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  1. I consider myself a GM who rolls with the players. I (now) seldom prepare more than a vague story outline and then let the players fill in the blanks. This works particularly well with Motivations, Obligations, Duties, and Moralities. They shape the story, particularly if the players pay attention. But wasting time on the finer details (and I do mean, in my case, wasting) means that I don't enjoy the game as much. An example of this occurred only recently, when my PCs fled a city newly-occupied by Imperial forces. They flew into a storm to escape the TIE patrol tailing them. We left the session there, on a cliff-hanger, and over the intervening week, I worked out that the storm would cut the power to the ship, cause them to have to use some fancy flying skills, and then weave in and out of the rocks to make good their escape. Unfortunately, my planning came to naught, when the pilot realised the mortal danger they were in, left the (relative) safely of the storm for the open sky above. They then had to deal with the TIE patrol head on and escape "the hard way". Which they did. The story was not as I'd prepared -- it was better. tl:dr version: the GM needs to have a goal in mind that will advance the story, and be cluey about the use of problems, tricks, traps and encounters to challenge the PCs in meeting the goal. The players need to be mindful that the GM is playing too and engage the story (unlike in Desslok's example previously). RPGing is collaborative, especially in this system.
  2. 300m is the engagement range of a number of modern assault rifles. A "sniper" is going to want to be much further away, say 500-700m, in order to maximise both the escape time and the chance for a second shot. I'd have the players roll initiative as usual. Perhaps the first of the sniper's shots missed, hit a wall, BAM, you're in initiative order with no idea what actions or manoeuvres to take in order to prevent a second shot. Then it would be a matter of Perception v. Stealth, et al, to find the sniper (who'd be at extreme range).
  3. Hi folks. Thanks for the advice. The session was fantastic. I ended up using the G9 Rigger stats from FaD, with the body of the Thunderclap from SWTOR, and it came with the added complication of a 1,000 year old Jedi in a stasis pod who was the only one who could unlock the ship for them. The crew, with one of the other players taking on the role of the rebel troops assigned to help them, went to both the Jedi ruins and the Imperial listening post, and the whole thing was appropriately epic, with the team not only garnering some serious XP, but also moving to their next Contribution Rank in the process. I'm seriously looking forward to the next session... anyone know anything about the location shown on ep.2 of the Rebels' third season? I'd like to commandeer it as a Rebel base!
  4. Okay. My game has gotten a little complicated. My team of four newly minted Rebels have been running missions for their captain for about a week now (game time). IRL, two players couldn't make it to the game for two weeks. In those two weeks, with their PCs on a peripheral miasion , their base got attacked, the captain got murdered by an Imperial agent posing as a Rebel sergeant, and the remaining two PCs have rescued a bunch of evacuees and been forced to flee the system... Serious party-splitting. So, I need a way to bring the group back together. I have a couple of possible routes, with the stranded pair having been passed a set of hyperspace coordinates, but having no ship. The system they're on, Nar Marada, was, a thousand years ago, a Hurt colony until the Jedi shut the place down. It has a now-Imperial listening post (Hutt palace ruins?) which could be attacked and fled from, or a small Jedi temple, also ruined, that could house a short encounter leading to an old ship left to gather dust. What are some options for the dust gatherer? I'm thinking 500-1000 years old. Help me, SW buffs. Oh, and the onus is on the stranded pair, as the others will be in hyperspace for the next session...
  5. Double thread... sorry!
  6. The other thing some people miss is that it's "combat check," not just ranged attacks.
  7. I like this. Also, if you're playing things realistically, maybe she just got hit by a speeder or got sick. Leave some clues to make the PCs think she was assassinated, or that she faked her own death, then just let it lead to a dead end.
  8. Prolly need to add Ark Angel to the list too, if you're looking at Large ships from comics.
  9. There are some fantastic links in this thread! The whole thing gets my vote!
  10. I will echo your and GentlemanScoundrel's feelings too. I've been handed back the reins to GM our group, which is something that I love, but due to studies, I was worried I might not have the time to adequately prepare. Turns out I didn't need to worry. Fleshing out the connections with the players' Obligations and Motivations, and how they interact with one another, is all the impetuous I currently need. A few set pieces to run between, and we're good to go. The clue thing is a good reminder though, and having some clues on hand even in unlikely locations is going to be the key to tying the characters more tightly together. My previous groups have suffered from a lack of cohesion, but I think it's in the bag now! But thanks for your thoughts. It further confirms my love for this system!
  11. The engines look amazing. Love it.
  12. So purdy... I think I need to go repaint mine now.
  13. Executor-class Super Star Destroyer PS 4 Attack 6 Agility Ha! Hull 25 Shields 25 Actions: Target Lock, Reinforce, Recover, Coordinate, Barrel Roll When the base or maneuver template of the SSD touches an obstacle, destroy the ship, but leave it in play as an obstacle. Small and Large ships may maneuver through the engines of the ship, which means it's not really an obstacle, but looks like one. Because plot.
  14. True, blasted Imperials and their measurements... 10'.
  15. We tried building a Victory-class Star Destroyer. It was roughly 10" long at 1:270 scale... this was well prior to the Epic format and would be a blast to play on now. Sigh. The body was done, the bridge was starting to take shape, and then the project was scuttled.
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