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  1. What are his abilities? A link to his stat card would be great.
  2. Perhaps that American Corporation will be a seperate faction since they want the VK for themselves?
  3. My boys are 7 and get the movement and basics but I help them with the weapon lines.
  4. roler12345

    Allie Cobra

    I glued mine. It is the only model from DT that I have done this to so far.
  5. They got the bomb dropped on them right? SO I am sure there are alot of 4 armed japanese running around needing some guns and katanas!
  6. The Japanese could be used as a faction or just extra models for the Axis. They are the one nation that could stand toe to toe with any other nation. If they did do japanese models I am thinking some mutant/radioavtive infantry.
  7. Like I said before I am fine for what they are, a cutesier version of DT. I think the minis are supposed to look simplistic and a bit childish. I am curious about the rules and prices for expansions. Currently my kids want to play Super Dungeon Explore over DT so something like Rivet might be more family friendly.
  8. It IS a cup of tea thing. I am 37 (almost 38) and find both games interesting. At the end of the day I am 3oish and still playing with toys so how can I (or any of us) pic the nits?
  9. I use large bricks of gaming dice and just use 1s and 6s as hit and the rest as missess.
  10. I noticed Rivet Wars a few days ago and thought of DT right away. This is not a bad thing since that game will not appeal to all of DT fans but it will make other types of gamers take a look. Perhaps it could even help DT in the long run in little ways. I thought it looked neat.
  11. I too was wondering if they would try to develop a fantasy game similar to tactics.
  12. Are there any scenarios for 3 combatants? If so where can I find them?
  13. How many points is the IS-48 for Dust Tactics?
  14. Thanks, that is a perfect starting point.
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