rapidly going to lose interest in playing against him. Part of the point of casual play, for me, is to experiment with stuff you might like or that you think might be successful. If you play the same list over and over again, you're not learning anything new and neither are your opponents. Can't agree with this enough. My wife and friends that play usually have a different list every time we play just for the heck of it. Sticking to the same list over and over because it is "best spec" is IMO the quickest to make a great game very, very boring.
  5. I'm sorry to say, but if you DON'T put Push the Limit on Soontir Fel, you're doing it wrong! I usually do but I wanted to try something different. It hasn't lost a game yet.
  6. The list I was using that got me to start the other Defender thread: Delta squad + HLC Delta squad Baron Fel + Predator and Autothruster 99/100 If the opponent focused on either the Def with the HLC, it let Fel run loose or vice versa.
  7. Bulwyf

    Peter Steele

    They should have for crew an angry Trandoshan with the ability "Kill All the White People".
  8. What community? What store championship? What regional? What store? The thing that always gets forgotten in these "defense of FLGS" posts is that not all of us are lucky enough to have someplace close to go. And I refuse to be guilted into driving HOURS to find someplace because you happen to be one of the lucky ones that does. I buy online and I pay less. If your store can't compete it's not my problem. This is exactly my point. Why do you think you have to drive hours to get to a LGS? Could it possibly be because there is not one in your area because they didn't make enough cash flow to keep the doors open? I'm sure at some point in the last 25 years there was a comics and game store closer to you. That leads us to the question of where did the store go? I've seen all kinds of things happen in years of this hobby, my favorite though is when heroclix players which I was never one of wanted to keep playing at the local shop and have him run tournaments with prize support but do most of their purchases online. The store owner told them they could purchase through him or play on their kitchen table. They chose the latter, at the time he quit selling clix there were around 30 people playing at the shop, now the group has swelled to the astonishing number of 5 and there is still not a single clix to be found in the store. I'm sorry but whether you play in tournaments, on your kitchen table, or buy the ships because they look cool up on your shelf then it's all related to sales. If there is nowhere for people to gather and play then the options of new products dwindle and the game you so passionately love dies. It is nice to see someone also sharing the correct view of this. I watched my beloved LGS die in a town once before because too many players bought all their products online but still wanted to play at the store. The owner simply couldn't afford to keep the doors open and almost all of those gamers completely quit playing their various games within a year afterwards because without the store as a central hub there was nowhere else to adequately play at.
  9. You are once again wrong, because there's plenty of games out there that don't get sold at LGS and are doing just fine. Which is not what you said. Doing something and having that be positive does not mean, not doing it is negative. Does spending money at my LGS help the local X-Wing community? Yes it does. Does not doing so mean the local X-Wing community would die? No it does not. I've been playing RPG's for about as long as they've existed, and there has never been a need for a LGS to keep them going. Your definition of "doing fine" is highly subjective and speculative. Games like Necromunda and Blood Bowl are sustained through the same company with far more popular games like Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. I have played RPGs and wargames since the mid 1980's. There's a distinct difference in gamers playing at LGS and some random people playing at home. Buying at your LGS helps the game grow, you admit that much at least (which I might add invalidates effectively everything you've been arguing with me about) so choosing not to do so would in fact have the opposite effect. This is why I agreed with you before that LGS should try to remain competitive with online pricing. But it is not only in their vested interest to do so it is in our best interest as gamers to do so. It does not mean it is required, which I never said it was BTW, simply that it does better the long term impact of the game both at the business end and on the personal end as a gamer. If you think this particular game would be doing fine and dandy without LGS then, as I believe I said before in another post, we will have to agree to disagree. There is a reason why small games with no support are exactly that: small games. I don't want X-wing to fall into the "Hey, remember Robotech?" category.
  10. Yes you can get by fairly cheaply, like say a HSF list, which is both cheap and competitive. Just like you can get by with a cheap chess set, but anyone who takes the game seriously won't stop there. They'll get a nice one, and a travel kit, and a clock, and spend money on books, ect... So once again the comparison holds true. You don't need a store to make a community, there has been chess clubs and poker clubs for years and years, without needing a store to host them. RPG's have been doing the same thing since the late 70's... Long before there was such a thing as a game store. Next to none around here. Most LGS aren't suitable for serious RPG's because there's too much noise and distraction. As well? Perhaps not, but there's a huge space between as well and going out of business. Again, RPG's have not only survived but thrived for decades without specialty stores. So once again, LGS are not required. They are nice, and no doubt help, but there is miles between required and helpful. Finally I will point out again why your statement, the one that started this is incorrect despite your claims to the contrary, namely "Buying everything online is not in your best interest long term." There are plenty of people out there for whom, the L in LGS means an hour+. Those people may travel there for special events, but buy all their stuff online, because driving that far simply isn't feasible. So for them not only is it their best interest long term, it's their only option. That statement is still correct. If the only players for this game had no local stores and thus no means of having a place to play on a reliable schedule then the game itself would be dead. So if it is possible to buy local then spending some of your money there would in fact help the long term health and growth of the game. I don't think that is an inspired leap of deductive logic. I don't know where you live but every place I've lived or visited that I frequented the LGS has several RPG groups and events going. They also have a large Magic crowd as well as wargamers into Warhammer, Hordes, Warmachine, etc. This in addition to X-wing. I played RPGs for years in the local gaming store in the town I used to live near to that I mentioned before. We were, I assure you, serious RPG players. Go look at popular RPGs forums and sites and you will see how important LGS are to those games. This is a specialty game that needs a community of people willing to pay extra. This is why your attempts to compare this to games like poker or chess simply fail to connect. You don't need a store to play with a deck of cards you can buy for what 2 bucks and have a reasonable expectation that enough people the world over have ever once played some kind of traditional card game with. You won't find that at your house for a specialty game like X-wing.
  11. Yes you can. You can get by quite cheaply in X-Wing and you can spend a ton on a chess set. Both require at least 2 people to play, both have events and tournaments for them. They are completely comparable. The mere fact you say they aren't, proves how weak your argument really is. You do not need a LGS for X-Wing to survive, anymore then you do for Chess to survive. Pen and Paper RPG's have survived and thrived for decades without any sort of dedicated store to play them at. 40k has more issues, but a large part of that is the play space requirements, not everyone has a 3x6 foot table with terrain you need for that game and others like that. Neither being something that X-Wing needs. Please define what you mean by "getting by cheaply" with X-wing. Any serious player has invested more than just the base set. This isn't chess where you can buy one board with pieces and be set for life because the game never changes. Without having local communities that play together at a common store then this game at the business end would simply not be sustainable. The same is true for other specialty games like Warhammer and pen and paper RPGs. Have you never been to a local game and watched just how many RPG events and groups meet there? Without that exact customer base to sell product to pen and paper RPGs would have died back in the 80's. You are trying to argue that this game and others like it could do just as well without local stores and communities and it is absolutely not true. The entire genre of specialty games would not be a feasible business plan without local stores and communities. If you disagree with that then we will simply have to agree to disagree.
  12. That is again debatable, as is everything you said, just because you claim it isn't doesn't make it so. A lot of people play games like X-Wing at their kitchen table and never step foot in a game store. For some people ordering online is their only option because there is no LGS. If what you were saying was true, then games like Chess, Settlers of Catan, or even Monopoly, ect... should of died out years ago, due to a lack of a dedicated location for people to play. I'm all for people buying stuff from their LGS, I do so myself. But the idea that a LGS shouldn't even try to compete, or needs to be protected with special rules is highly debatable. You can't really compare a two person board like Chess with a miniature board game like X-wing. You need some level of funds and dedication to get more out of it than simply buying an el cheapo chess set. Do you really think this game would survive if the only playing of it was at homes? And I ask that as someone that plays 75% of my games at my house or a friend's house. This game is like every other specialty game like Warhammer or pen and paper RPGs that need a community of like minded players to be a sustainable business. Just to add, not sure why you have mentioned twice in quoting my posts this idea that LGS should not be competitive with online prices. Not once have I said otherwise and in the same post that you clipped that quote from I even agreed with you that stores should try to be competitive with pricing. So can you drop that straw man?
  13. That is highly debatable. The romance of the mom & pop store is quite a lot like the family farm, people supported it without really thinking about the economics behind it. It was the romantic notion of such things that people want, not the economic reality. I know a lot of people have issue with Warmart, but it has done a lot to improve the quality of life of low to low-middle income people, by offering products that they can afford better. The LGS is in much the same state, they quite simply have to face the fact that they are competing with online retailers, and need to adjust their business practice accordingly. They need to offer services that are worth the increased price they charge for their products. If a store can't do that, then that's the owners fault, and not the fault of the online boogie man. Quite often I see LGS that do nothing to even try to compete with online retailers. They don't offer any sort of discount, they don't do some sort of rewards program, they charge for table space and/or prize support... For myself, I simply would not buy as much product if I did so solely at my LGS. I'd only buy 2-3 of most ships rather than 3+. There is nothing debatable in what I said. I don't disagree with you that stores should try to be competitive with online but if no one supports local stores then the game itself will simply die from lack of players being able to play together.
  14. My local store, Moxie's here in Columbus, Ga. is just a great store. The local league is nice so I feel it is only fair to buy some of my models from them. In fact I'd say half of my models are from their store and the other half are online when they didn't have any in stock or the online price was just too good. I figure that by paying more in the store I'm also helping to ensure a place for myself and others to keep playing at. I lived close to another town in my college years and that was about the time when online shopping became a thing. Our local gaming store was a great place but once everyone started buying online the owner couldn't keep the place going. I will never forget the look on his face when he had his last out of business day and my gaming group got together for one last play session. If more of his customers had bought from him that store would still be there. I told myself I would never let that happen again if I lived in a town with a great local gaming store. So yes, I know I'm costing myself money by not strictly buying online. But I also value playing with others and keeping a store going that will attract new fans and players. It is the same reason I also avidly support my local comic book store. Buying everything online is not in your best interest long term.
  15. I appreciate everyone's input. I also agree that as someone who still plays TIE Fighter on a regular basis I was hoping the Defender would be the king of dogfighters that it was in the canon. Or old canon now. It was intended to be THE space superiority fighter at the time and yet the version we have does not fit. That does not make it a bad ship. It is just different from what we expected. The one suggestion I've seen that sounds the best solution to make it a more desirable ship is a Sienar Refit to lower the cost for the ship. I also wish it had native boost or a more forgiving dial but the main problem with it IMO is the cost.
  16. Played three times against my wife and friends and won with various lists that had Defenders in it from traditional 100 point game to 150 point games. Each game the Defender was a workhorse with the white K-turns and added survivability helping to win every game. So while I realize this was a small sample it did make me question why so many X-wing players are so down on the Defender. I play at my local store and most of the players there had a very low opinion of it so I know this is not just some random message board agenda. In my experience it is a great ship and while I admit a personal bias to it being my favorite ship to play in any version of the X-wing/TIE Fighter PC games from my younger years it seems to be a good ship in this game. I realize you fly casual and play the ships you like but I'm really confused as to why the Defender has the rep it has.
  17. So is this one (where all the discussion is happening) https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/138749-for-the-empire/ And this one https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/138778-tie-fighter-short-film/ Both posted on the past 13 hours. That's my point. The reason more people are talking about it now is that the full length version was finally released and not the two minute version released before.
  18. This is the full length version and not the 2 minute version.
  19. I use battlefoam for my ships and my wife's ships. Had to order a second pack 216 for the scum ships.
  20. The only thing I can see from the OP about borrowing is if this person has to borrow from people every game just to field a list. If that is the case then I would agree with the OP that is not cool.
  21. This is a game. I refuse to treat it as anything other than that which includes trying to get too competitive over what is practically two guys (or gals) playing with models with rules against each other. My local game store has a league and seems to have nothing but nice, friendly people who play in it. If I competed in the store tourney and ran into some jerk then I simply would choose not to play with that person on a casual play basis. If some player(s) are truly that horrible to others then I have to think the game store would simply ask them to stop playing at their location.
  22. Bulwyf

    guess at next wave

    Mist Hunter. Couldn't remember it to save my life, thanks.
  23. Bulwyf

    guess at next wave

    I want the rest of the bounty hunter ships for S&V faction. Bossk in the Hound's Tooth, Dengar in the Punishing One, Zuckuss/4-Lom in whatever ship they used etc.
  24. I kinda scoffed at the guys who did that in my local gaming store but after this I think I might have to do it. The peg I got with the ship was already faulty with a hairline fracture running through it. Any pressure put on it to put it into the ship caused it to break off. Kinda makes me worried about my other ships pegs.
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