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  1. papy72

    Are you buying republic, separatists or neither?

    For now I'm buying Republic. The CIS will probably come later.
  2. papy72

    Are vulture droids broken? (Energy cell charges)

    If the intent is to recover a charge using an action but without getting the weapon disabled token then it would have been worded like the Gonk Droid: Action: Recover 1 [charge]
  3. papy72

    FLGS stock of Wave 3

    If I know what I want I pre order. But this time I was up in the air. I wanted seps at first but didn't know how much would be needed (no points until release) so I waited. When the points were announced I felt like the investment was a bit steep. So instead I went with the republic. Got lucky and picked up the squad pack, an Arc and one Aethersprite from my shop yesterday. I'll probably pick up another squad and two more Arcs over time.
  4. papy72

    FLGS stock of Wave 3

    If your FLGS isn't carrying anything I'd look at the discount online retailers before paying full price to FFG.
  5. papy72

    Wave 3 Card Availability

    If FFG would just put out some appropriately-costed card packs these types of problems wouldn't exist.
  6. papy72

    Wave 3 Card Availability

    How funny is that? A faction based on using droid troops doesn't have astromechs. 😄
  7. I kind of wish that FFG would include the ship type (or maybe just the icons used for the dial upgrade kits) in the graphics they make for these news posts. I saw the winner had four Sigma Squadron Ace's and had to go look up what the ship was. I know most, if not all, of the named pilots, but these generic squadron names just get jumbled up in my head.
  8. papy72

    Dials in app.

    Ok is it just me or do you have to add a ship to a squad to see its dial (and only then after clicking an icon)? Isn't the whole point to see the dials so you can help decide what to use in the first place? Between that and the dial not being visible on the mobile browser (er... "app") we haven't made any real progress in making the official builder any more useful.
  9. papy72

    つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW POINTS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ

    Anyone checked the official app?
  10. I use the official squad builder when I want to lookup a card for some reason. When I want to build a squad I use the (very awesome) LaunchBayNext app.
  11. papy72

    Feelings about the new Wave

    I plan to slowly invest in the new factions over time, starting with the CIS. The only faction I am still not very interested in (and own none of) is Scum. Don't know why - I just don't want them.
  12. papy72

    Tie Defender - Free evade

    I appreciate the clarification.
  13. papy72

    Tie Defender - Free evade

    Doesn't that conflict with one of the "Golden Rules"? Meaning the base rule says "no actions while stressed", but the card says you can take that action (as long as you fully complete the maneuver), so doesn't the card take precedence?
  14. papy72

    Quick Build Decks for Printing!

    I just figured out my problem. I was thinking these were pilot cards, and having one "pilot card" for two minis was causing my brain to short-circuit.
  15. papy72

    Quick Build Decks for Printing!

    I do see the "paired with Academy Pilot" but don't quite get the concept. If each Academy Pilot is worth one threat, why not just use two of the 1-threat cards?