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  1. The guy on youtube you probably mean, cals himself marcowar. He's got a few video's that are very informative.
  2. yes I understand Loophole, but when i try to explain the rule to myself (in dutch), i get the feeling that the rule is in contradiction whit its selves. I can't explain it really in englisch…….. oh well, maybe another language/interpretation error of mine. If you guys telling me that rule on page 21 of the rcs rulebook is oke, i'll let it rest en take it as it is.
  3. So i'm reading the rules right… tell me when i'm understanding wrong…. but are they saying that you cannot enter in any way a square without a dot, you also may not jump over it in a straight line, but You MAY jump it in a diagonally line……in that case the allies have a nice advantage
  4. Oke, but then does that also mean you can't walk diagonally a tile without a dot, but that you can jump it even when the anti-tank trap isn't there?
  5. A nother question about diagonally movement of a walker: On page 21 rulebook of the rvc, they give an example how the hotdog may jump over the anti-tank trap. But when he can land on the 2 red squares wich are adjacent to the terrain square, then he's jumping diagonally?
  6. So we meet again on the BfM forum?
  7. I don't have to wait anymore!! Today I received the original core set from France! I feel as happy as a child!!
  8. If you are not that familiar whit the names of the troops/expansions you better take some time to do some research on the www. Search for pictures of stad-cards so you can see and compare what every troop can or can't do. Then you also get a more clear view what they are talking about on the forums. I play the game for 9 months and i keep searching/reading/asking questions/learning about DT. (i have to, because i feel like a pioneer playing DT in Holland, because i did not find a nother dutch player in my area yet ) On You-Tube there is a guy "marcowargame" who tells which expansions he bought after the RCS and why. Maybe this can help you. There are also video's where they are unboxing expansions and campaigns, so you get an idea what's in the box and you can make youre own mind about it. Don't rush in taking decisions, better take youre time to do more reasearch. (i think thats's a nice hobby on its selves to)
  9. Every dutchmen speaks as good as French as they speaks Dutch. No, thats a joke. My French is as good as my computer can translate :-) I already downloaded everything i need.
  10. Almost a year later…., no idea if you are still searching/looking at this forum for dutch players…. But you just found one ;-) Een (import)brabander.
  11. I have already the revised core set, and was reading al ot on this forum, about what all of you think what is the best to buy next. Most things are already discussed, so i thought if i search the forum and take time to read, i will find almost any answer, probably also what is a good expansion. Then I need no one to bother whit questions that are already have been answered a million times. I thought right, Somewhere on the forum i saw a link to a youtube-video where they told where the original set still was available…. The video is 8 months old, and i don't know if you can order from the U.S. at this store in france, while i don't have any idea how populair DT is in europe. The world of Dust is not (yet) very known In the Netherlands. I considered the possibility, that the original core set was still available, very small. So i went to the web-site…..I could not believe my eyes…..Dust-tactics original core-set €93,- ON STOCK!! It was waiting for me!! No time to lose! Order fast! Now i wait…….
  12. Thank you Loophole. Your answer is making it very clear! :-)
  13. I'm asking because that's the only paragraph where they are using another symbol than the "/". When both symbols have the same meaning…Fenton's explanation isn't right? Fenton says: "1/3" (like say for a bazooka at a walker or your heavy laser grenadiers) would mean roll one dice, and if it hits you register 3 damage. But when I hit Hans or grenadiers whit a bazooka the way Fenton is telling, then Hans or heavy laser granadiers must exit immediately. This way the bazooka is more devasting against vehicles then against squats? So why don't the then just say on the bazooka stads "1/skull" against vehicles whit armor class 1 till 3? Phaser Blast (X?Y) This combat value represents a concentrated ball of energy that explodes on impact. “X” represents how well the unit can “aim at” the target; “Y” represents how powerful the explosion is. To apply this type of damage, roll “X” dice and total the number of results. This total is equal to “Y.” Now roll “Y” dice and inflict one damage for each result. Phaser weapons ignore all cover. So i undertand from that, i't's not just like roll 1 dice and register 3 damage, but…. roll 1 dice and when you roll a hit, you may roll 3 dice and THEN you count the hits. If you roll at the first time a black square you just didn't aim very well… and the attack whit that weapon stops. I'm not surching for problems that arn't there, but realy realy want to understand the gamerules and play it the way it's intended. There's nobody how can explain in dutch so i must bother you with questions about things witch giving me doubts but probalby are clear for you. My apologize when i'm annoying or not comprehensible to anyone.
  14. In the rule book of the revised core set at page 24 there is the headline: Phaser Blast (x thunderbolt y). Do they mean whit that "thunderbolt" the same as whit a "/"
  15. I - as dutch guy - am a little confused…..again….. When i'm attacking whit Hans a full squat Hellboys, using the pantzerfaust werfer, 1/1, how many dice may i roll and what's the difference whit the 1/+ from the granate werfer? When i'm attacking whit a full squat of heavy laser grenadiers, the blackhawk, the combat values shows me 1/3. So i throw 3 dice, for each grenadier 1 dice, right? Must I throw all dice at the same time or one by one?. Than, for each hit i may roll 3 dice and inflicy damage…right? Hoping for your understanding and support.
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