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  1. papy72

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    Keep an eye on this site: swgohevents.com. It tracks the date of every event and tries to predict who is coming up.
  2. I started collecting in 1.0. Had just about enough ships to match the Imp conv kit, so I bought that one. Only had the one x-wing from the old Core set so I skipped the Rebel kit and instead Ebay'd for a dial, s-foils card and a few pilot cards. I also have a decent amount of FO and Resistance, so I bought both of those kits too. Though I will say that I have a number of unused dials between the two.
  3. papy72

    Where do I get new focus tokens?

    Never noticed that the expansions lack a focus token. That is unusual. I'm used to the old packs where you get all the tokens you need for the expansion. An alternative might be to pick up some third party ones. Here are some I found on Curled Paw Creatives Etsy site: Acrylic Focus Tokens
  4. papy72

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    My suggestion for what to farm post-Phoenix is an Empire team. With a 7* Empire team you can get R2-D2, which is needed for Commander Luke Skywalker.
  5. papy72

    Does collection do anything?

    It didn't save your list?
  6. papy72

    Y-Wings & Gunners

    The whole "collections" section currently serves no purpose.
  7. papy72

    X-Wing Squad Builder Update

    Answered already, so I will just add this: the fact that you have to ask shows that the app needs to delineate the modes a whole lot better than it does.
  8. papy72

    Enhancement request: View dial

    Gotta say, I like the individual threads with specific titles. Good idea.
  9. papy72

    Y-Wings & Gunners

    Yup, that's just another of the bugs that FFG doesn't seem to be in any hurry to fix.
  10. papy72

    Tie Defender Cost?

    This would probably get more visibility if it were posted in the main forum, as you are referencing an aspect of the game and not a builder specific issue. That being said, the Defender is my favorite fighter in Star Wars. I don't really have the playtime experience to have any real input on the cost, but like you I do think it's on the high side.
  11. papy72

    Game mode: Extended vs Second Edition

    I suspect that what will eventually happen is that the Second Edition mode will become the standard after all the re-releases are done, and the Extended mode will go away. But yes, a better overall design would have been nice, but it doesn't look like any significant effort went into making the app a premier product.
  12. papy72

    Game mode: Extended vs Second Edition

    Because there is (or will be) a tournament format for only 2.0 re-released ships, so the builder needs to support that format.
  13. Where in the app is this?
  14. papy72

    Promo Damage Deck?

    My FLGS called me Friday and told me my promo deck was in. Picked it up on Monday.
  15. papy72

    X-Wing Squad Builder Update

    What happened to this? We've seen what, one update? And the same bugs keep getting brought up by people over and over.