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  1. Hi guys, my name is Glen and I was the TO for the event. I'm not going to go into all of the ins and outs of the expenses of the event, partly because I don't work for the store. But I hope to shed some context based on long and argeous conversations I had with store management when deciding on prize support. Also, I probably won't follow-up afterward. I'm on all the local FB forums for the several surrounding states and metas -- I think everyone more or less has access to me -- so if there is something you'd like to contact me directly about, feel free. I may not give you any more data than I post here, but I am happy to receive any personal communiques. First off, this is the second year running the event. Last year, we did a "break even" event like we do for most of our events. Meaning we spend all given resources we take in on the event itself. We offered free beverages and food, we gave out 100% of the rest in product. We also charged $25. According to the store, it was basically the worst weekend they'd had all year financially. I'll come back to that in a minute. I don't know what other store charge, but it varies around our meta. Typically the tier is something like $10 for a OP tourney, $15 for store champs, and $25 for Regionals -- give or take $5. I don't know what people charge in your area, but this is a coastal city so things cost more than they might as you move inland. Now, again, you have to recognize we effectively closed the store. The store's loss leader, the gaming space, was basically closed. I had awkward conversations with MtG players explaining why the empty tables we were using for people to relax in between games weren't available to them (they didn't get it, MTGers are weird). They mad a few isolated purchases throughout the day, but people were warned via signage and social media ahead of time: if you're looking to use your normal gaming hangout, this weekend is not going to be the one to do it. When we'd talked through this event, we'd talked through a lot of options: $35 ticket and food trucks, cut way down on the cap, etc. What we'd decided on was keep the same cost as last year, attempt to serve as many folks as we felt like we could, and offer less prize support. We didn't offer food so the store could sell overpriced sodas and candy. I know some of the numbers, and I have a vague sense of the rest. Some of the stats quoted in above posts are accurate, some of them are way off. We tried to have specialized prize support for everyone who stuck it out most of the time, in addition the making sure every person -- not just top 64 got the Hera promo. We didn't give out as much door prize support. We just didn't. I hope this makes sense. I know it can feel predatory. I know those long car rides home can be filled with tales of gamer barons trying to fill their gold lined coin purses with that sweet, sweet X-Wing moolah, but to bring myth to reality: the store is trying to make money (gasp). They are trying to pay for an expansion which will include nearly double the game space and beer taps. They do it to both make a profit and because they love games like X-Wing. I'm going to stop here. I almost went into a rant about how X-Wing players don't really realize how little money stores make off of them despite being one of the largest minis games around, about how there are a lot of really great games which continue to grow because people make money off of them and are able to continue to use that money to re-invest and grow that game, about how I can't believe we're sweating a store $25 x 112, or that we aren't excited that we're getting to a place of 2 day and 112 player events -- but all of those seem like rabbit trails to the original issue. Hope this lets you see the man behind the curtain a bit. I understand your concern, and I hope my moments of sarcasm don't take from the fact that I am responding is to help lend context and understanding -- even if disagreement remains. There won't be a follow-up from me here (or probably anywhere; sorry Mynock Squadron, but feel free to beef about it if you need to). Thanks, everyone. Post casual.
  2. Hi kids, I had a chance to interview Paul & Todd from the IA design team about some of the recent big changes, wanted to make sure you had a chance to catch it. Part 1: http://imperialpropaganda.com/2016/01/big-changes-in-ia-our-interview-with-todd-paul-part-1/ Part 2: http://imperialpropaganda.com/2016/01/big-changes-in-ia-our-interview-with-paul-todd-part-2/ Enjoy!
  3. So, these are basically the most incredible thing ever. I hope you don't mind, but I featured you over on our newer IA site: imperialpropaganda.com Seriously, jealous and a half. Maybe I'll have to try and convert an Imperial Officer into a Quarren? Point of fact: mine will never look this cool though. Cheers!
  4. Hi there, just figured I'd also point out the SF Bay Area X-Wing FB page too. I posted a link to this, but wanted you to know it was there too... https://www.facebook.com/groups/BayAreaXWing/
  5. Hey, Zero, you may want to consider joining the SoCal X-Wing FB group. Lots of folks looking for places to game... https://www.facebook.com/groups/socalxwing/
  6. If you guys have Facebook, this is one of the best ways to find out what's going on for X-Wing down in SoCal... https://www.facebook.com/groups/socalxwing/
  7. Hi everyone, Little late in the game, but someone reminded me that posting on here might be helpful. We're running our third season of the X-Wing League at At Ease Games down here in San Diego. We kick off this morning at 11am with a Furball tournament. Otherwise we meet at 6ish on Thursday nights. I can email you the full list of the rules, but the basics are it runs for 12 weeks and the bulk of the points come from League Matches of which you can play 18, and at the end we have a double elim tournament seeded based on points earned. We have 15-20 people who show on Thursdays, so lots of people to meet and game with. Lots of prizes to be earned, grand prize is an Imperial Raider expansion (or $80 store credit for the Rebel scum who might be uninterested). $15 entry fee. Feel free to PM me for deets or drop by today or any Thursday night! More info on the league kickoff. Saturday, Jan 24th, 11am At Ease Games, San Diego Included in $15 entry fee or $5 if not signing up. Each round, you'll be assigned to a team, each person will come up with -- on the spot -- with a single ship they will fly which costs 35 points. Preferably one which synergizes with the other ships your teammates decide to build. To help (and to add a slight challenge) you will be assigned randomly two ships your must include on your team. Teams will be randomly assigned each round, and your individual points will be based on how your teams does. Likely going for 3 rounds. Prizes will come from the Jendon/Dagger Squad/Bomb tokens FFG prize kit. Furball is a great opportunity to get to know people, which is why we figured it would be a good way to kick it off our league. Hope to see you soon!
  8. So, here's our report for At Ease Games in San Diego. I will at some point do List Juggler. I feel like a dork -- I killed myself putting a spreadsheet together, but it looks like I could probably have used Crypdex. Whoops. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lgazvez2h8tykta/ateasechamps.png
  9. Just wanted to let you know about our upcoming Fellowship 2014 event at At Ease Games in San Diego. We'll be holding it on Sunday, October 12th at 1pm. The cost is $15 and we have enough spaces for 20 people. You can bring a deck or build with the folks you meet when you get there. It will be pretty laid back, we'll probably play the new Fog on the Barrow Downs scenario a couple times through. Great opportunity to meet guys who play locally, including our monthly group. Post any questions below, please call ahead to reserve your spot, 858-549-4263. Thanks!
  10. Whoops! Thanks! Looks like someone else posted it already. No harm, no foul.
  11. Hi all, we just got a spoiler from the next AP, wanted to make sure you guys had a chance to catch it, here: http://couplevscardboard.com/preview-from-the-nin-in-eliph-from-lord-of-the-rings-lcg/ Happy Hobbit Day! EDIT: Gah! I misspelled it at the top. Fixing now. Whoops.
  12. I know that folks basically say TL and Focus have essentially the same probability, but I also have been suspicious as this seems off from what I remembered from my college statistics class. I've been poking around on xwingdice.com and think that might clear this up a bit -- basically, not all TL/Focus actions are created equal. Regardless of math, you're totally right. Howl is best because she's passive. I don't think I was comparing "re-roll to re-roll" but comparing Target Lock's additional benefits (can do in a 360 arc, doesn't disappear if you don't use it, possible Focus+TL) to her immediate benefits and the disadvantages (if she dies, if she is out of range). For everyone who made a comment about low PS TL -- you're totally right. Didn't think about that. Great point.
  13. I think I would have agreed with you prior to flying Bombers a lot, but I think our Rebellious counterparts will probably agree that they are vital. I like running TLs, but I think maybe for us Imperial players it will take a culture shift to really see their value.
  14. Wanted to put it to the community-at-large, see what you guys think of the idea of flying a swarm of TIEs without Howl, but with Targeting Computer. Obviously, the benefit of Howlrunning is an automatic re-roll of one die (assuming you're within range 1). Anecdotally, I find I hit especially often with her in tow, not to mention if you can land a focus or evade, this is huge. However, with the advent of Targeting Computer, inquiring minds want to know if we might have similar luck with a field of Academy pilots all donning this modification. Obviously, the negative is it requires an action, and which is no small thing. But, it does mean that you can potentially re-roll BOTH die if needed, or if you fail to need the lock, keep it for future turns. Additionally you get the benefit of not needing to fly in formation (particularly with the likes of Blount on the horizon) -- which has obvious drawbacks (focus-firing, taking up more surface area, etc.). But Howlrunner is 18 points. Where, if you had a full formation of 7 Academy TIEs with Targeting Computer, that weighs a 98; or replace her with other goodies (PS, flankers, support, etc.). I know, I know, I know. I'm suggesting something which would require 3-4 copies of Imperial Aces, but I wonder if anyone has tried it or if anyone could see this being viable in the future. Potential other thoughts: replace Howl in a Howl Mini-Swarm, 14 points of filler in a larger ship Imp build (ex. Double Firesprays, etc.), massive boon for named TIE Fighters and PSwarms (especially Backstabber and Mauler Mithel)? And... go.
  15. It helps mitigate issues with Biggs or more lucrative guys at PS 4+. If you read the section on PS, it might help. Basically, if you're not in range of the target, but potentially could be that round, take a focus action with one of the Bombers then used Squad Leader when they come into range. It took me a while to get that, but I basically think it's essential to take Squad Leader on a higher PS if you're running Bombers. A crit on Jonus sucks, but having zero target locks is worse.
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