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  1. I'll take the 40 and the stuff for gathering storm if you don't really need it. What's your zip? It's still in shrink FYI.
  2. I humbly apologize for not reaching your standards of having a grasp of the English language. My tablet auto corrects and I do not read over my comments, or my subject titles. I will try my level headed best to read over everything that I write for this and any other forum in the future because God knows that grammar is rule número uno of any forum, but especially this one. And from one teacher to another, God bless. But snarky-ness aside. Well, I guess that's it.
  3. Maybe I will have a flash flood in the sewers, a purging of the system done systematically, and just do a restart. Have the, get sent to the river. Maybe they lose the pendant the flotsam and jetsam of the flood, maybe he hold on and make it to the lord. If the lose it he will want a free job, if the keep it and return it he will be pleased and hire them again to pose as guards to the aschaffenbergs or send them on another tomb raiding mission. Thoughts?
  4. Well, the group found the underground mausoleum. Got into the tombo of the body they needed, and we're attack by skaven. The problem, the battle never ended. The 9 slave henchmen, two clan rats, and a plague master. I set an even halfway through to have a group hit the skaven in the Flank. But by then everyone, myself included, was tired. I was hoping for a short battle and a quick jump from the pcs into the canals to fall into the river Outside ubersreik, but they decided to fight. We stopped mid-way through the battle. With the skaven fleeing and the two sideshow face to face. What should their ( my ) next step be. They will want to get the pendant to the rich Von sapien or whoever and get the rest of their money. But then what?
  5. Someone needs to do this kind of work for Kislev!!!!
  6. Ah ha, What if you could group the actions together, two handed, long range, close range, etc and limit the pc to a certain number.
  7. I love necroing threads, to life to life !!!!!! Mwahaha!! Any updates, thoughts to add? I agree that characters should be weaker in the beginning, make the payers make difficult decisions at the start.
  8. Man, converting a campaign like that must be a pain AND time consuming!
  9. Well, what I'm planning is that the pcs fight shaven in sewer, 3 pcs, like 3 groups of slave henchmen, two clan rats, and a plague priest. Use a tracker to follow a second group of npcs who were searching for the pcs. Every time the pcs do something good, move that track up. Once the second group of npcs get there, the shaven will be outnumbered and the track will have some affect on them. But we'll see how that goes. The group isn't super fighter, coachmen, barber surgeon, grave robber. So hopefully they can come up with some good ideas. They are fighting in an underground mausoleum. I think they could try to seal the door, maybe block it, or just kill some skaven.
  10. I was guessing about the morale tracker too. Why I ask is because on the card from the vault it talks about the morale.
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