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  1. Thank you for the clarification. We're still trying to find the balance between tourney lists and just fun lists. We're far more just for fun.
  2. I'm more confused about the last replies after my last post. I'm still not sure what relevance those posts have to my returning player thread lol The game is definitely going strong, plenty of people play it in my local area. My wife and I just got caught up in too much work to play it like we wanted, now that we have more free time we're enjoying the hobby again.
  3. My wife and I haven't played the game since the force awakens starter box came out and we just now got back into it. Based off some excellent recommendations in my returning player thread on the general board, I picked up the Tie Silencer. I am completely baffled as to how Ren's ability works. I understand that I search for a pilot critical card and put it on the first ship that hit me that turn. But what I don't understand is when that card actually takes effect. Is it immediately turned faced up and the ship it was assigned to resolves the effect of the card? Or does it sit there waiting for a critical hit to land on the ship through normal means? I'm surprised there's no better clarification on the card or the booklet. Wouldn't you just make a high skill pilot suffer the zero pilot ability pilot crit card for the rest of the game?
  4. Just wanted to update since we've gotten some of the recommend ships: My wife only plays Rebels so I'm default forced to play Scum or Imps. I don't mind, I much prefer them to Rebels. That being said...wow. Rebels are clearly more powerful. The other factions seem to pay an inherent cost in terms of durability versus weapons or versatility. The Rebels seem to get all three with no negative consequences to it. My Imp Decimator, for example, is simply nowhere near as good as the Ghost. The Imp ships still seem to want you to run swarm lists and not give you as many options to run powerful ships. We're both avoiding the bomb everything mentality that our local meta seems to be because my wife and I both enjoy dog fights versus dodge the bomb play. Since we both prefer more standard play, she has so many strong ace pilot options in her ships that I find myself scrambling to try and match it so my ships don't get shot off the table early in the game.
  5. My FLGS gives out store certificates and it is a good thing. Giving out actual money is just not a good idea IMO. I would split the money even though frankly player A should be declared the winner since he only lost by 15 points and there's no way the other guy tabled to stay ahead in points.
  6. Just as an observation: is S&V the weakest faction? I can't help but notice that most of the recommendations are for Reb and Imp and not many for S&V. Are they just not that good and should be only brought out for fun games and nothing competitive?
  7. Are the named bounty hunter ships still good in current meta? I will always have a soft spot for Bobba Fett and Bossk. I have all of the named ones except I think the Misthunter.
  8. Thank you guys for the advice! One question: did they ever make Tie Defenders worth having? I was so disappointed in how badly they played back in the old meta. They didn't have anything like the impact that the Tie Defender had in the awesome Tie Fighter computer game that I still play. Is it worth taking them now or are they still kinda weak?
  9. Is the Imperial Gunboat the Vt-49 Decimator or something else? I appreciate the advice and will pick up the ships you are recommending. Having another Soontir Fel for the Imps sounds like a lot of fun.
  10. Great question. Mostly for kitchen table fun with my family and friends although I have played in our FLGS tournaments and would like to do so again.
  11. My wife and I played pretty heavily until the Force Awakens new starter box came out. We bought that box and took a break from the game. We are coming back now and would like some advise. We have almost every non epic size ship up to the Force Awakens starter box came out. What are the "must have" ships for all 3 factions since then that have come out? We don't want to go out and just buy every ship release since then but trying to get the ships/upgrade cards that are considered "must have" for current meta. Appreciate any help!
  12. I am looking forward to it. I love the Total War series and the Old World Warhammer. It has already been announced for three games so I'm hoping we get all playable factions.
  13. The only thing I found terrifying about Emo Ren was the laugh out loud emo coming out of almost every word he uttered. His childish temper tantrums only furthered the emo in him.
  14. That's one of the combinations I was hoping would be more popular after getting back into it. Just for pure SW fan in me I love having those two great bounty hunters working together again.
  15. Interesting. I was having fun with Boba and Starvipers but it seems no one flies them anymore.
  16. Thanks to my work schedule being a nightmare the last few months the last time I got to play seriously was picking up Hound's Tooth after release and playing a few games with it. I don't have any of the other wave ships from wave 7 or further on but I don't mind getting them. What are some strong 100 to 150 point lists in the current meta for Scum ships? Appreciate any help.
  17. I periodically check in on this as well. It really pisses me off that GW ditched the Old World for the crap that is Age of Sigmar. I didn't think FFG would do the same.
  18. I am not surprised by this. X-wing is probably the most popular miniature game in the world over the last few years. LGS have to be able to protect themselves from online discounts in order to stay in business. I know many people do not want to pay to keep someone else in business. I get that. Being told you are having to provide a de facto subsidy for someone else is not good news. I have a great local store where I live and I buy from them sometimes and other times I buy online. I do the vast majority of playing in my own house. This negatively effects me as a customer but positively effects me as a gamer who wants to play with other people at a mutually agreed location with room for everyone.
  19. The rules are free, the books are where they charge you to get any kind of fluff or competitive balance by having pre made scenarios with lists to fight with.
  20. If we could get Ogre Kingdoms and Tomb Kings to complete the factions I would be thrilled.
  21. I hate AoS with a passion. I started playing Warhammer back in the mid to late 1980's as a kid. I still have the slaves to darkness book and rogue trader. I have Squats and Chaos Dwarf armies still. I fell in love with Warhammer Fantasy battles and that setting is still the best IP out there. My group of friends that are now finally able to start playing the 3rd edition RPG are all in love with the setting. What GW did in destroying the world just so they can copyright new armies (all the factions are being renamed if you are not aware of this to horrible names) is insanely stupid and frankly a dagger in the back to every real fan of Warhammer.
  22. Thanks for the response, guys. I hope you can help answer the following: What would you recommend for a first time group of four players with the idea that one character is a witch hunter, the other an Ogre melee fighter bodyguard and the two remaining are up in the air?
  23. I want this to continue as Invasion was dropped without even giving me an Ogre Kingdoms or Tomb King army to play. Same thing with this game.
  24. Seriously thank you for such a great write up and summary of all the products. I was able to get the core set from barnes and nobles and got hero's call for the Ogre choice. Did they ever get around to making Dark Elves or VC/Tomb Kings a playable option?
  25. I waited to get this until I could find some people to play with and now that I have actually found a group, well, this almost 200.00 USD price for the core set is kinda insane. Is there a reasonable place to purchase this? My wife would like to play a Witch Hunter and I'd like to play an Ogre as her henchman/retinue bodyguard with other players want the standard Empire or Dwarf character. Is all of that available in the core set or is there specific supplements we'd need for witch hunter and ogre characters?
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