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    So the ARC-170 is coming up as a Republic ship, but can it still be used by a Rebel squadron provided you have the conversion kit dials and such, correct?
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    Honestly I was having a "duh" moment and thought the ARC might have been flip-flopped to Republic only at some point (like they did to the Firespray for Imps). I don't actually own the Rebel CC and wasn't sure if it was in there.
  3. papy72

    Wave 3 Release Date?

    Hasn't FFG always done this? Putting different pilots in the single model kits vs the multi-packs? The core set has TIE/LN's and a T-65, but the TIE/LN and T-65 xpac's have different pilots. The same was (I think) true across all of 1.0.
  4. Have you thought about posting this over on the Legion painting forum here? Those people might have some good insights into this.
  5. They did, but it is looking like they have changed direction and are now not including new pilots in the 2.0 re-released ships.
  6. papy72

    Wave 4 Announcement

    The description also says it comes with six upgrade cards, but there are seven in the pic.
  7. papy72

    Wave 4 Announcement

    The plastic range ruler/movement tool pack does not impress me at all. The acrylics you can buy from third parties look so much nicer.
  8. papy72

    Wave 4 Announcement

    Is that a new bomb on the Separatist bomber?
  9. papy72

    Wave 4 Announcement

    My wallet just cried out in fear.
  10. papy72

    Tie Phantom and Gunner??

    That does sound like an easy fix, except that the actual Vader card only shows 1 crew.
  11. papy72

    Ffg release wave 3 question

    The "upcoming" page seems to be more and more useless lately. Plus the categories are weird. X-Wing (and Legion) are Board games instead of Miniature games? Huh?
  12. papy72

    A big thank you to the 3rd party squad builders.

    That is no excuse. FFG has had much longer to develop their app than all of the other 2.0 list builder authors. Oh, and a team of paid professionals to do the work. My big pet-peeve about FFG's app is the collection interface. It doesn't add any value at all. It should be able to tell you if you own all the components needed for a list you are working on, but it doesn't. Compare that to LaunchBay Next. It has a full featured collection system that even incorporates a cloud backup. I found one small piece that it was missing (the ability to add individual pilot cards), emailed the author to request it, and he had it implemented within days. Honestly, all I use FFG's for is the card browser.
  13. papy72

    They're up!!!

    This is very nice. Thanks to whoever for adding int he changes to the slots as well as the points.
  14. Whats with all the giant red circles?
  15. papy72

    Balance in the Force Article

    I love the humor in that statement. 😄
  16. papy72

    They're up!!!

    With the original number in some kind of strikethrough font.
  17. papy72

    They're up!!!

    And, shockingly, it appears the app has the updated costs.
  18. papy72

    They're up!!!

    They shaved 2 pts off all the TIE Defenders...
  19. papy72

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    Keep an eye on this site: swgohevents.com. It tracks the date of every event and tries to predict who is coming up.
  20. I started collecting in 1.0. Had just about enough ships to match the Imp conv kit, so I bought that one. Only had the one x-wing from the old Core set so I skipped the Rebel kit and instead Ebay'd for a dial, s-foils card and a few pilot cards. I also have a decent amount of FO and Resistance, so I bought both of those kits too. Though I will say that I have a number of unused dials between the two.
  21. papy72

    Where do I get new focus tokens?

    Never noticed that the expansions lack a focus token. That is unusual. I'm used to the old packs where you get all the tokens you need for the expansion. An alternative might be to pick up some third party ones. Here are some I found on Curled Paw Creatives Etsy site: Acrylic Focus Tokens
  22. papy72

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    My suggestion for what to farm post-Phoenix is an Empire team. With a 7* Empire team you can get R2-D2, which is needed for Commander Luke Skywalker.
  23. papy72

    Does collection do anything?

    It didn't save your list?
  24. papy72

    Y-Wings & Gunners

    The whole "collections" section currently serves no purpose.
  25. papy72

    X-Wing Squad Builder Update

    Answered already, so I will just add this: the fact that you have to ask shows that the app needs to delineate the modes a whole lot better than it does.