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  1. One thing I've seen no one comment on yet: How much of an advantage are Force users getting in 2.0? It seems like they get an extra OP mechanic that non Force users get. If that is the case why would you take anything but Force users? What does that mean for Scum when they don't have any Force users? I know I'm probably in the minority but I like the non Force aspect of Star Wars far more than the magic side of it. I liked that 1.0 didn't make Force users on a separate tier from non Force user pilots.
  2. I've played 40k since Rogue Trader. I'd much rather pay for a rulebook and my individual army book as a one time edition change than pay $400.00 USD plus taxes to convert all of my models. GW doesn't make you convert your models each edition.
  3. Just like your advice to me to focus on one faction after I said in the post you quoted that 90% of my games are against my wife? That's a bit unreal to suggest focusing on one faction when there's two people involved as a valid option.
  4. Five factions now means 5 faction kits at $50.00 a pop. $250.00 plus new core set is $300.00 USD without tax. You need more than one kit? That's another $50.00 for each faction. My wife and I play together for 90% of our games. We play all factions. We both need an additional kit for rebels and empire. That's 400.00 USD plus tax. Just to keep using the same ships we've already spent hundreds of dollars on. To replace, I might add, a system that my gaming circle has no problems with. With just the hope that the new system which artificially makes Force users better options versus non Force users is somehow a better game overall. If people don't understand why that is a problem then I don't know what else to say.
  5. I do and have flown that for years.
  6. Definitely out for now. $300.00 USD plus taxes just to keep using the ships I already paid hundreds of dollars for? Nope. Didn't think any company could out do Games Workshop for customer exploitation but then this happened.
  7. Its cool, I wasn't offended or took it as a bash ?
  8. People mention Warhammer because it is another widely popular tabletop miniatures game with multiple editions (up to 8th now) that don't require "conversion kits" for your models. You just buy a new rulebook and your particular faction's army book. That's it. FFG isn't juicing me for anything. I'm not paying the 250-300 USD plus taxes my wife and I would need to keep playing.
  9. At least with Warhammer 40k all you have to do is buy a new rulebook and army book when a new edition is released. You don't have to buy conversions kits to make all your models legal again...
  10. Actually, I would need that. As I said in my first post my wife and I play. We play each other for 90% of our total games. She only plays Rebels, I play Imp and Scum. Even cutting down to just two factions means 250.00 USD since I would only need one conversion kit for Scum. 250.00 USD plus tax for an edition change is mind boggling. I've played Warhammer 40k with several armies. I'm used to sticker shock with hobby price points. But not even Games Workshop required you to pay for anything other than the core rule book and your army book when it changes editions. I didn't think another company could be more greedy than Games Workshop when it comes to treating their customers...
  11. Not much choice unless FFG is going to provide these kits and starter box pro bono to existing players. 300.00 USD plus tax is insanely expensive.
  12. My wife and I came back recently to the game but this is a deal breaker. Backwards compatible means buying a mandatory new starter box around 50.00 USD plus a conversion kit that doesn't have enough of the ships we play for each faction at 150.00 USD plus another conversion kit for Rebels and Imps. That's 300.00 USD just to keep using the ships we've already spent a small fortune on. I'm baffled as to why anyone is happy with this change. 300.00 USD just to keep using the same ships you already bought? ?
  13. I'm 90% casual, 10% competitive. I enjoy this game for a fun night and a beer with friends and family. Ships or combinations we find too crazy we just don't use out of common courtesy. If the other person didn't have fun, then what's the point of a game?
  14. My fear is this another show where a handful of Rebel pilots "defy the odds" in almost every episode and slaughter hordes of nameless TIE fighter pilots. My hope is we get some variety and show some great pilots on the Empire side as well as some Scum pirates or bounty hunters to give birth to a slew of new ships for this game.
  15. Interesting. In terms of the Marauder skills, I've never played a pure melee character in this system before, what are the "must have" skills to grab? Looking at the marauder tree they all look good. Also, is the vibro axe a good option? I know there's a slew of melee options just wondering what are some good choices.
  16. I can only go with what the GM wants to run with. Someone in the group asked if were going to be able to use any of the material from AoR onwards and the Gm said no, just the core book and the expansions for core book classes.
  17. The problem with anything Force related is my Gm has banned it. There's to be no Force anything, including AoR material. He wants to be a bounty hunting team trying for one big score, that's the goal of the campaign. We need a beat stick using non Force related melee material. I think my best bet is rolling again with a Trandoshan.
  18. Of course, play what you want is the golden rule along with just have fun I love Trandoshans, our previous time playing I had a Trandoshan bounty hunter but he was built for pew pew. I just didn't know if there were other options besides the Trandoshan/Wookie choice. I realize that this isn't the most melee friendly ruleset but who knows? I thought they might have given some random newly added race better melee skills by default because their cultural heritage was vibrosword dueling or something along those lines. I'll never complain about playing a Trandoshan though!
  19. Appreciate the help guys. So it is like I figured, if you want a melee character you really are limited to Trandoshan and Wookie. I didn't know if one of the newer races in one of the supplements had some kind +1 to Melee or something like that.
  20. I am starting a new campaign with some friends. I want to play a melee fighter that does not use light sabers or the Force (our GM has already outlawed that because we're supposed to playing the "scum and villainy" aspects of the SW mythos). What would a good build be for that? Are Trandoshans good for melee or are they only suited better for Brawl? I want to use a vibro axe or sword to get up close and murder things with weapons and not hand to hand. I know Wookies are another good melee species but is there one out there better suited for melee vs brawl? Appreciate any advice!
  21. Is there a way to change the playmat so there's no asteroids?
  22. Thanks for the help, absolutely love this. Thank you for working on this.
  23. I'm trying to use this but my Norton on Windows 10 keeps removing flycasual.exe because it is a security risk.
  24. I have another question, this one from my wife. It is a valid question. She looked at this thread and was curious if any of the waves before the force awakens starter box are still in use. Most of the ships I see on the boards being talked about are the newer waves. Did power creep kinda kill off the earlier ships?
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