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  1. My group of players got themselves caught by someone really nasty who is very likely to interrogate and torture them for information about their personal history and about their contacts to the rebellion. Part of my inspiration will be taken from the book "the princess, the scoundrel and the farm boy" (which is A New Hope written from the perspective of Leia, Hand and finally Luke) where Leia shares her impression of the interrogation droid that Vader left her alone with (for a long time without asking questions), so I know that will happen. Also I will not go full Hostel on their butts, I'm thinking classical evil villain torture, involving lots of flashy lightnings and the device Han was locked into on Bespin, and depending on another players action the scene will come to an end before they spill everything - which of course they do not know. Now, we all have been there when the murdering space hobbos come out to play and decide that the little, unlucky NPC knows more than he or she told them or will change his mind on what he is and isn't willing to talk about. Now, my goal isn't revenge here, far from it, (that scene is simply a nessecity at this point) but I think I will give the forum to chance to channel a little bit of the nastyness back at the players. Give me your worst/best ideas And of course, I would love to hear how others have done similiar scenes, ruleswise and from a storytelling POV and will be highly thankfull for anything you can share with me. I'm still very unsure how to handle this scene in a way that the players "enjoy" it, I want to give them the option to roleplay a lot of it, on the other hand there will also be skill checks. Discipline for sure, Cool maybe and of course Resilience.
  2. That's basically exactly what I did and it worked pretty well. 2 of my 4 players took that choice, the other two took the 20 XP. Thats also a great idea, really like it.
  3. is this a specific ship from canon/eu or original work from the artist?
  4. "Once per sessions spent Triumph on a successful Ranged (heavy) or Gunnery check to add the Breach 1 quality to the attack.." Thanks, that's what we went with.
  5. I have a quick question, since it came up last game night and will probably come up regularly from now on (Valuable Facts will see to that) including in - oh let's see - just about 2 hours an answer would be very much appreciated if you have one If a Heavy uses his Heavy Hitter Talent to add Breach 1 to an attack that utilizes Autofire (and triggers it successfully) will Breach be added to all hits or only one? btw: Been gone for a few months, has the board been restructured...?
  6. My first reaction to the thread was: "What the HELL did your players do???" Sidious (and plageuis, even though the book is non-canon now) aspired to - and read that sentence carefully - supersede the force as the main animating principle of the universe. Don't mess with palpi man. The fear check alone would be comically impossible. The group killing Darth Vader is much more realistic, and that is already highly unlikely. His WT wouldn't be that high necessarily, but the force rating would probably be around 10-15, his equipment would be beyond anything the rulebook can come up. We're not trying to mock you, I'd also be curious, but it is an exercise in futility. The old man is way to powerfull.
  7. Remember, that because combat in this game isn't a tactical but a narrative element, simply having a long combat does nothing on its own. Some rpg's are almost like a tabletop miniatures game with exact positioning and the crunchy bits supporting tactical maneuvering and stacking buffs and debuffs on party members and foes. The NDS doesn't. work with the system. You don't need a Villain with 20 talents to combat the group, make sure there are several setback dice on most checks and have a long list of events for exiting advantages and disadvantages as well as triumphs and despairs prepared. No time to kill McEvilface when your mate's on fire, the walkway you are on is being pulled into the wall, that shuttle with a battallion of stormtrooper almost incoming and a meteorshower smashing the giant satelite dish you are fighting under slowly to bits. What others have said, the big 12 round diceathlon doesn't always have to be the end of a campaign. BUT sometimes it has to be, then really go over the PC's strengths and give every character something (usefull) to do. "We found his weakness...bullets."
  8. On the off-chance that somebody on here doesn't know Dr. Ball MD, here it is:
  9. Imagine you had a valid Bounty Hunter License lying around, from a formerly alive friend, (possibly helmet wearing) and somebody would want to buy it from you (possibly along with the helmet)...how much would you want for that? I know there are people with a much bigger library on this forum, maybe somebody knows more than me and is willing to share his knowledge. I'm thinking very expensive, middle class starship area. As I see it, an official bounty hunter license doesn't magically open all the doors for you, but especially in the Outer Rim area it might help you get around when dealing with the law for example.
  10. You know, Besalisk with Blast Knuckles (even more powerful with Brawn 5+) sounds like a LOT of fun. "Oh No!" "Oh No!" "Oh NO!" "OH YEEEEEEAAH!" (Besalisk with quadruple repulsor fists. Probably.)
  11. I'll also try to give a very simple answer to your problem - that of course isn't a problem as simple as I'm treating it: Is it really the PLAYER that wants to get rid of the ship or is it the CHARACTER? If its the player, talk out of game with both players, because that might cause problems along the way. Most players are willing to give up their favorite toy if it is an epic moment in the story, or accept something they don't like until then. If its the characters let them bicker. One party member teasing the other about their rust bucket isn't much reason for concern, on the contrary, it can be a source if release and fun, If they argue for too long, suddenly something happens that prevents them from arguing further, Surprise Customs frigate, The amazing boarding party encounter in this thread... Just got an idea, but it is very gm machina, Customs frigate picks them up, and the custom official pressures them into doing something (smuggle something, pay his debts, rob something, acquire something, help his career by sabotaging a colleague). the empire has enough scum in his ranks that doesnt care about the imperial vision, only how to get ahead in their career.
  12. Yeah, but he has another two turns to shoot back - IF we were to treat it like a regular weapon in a vacuum. Even in a 6 round combat you could only use it twice, which would point towards it needing to be one-shot-kill. Also the surprise isn't a factor most of the time: Of course, an NPC or PC might have it covered in a glove or synthskin before using it on somebody who doesn't know him. In my head the glove/skin will be dramatically blown away after it's used to reveal the repulsor fist. It would be very entertaining to have a PC that hates finding new bandages to cover it up again. You're right about Ion weapons tough. I have two ganks in my party, and the group is starting to get a reputation, enough that evilface might soon start equipping minions for cyborg hunting, which probably clouds my opinion on ion weapons.
  13. No other Brawl weapon can only be used every third round, if you're hit by an ion blast the weapon as well as your entire arm is useless, it costs the aforementioned arm as well as 4750 Credits, which apart from the rarest weapons like a sith shield and lightsabers is also the most expensive Brawl weapon. Sorry, at first I was sure that it is a fixed value, but after comparing it, it seems almost fair game.The Arg'garok is +5, is rarity 7 as well, only costs 1000c and can be used every round. After consulting the core rulebook it seems unlikely that it is indeed +8, still think it wouldn't break the game.
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