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  1. No that would be LaunchBayNext. 🤣
  2. My app for both extended and hyperspace formats show the TIE Bomber, Interceptor and the Silencer.
  3. The collection interface within the official app does not allow tracking like that. If you are looking to build squads that actually take your collection into account I would suggest you check out the LaunchBayNext app.
  4. Just to confirm, it looks like you have magnets in the corners. If correct, can I assume that multiple trays can be stacked together?
  5. B&N had a sale back shortly after the Republic/Seps came out (wave 3?) where they were selling full on BOGO.
  6. The only reason I can think of it that the old points would need to be used for any of the high level organized play events going on between now and release. Those events would require the use of the old points.
  7. Is this a doc that someone data-mined, or is it somewhere on FFG's site?
  8. papy72

    Glue Recommendation?

    Thanks everyone for your responses! I will be back up and flying soon.
  9. papy72

    Glue Recommendation?

    I don't have a clue how to do such things.
  10. So last night I was taking apart a delta-7 and the socket that connects the ship to the pep popped out of the ship (it stayed connected to the peg). The socket piece goes in and out of the ship easily enough, so I think I can just glue it, but what kind of glue is best for something like this?
  11. If Return of the King can score Best Picture (and a bunch of others) I don't see why Endgame couldn't.
  12. What designates a pilot as being "Dark Side" for purposes of equipping Hate?
  13. That is a real good starting point. I would suggest you play what you have and later if you find yourself liking how one ship works more than the others then you can always pick more of them up.
  14. To add to this, FFG's official squad builder app and (i'm guessing on this part) most other squad builders have the option to create Hyperspace lists, which will only allow you to include Hyperspace legal choices. Lastly, the point list PDF's available here have a "Hyperspace Legal" column showing you what is allowed in the format.
  15. papy72

    Happy Friday

    As someone who owns zero epic ships, I hope that any Epic announcement includes a release of at least one ship (and conversion kit stuff - not trying to leave anyone out 😏)
  16. Gonk also has "Action: Recover 1 <charge>". If ESC was meant to work this way (without getting the WD token) then that's how it would be worded. Think of it this way. There is a rule for what "recover" means, so an action can say recover and we know what to do. If you are ignoring the Reload action text there isn't anything else telling you what to do when you get the "Action: Reload" text on a card. Edit: adding for reference. Under "Charge" in the RR: When an effect instructs a ship to recover a charge, an inactive charge on that ship (ship or upgrade card) is flipped to its active side. A card cannot recover a charge if all of its charges are on their active side. There is nothing about Reload under the Charge rules.
  17. I was just trying to type up something similar to this, but yours sounds better.
  18. I they had any plans to do that I would think it would have come out with this wave (alongside the squad packs). It's people such as yourself that FFG needs a cheap buy in product (damage deck, templates, dice) or just release a stand-alone damage deck. Everything else you need you can already get (assuming you go with third party templates, as the ugly FFG ones aren't released yet).
  19. papy72

    X-Wing sale

    My order finally shipped.
  20. papy72

    X-Wing sale

    There seems to be no pattern to how they are doing this. I ordered pretty early and mine is still stuck at "processing".
  21. papy72

    X-Wing sale

    Basically, look for what you want, add it to your cart, then view the cart. It will show any appropriate discounts.
  22. papy72

    X-Wing sale

    Why four? Even naked the cheapest infiltrator is 53 points.
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