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  1. So, anyone know of a shop that has a copy for sale anywhere? There are a couple left on ebay, but my buddy for one reason or another doesn't want to use paypal. I haven't found anything online in 47 pages of google =P Anyone know of anything that we could make a phonecall to and get a copy?
  2. Never mind…I made this post at 4 in the morning after reading this entire thread in one sitting, I'm sorry. As soon as I laid down to go to sleep I thought, " Wait a minute, that just makes the dice pool excessively large for one, and for two,skills are already rep'd by the upgrading of dice. Boost dice are just tiny bonuses from small situational things. As you all were. Please skip over my nonsense =P
  3. Just a thought on the whole "characteristics vs skills" debate. I understand what folks mean in thinking "raise the attributes and you're better off than putting the points in skills". However, wouldn't having points in a given skill potentially offer the addition of Boost dice when using them? It would make more sense in my opinion to use them this way since having specific training or experience in a given skill would create an advantage over someone with just a high attribute. Sure, with the high attribute you're getting additional ability dice which ultimately leads to success, but the boost dice also have a couple success symbols along with 4 advantage symbols. Judging by the description of boost dice, this seems a very appropriate use for them. In which case, skill points not only add to your general dice pool in the normal way, but could also add to it using boost dice on top of the normal way… Just curious what others think of this.
  4. It seems to me that at the end of the day, obligation is merely a tool for the GM to reinforce the notion of the "seedy scumbaggery" of the party and where and who they are. First and foremost a GM's job is to make sure everyone is having fun and a good story is being unfolded throughout the session. If you have a GM that so coldly enforces things to the letter that someone, or the entire group isn't having fun, then you need a new GM. Just sayin.. But let's look at page 32 under obligation, because I think a key paragraph is being lost: "Ultimatly, even though the mechanical effects always come into play, it's up to the GM as to how this affects the characters narratively. One thing the GM should not feel obligated to do, however, is disrupt his own narrative or story in order to represent a triggered obligation. Remember, the effects of a triggered obligation can always be mental." Obligation doesn't have to be some gamebreaking, harsh caning of the players, EVERY single session. There are many ways to use obligation as a DM that reminds the players of the "Obligation" without making things painful for them. Another quote from page 32: "For example, a local politician may not be willing to meet with a group whose Obligation is more than 60, but a local crimelord may not trust a group whose Obligation is less than 50." Obligation is also something a good GM can wrap a story around creating a campaign. If you know your players obligations, or even if you just use the prefab choices and plug in the appropriate names and characters when running the game, you can have a great story arc that almost makes itself. I don't understand all of this handwringing over obligation. The game system gives the GM the "what", but ultimately it's up to the GM do decide the "how & why". It seems like such a vague and useful tool for the GM, it's not something hard and fast like damage mitigation or something. Am I missing something here?
  5. Maybe it's the screensize or something, but even though my phone is capable of running it, google play won't allow me to install it. What I'd really like to do is be able to install it on my tablet, but unfortunatly my tablet isn't in the recognized devices list of google play, so the only way i could install it is to sideload it. Is there anyway to get the APK for the dice app? I wish I could just purchase it and do it that way, but thats impossible as far as I know. Anyone?
  6. So with the stockpile of books and material I have from the WEG D6 stuff, I'm looking forward to attempting to convert and use much of the material to EotE, mainly the campaigns and adventures. Those that have played and tested EotE, is this a reasonable undertaking? Just seems like there would only be some work on major NPCs and some pertinant adventure rules/rolls etc… I'm excited about getting back to a more "narrative" gameplay system, and think dusting off the old material won't be much of a challenge. Anyone else thinking of doing the same?
  7. The way I see it is, once the Core book gets released, I'll just be buying that and then passing the beginners guide on to a new or more casual player so they have something to study on thier own. I'll mainly want the dice, but it's not like the other stuff that comes in the box set will go to waste, at least for me anyway.
  8. So the app won't work on my LG Optimus V. Can't even DL it or purchase it off the play store. Is the android app slowly being updated to include more and more phones or am I just out of luck? :/ ExT
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