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    derroehre got a reaction from Rimsen in Grenade question - failing the check   
    Also, 2 advantages opens "standard" possibilities for setbacks, boosts and losing cover.
    When a grenade is thrown at me, and the blast doesn't hit me, there is a good chance it is because I either ducked for cover - setback for me on next check - or I left my current position to escape from the blast - boost for hitting me or simply no cover for me.
    Threat on the other hand could quite possibly mean a dud in my opinion, or sufficient thread or despair has led to a grenade being thrown back in the past.
    We even hat a grenade that missed with triumph and lots of threat (don't remember exactly, but it was more than 3-4 I think)  in the follow up of the eote beginner game. The player suggested that he forgot to pull the pin and the bounty hunters threw the grenade back at him, not realising that the pin wasn't pulled, which was funny enough to let it happen
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    derroehre got a reaction from Rimsen in Grenade question - failing the check   
    1 advantage isn't much...but I always try make my players narrate small stuff like healing strain. Everything in this game can be awesome if you make it so.
    Heal 1 strain: "The grenade bounces between two cargo crates that blow up in a spectacular explosion. The explosion surprises the enemy that had you in his crosshairs long enough for you to take a deep breath and concentrate on the battlefield at hand."
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    derroehre reacted to Edgookin in Problems with Perlemian Haul   
    This.  If you drop out early, every one in the fleet may know you did, but probably don't have exact coordinates.  Then as he said recalculate course and disappear before they catch you.  Imagine a convoy of trucks.  No one is expecting anything, then a single truck pulls over, slows down, then turns down a side road.  The main convoy might stop depending on orders but they have to turn around and go back, find the right sidestreet, and chase you down.  More likely, at most a single escort would peel off and try to find out what happened.
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    derroehre reacted to HappyDaze in Bothans possibly marked as non-canon.   
    I happen to like the current look of the Bothans. I doubt I'll pay any attention to what Disney does to them as I have zero love for their version of Star Wars so far.
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    derroehre got a reaction from Ogrebear in This has to be the best droid ever   
    Does somebody have the artwork without the Card text and stuff? (or is capable of photoshoping or know where to find this picture)

    I want this droid in my campaign and I want that picture.
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    derroehre reacted to WonderWAAAGH in The last print? WTF FFG   
    People are clearly taking their Star Wars way too seriously. Want to come play Edge of the Empire with me? We can be ewoks and eat pie. 
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    derroehre reacted to Stone37 in The last print? WTF FFG   
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    derroehre reacted to Alekzanter in Proud GM Moment   
    My players generated Despair on an Astrogation check and ended up 1,000 light-years off course in uncharted space. During the course of play they discovered an inhospitable planet similar to Tattooine. Deciding to explore, "Eh, since we're here", they found an abandoned research station with several grave markers nearby.
    The little aliens that populated the research station were akin to horseshoe crabs, their technology based on smart ceramics and malleable glass. The desiccated remains of the last survivor sitting at some sort of data terminal, they translated the final entries of the research log. They were the last survivors of their race.
    Their researches were centered around creating a catalyst that would exalt lesser species to self awareness and sentience.
    The PCs discovered some samples. Translating the labels, they had found an " adaptive DNA scaffold. "
    Returning to civilized space, they were keen to sell it to a pharmaceutical corporation. I was prepared to let them name their price. A million? Fine. Ten million, with residuals? Yep. 200 million? Sure.
    They opted to destroy it after discussing their options, mindful of the political and social ramifications that began to surface. A true, long-term moral decision. I remained neutral. I was only invested in where the story would go once they decided. Very proud of my players for looking past the dollar signs. A great group of players.
    T to
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    derroehre reacted to Daeglan in Rogue one and what it taught us about computers...   
    So lets discuss what we learned from Rogue one and how to use it in a game. 

    We have the Archive with stores data tapes...

    We have the data tape its self... looks like it is not a common reader interface and looked like it was encumbrance 2...

    The Radio transmission could not go through a planetary shield...

    You could plug into a ground station to get radio off the planet to the orbiting fleet

    the same data on the data tape seemed to fit on a small card. And like our world the small card is probably much more expensive and negligible encumbrance.

    What do you guys think? Mechanics stuff? fluff how would you incorporate this new info? 
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    derroehre reacted to KungFuFerret in SPOILERS: Rogue One didn't "Fix a plot hole", there was no plot hole to fix   
    So yeah, spoilers about Rogue One.   You've been warned.
    Ok so, I was listening to the O66 Podcast about R1 recently, and it dawned on me, after they talked about how it was a brilliant move by R1 to "fix a glaring plothole that fans have been bitching about for decades". 
    At first I was like "yeah, that's right, it does tidy that up"  and then I actually thought about it.
    "No, there is no freaking plot hole.  People build massive things that they think are perfect, and later find they've got a massive design flaw in them, that they only learn about after the thing sinks or blows up."
    Remember the Titanic anyone?  The Unsinkable Ship?  Spoilers but, it sunk on it's first voyage.  Sunk in such a spectacular way too, and they didn't bother with enough ships for all the crew, so massive deaths.  Oops, yeah...probably should've considered that a bit more in the design stage.
    The Hindenburg.  Hey yeah!  Let's make a massive blimp and fill it with a highly volatile and flammable gas!  I'm sure NOTHING could go wrong that might cause the entire thing to.....burst into flames, killing everyone on board in a horrific inferno, caught on film for the world to see...a testament to bad design....oops.
    Hey yeah!  This Death Star is the "Ultimate Power in the Galaxy!", there is no way that we need to worry about something as petty as an exhaust port, that might be vulnerable to a snub fighter!  Like that will ever happen!   Oops.
    I dunno I just, seems like a pretty typical, and familiar pattern in human design if you ask me.  
    As to Return of the Jedi, well, the thing wasn't completed.   The external shell was clearly unfinished, allowing plenty of avenues of entry.  The Emperor didn't care about that, he just made sure the guns were working properly, the rest of it?  Pssh, who cares?!  My plan is fool proof!  They will walk into my trap!  Everything is as I have foreseen it!  Hahahahaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......You think anyone was going to second guess the Emperor?  With Vader there?  Heck no!   They were like "Oh my god please don't kill me for passing gas in a way that upset you!  Just build the thing like they said!  I don't care about design flaws!  Do you have ANY idea what the officer attrition rate is in this military?!?!   Well I DO!!  And I'm not going to get choked out via vid screen by telling Vader what your concerns are!  Just do what they say or I'll shoot you myself!  
    So yeah, there is no plothole that needed patching, fans are just too anal and nitpicky about everything, and had nothing better to do for 30 years than to try and pick apart every frame of those films and try and find flaws.
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    derroehre reacted to 2P51 in Ship art   
    If you wanna simulate that hyperdrive background noise while you snooze on the Kessel run....

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    derroehre reacted to Jaspor in Interrogation   
    We actually included a Modular Encounter in the Spark of Rebellion source book that provides details and mechanics for an interrogation/torture scene. Some people thought it was a bit... dark... but, as the author and someone who appreciates the dark side of Star Wars (not to mention the fact we see several such scenes in canon), I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
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    derroehre reacted to keshalyi in Interrogation   
    So, I may be misunderstanding here, but its (in my mind) really important to differentiate between interrogation and torture. The power of the scene where Leia is approached by the interrogation droid or Han is shocked (especially since he's dumped out, whimpering that they didn't even ask him anything) is that these devices are designed expressly to inflict pain (That interrogation droid don't just look like it injects you with truth serum, to me). If you really are talking torture, I really, really encourage you to slow down and think about this, because playing out torture is a serious thing. There's a reason, in the movies, that these scenes fade to black - because the implication that it happens is powerful and disturbing, but watching it happen is sickening, and then turns into the simple 'banality of evil', desensitizing the viewer to the terrible power of torture. Its a lot the way I feel about sexual violence - yes, it exists, and no way would I pretend it doesn't happen in any of the RPG's I gm/dm/st/whatever - but I also won't play it out. You say its about to happen, you say it just did happen, and you leave out the middle, because the middle will appeal to only base instincts.
    Anyway, I'm not looking to start a flame war. Just, suggesting that you may not want to reduce one of mankind's greatest evils to some creepy descriptions and a few dice rolls to resist tattling.
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    derroehre reacted to McHydesinyourpants in Interrogation   
    I recently captured my PCs and interrogated them. it went very well. I took each one away from the table and interrogated them seperately. After getting advice from the forums here (I think Brad may have been vocal on that thread too ) Basically I came up with a different method for each one with one common thread; the interrogators acted as if they knew more than they actually did. They spoke as if they were just looking to get the PCs to confirm  what they already knew. When the PCs acted tough, then came the "hard interrogation".
    With one I had the Devaronian interrogator pull out one of his finger nails. (Mechanically worked as a Resilliance check to negate some of the wounds. Player had 10 fingers and 12 Wounds. I made it 1 wound per failure). He made it through the first round with ease and was cocky. The interrogator was annoyed and threatened to castrate him. PC announces "I still got 9 finger nails and a massive pair of balls" with a smirk. Interrogator responds "Ok. We will talk when you just have balls". He went to town on him. Player resisted well but was on low wounds. The interogator announced "so... those balls then..." (I was never going to go that far, just the player brought it up so I couldn't help it). He spilled the beans.
    Next was strapped into a seat. The interrogator came in with a syringe and placed it in front of her. Explained that there was a refined, highly addictive form of glitterstim in the syringe. If she didn't tell him what he wanted he was going to shoot her up, not to make her talk, but to turn her into a junkie (a la The French Connection 2). She took one dose, and failed the discipline/resillience check. She all ready felt an itch. Fearing more, she spoke up. (I gave her another check for only taking one dose. She failed that too so she got 5 obligation; addiction. She got the worst of it).
    There was a droid there too. I had to get abstract with him. There is no reason why someone wouldn't just attach a restraining bolt and plug into their brain and slice the info they want out but this kind of thing is no fun for a PC. Instead, I created a false scenario. when he awoke he was free and somewhere comfortable. I had him take a discipline check, giving the excuse of having had a restraining bolt attached earlier. What it actually governed was an opposed check vs the slicers computers. He was supposedly talking to an old friend. I weaved an elaborate story about rebels and rescue. Eventually he warmed to it and spilled the beans. As he did I revealed that something was wrong, that wasn't the voice of his master he was hearing, it was different... high pitched... Rodian. He wasnt sitting speaking to his old master at all. He was strapped to a workbench with a restraining bolt on his chest while a Rodian slicer picked at his brain. The fake scenario was representative of him manipulating his programming to get to the info he wanted.
    I was happy with how it went. Session was low on players but it worked out cos the interrogations took a lot longer than had planned.
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    derroehre reacted to bradknowles in Interrogation   
    The thing about real interrogation is that it depends much more on repetition of the questions and gaining the trust of the person you’re asking questions of.
    You ask the questions in a way that reveals information that was not specifically asked. So, if you suspect that multiple individuals might have been involved, you tend to ask your questions in plural form rather than singular.
    You make them think you have a lot more information about the subject than you really do, and you let them “confirm” details you claim to already know.
    You ask them to tell the story many times over, in many different ways, and then compare and contrast the various answers.
    There’s so much to getting good viable intel from such tactics, but then it becomes a GM-vs-players battle and not so much a PC-vs-NPC matter.
    That’s one reason why a lot of shows do most of this kind of stuff off-screen. There’s no need to see the actual torture or interrogation on-screen — it doesn’t add anything to the story, and it takes valuable time that could be spent on other things.
    So, I think the real issue for you will be how to handle the scene in a way that it has a real impact on the PCs and players, can largely be determined by dice rolls and role-playing the results, but doesn’t necessarily take up a lot of time that could be better spent elsewhere.
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    derroehre reacted to bradknowles in Interrogation   
    There are five lights.
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    derroehre reacted to Sturn in Spoiler Free 'review' of Rogue One   
    Snowmageddon **** you!!!! Had to cancel my row of tickets (lost convenience fee) and reschedule for Monday. Must avoid spoilers for 24 more hours.
    Horrible conditions here. Completely ice covered streets with a blanket of snow on top. A snow plow actually flipped just down the road. I would need an AT-AT to safely and sensibly get my family to the show today. I wouldn't want to be stuck in a ditch with upset freezing relatives laying blame and wondering if I would make a good TaunTaun blanket.
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    derroehre reacted to Nytwyng in Too Easy?   
    Sometimes they try. (Mostly as-is, anyway.) Then, players get involved.
    Our GM certainly didn't expect it when I managed to turn part of Chronicles of the Gatekeeper into A Christmas Carol Saturday.
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    derroehre reacted to Torg in Rewards other than xp   
    If you do "force" the Recruit spec on everyone then I would suggest making Recruit not count towards there Spec count when buying a new Spec, then everyone would get a "free" spec that doesn't effect the character's and the way xp is spent.
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    derroehre reacted to Squirrelsan in Character Artwork Thread   
    Maybe we should steer this lovely thread away from body shaming and back to character artwork before it turns into something nasty and get's locked.
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    derroehre reacted to Maelora in Character Artwork Thread   
    I'm a woman.  So is Jay, Steph, Claire and Boo in my gaming group (and we have a trans guy, Ari).  All but one of the artists who draw the art for our games are female.  Few gamers are actually SJWs to be honest.  We identify as gamers first and foremost.  Most of us 'get' guy humour and go easy on our buddies when they make the odd faux pas.
    Thing is see, we don't much like the old 'Conan defends the scantily clad damsel in distress while she swoons and faints' thing.  We're fine with fanservice as long as the characters are kickass.  And pretty much all our female characters are capable and kickass in their own way. Heck, most female SW fans love the way Leia kicked major rear while looking hot in the slave bikini or a sheath dress. 
    Some of the girls are sexual, some are not.  Some are heroines, some villainesses, some in between. They all make their own choices and are not there to be raped or protected or coddled. 
    (Also, the gals here are supposed to be in a glam-rock punk group, so it would be pretty odd if they dressed like the Andrews Sisters)
    If you don't like my stuff, RC, that's fine - nobody has to like it.  But please don't throw that old chestnut at a woman who's been gaming for almost 40 years.
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    derroehre reacted to 2P51 in Ship art   
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    derroehre reacted to bradknowles in No Distintegrations   
    In the EU/Legends material, there is the Teras Kasi form. And then there’s the blind monk in “Rogue One”, but other than that, I don’t recall seeing anything.
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    derroehre reacted to 2P51 in Ship art   
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