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  1. Look forward to the podcast as well! Also, are we going to get the post game discussion from the celebrity game this week?
  2. creature feature said: When a DP is used, it flips and sits in the center of the table until the action is resolved and at that point becomes available to the other side for use in a different action. Would that help the situation? That's how we do it. Both sides can't use a DP for the same action. Plus my group doesn't use them for every single thing being done. They use them only for desperate situations, or really important moments in the story. If both sides just use them back and forth like ping pong for the same action, you would just be doing it all day, and if your group is using them all the time merely to just get a dice upgrade, then you are using them too much. DP's should be something important. If your players are using them too much, just let them use them up and as the GM don't use any yourself. Let them burn em up…. I think the spirit of the DP is supposed to be that climactic moment where the players desperatly NEED the help of mother luck because the situation is so important. Anyone just using them over and over, back and forth I think really takes away the importance and meaning of the destiny point. I know as a GM, I only use them in the instances I want to stress the importance of what I'm doing, or what the NPC is doing, that moment is weighing on them…so I'm going to upgrade one of those purps and use a DP. To each their own, but I think if you use them more sparingly, you'll find them more fun.
  3. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AWUQDQS?ie=UTF8&ref=mas_dl lol, yeah it's on the amazon market for kindle.
  4. I thought they made this available on the Amazon market? Am I wrong?
  5. To those compaining about the lack of info in the article, and would rather hear more of the design ideas and what led to them, I would suggest listening to the Order66 podcasts that featured Jay Little. http://rpggeek.com/rpgpodcastepisode/83376/episode-163-edge-of-the-empire This is the episode that Jay really gets into game the most I think and was really interesting to listen to. http://rpggeek.com/rpgpodcastepisode/92877/the-order-66-podcast-episode-1-the-edge-of-the-e Another show featuring Jay with some great discussion about Edge. Hope this helps some people get some more insight into the games development.
  6. http://feeds.feedburner.com/Order66 Go here and give a listen to the 2 part celebrity skype game. It's a great example of how to interpret the dice. Once you and your group start doing it, the easier it gets. This is what helped me as GM understand what can and can't do with various results, including prodding players to come up with thier own ideas for what happens.
  7. Yes, it is based on abilities. All a combat roll is, is another type of skill check. So if a blaster pistol lets say, utilizes 'ranged light', then you would just be doing a ranged light skill check like any other skill check. The only thing that comes into play for the actual weapon itself, are things like crits (required number of advantage), special activations, and base damage. Remember, that a weapon has its base damage, lets say of 6, and you you roll 2 failures and 4 successes. You then add those net successes to the damage, which in this case would be 2 net successes, for a damage total of 8 from that attack. Other than that, yeah, it's just a skill check.
  8. No real videos that I know of. But the order 66 podcast has a 2 part live skype game that you can download and listen to. It's great help in getting an idea of howthe system works. You can download any of the podcast for the EOTE system at http://feeds.feedburner.com/Order66 The celebrity live game is what you want. Give them a listen, I think you'll find what you're after. GM Chris does a great job running the game! It's a lotof fun to listen to.
  9. Seems like something new introduced with the latest update. Last night our online game, everyone was noticing that sometimes 2 or 3 of the dice weren't rolling with the others. It seemed to me that it happened after the app sat idle for a long period. The first roll, only half the dice would roll. If you did it again then everything was fine from then on out, until it sat idle again for a long time. Then it would happen with the first roll made again. The setting we all had at that time in common, was the auto scoring. Everything else varied settings wise. I'm going to test it out again tonight and leave it sit for a while in between rolls to see if I can recreate it, then turn off the auto score and try it again. Not sure if that is the culprit, but it's the one thing all the apps had in common at that time. Never had this problem prior to the last update.
  10. Yeah after getting full blown AIDS from you guys, I NEVER listen to the Order 66 podcast.
  11. MSE-6 said: I put together a web app - it isn't as nice as rolling 3D dice, but it'll work until the Android app re-appears. http://game2.com/eote I like this, pretty nice. Only thing I saw though, was it didn't give the number of failures. It only showed one no matter how many there were. Everything else seemed to run right though. I'll probably use this from time to time on my skype games. Thanks for the work!
  12. Great! That first half really helped us with our first couple runs through the game as an example of using the dice, really look forward to hearing how it ends. Also, any chance of getting Jay in one of your games down the road? Would even be more awesome to hear him GM a game =P Keep up the good work guys, love your podcasts!
  13. Look forward to it! Are we going to get the second half of the celebrity game as well that night?
  14. ROFL! Great sessions man. Those are the sort of games you remember. Unpredictable PCs make for the best stories IMO. Thanks for the share!
  15. Locrious said: Thank god you're not in charge of any decision making for FFG lol. So while you and your elite group of RP champions revel in the scent of your own excreted smugness, the rest of us peasants will continue to try and introduce the Beginner Game and its dice pool concept to new players who've never seen it before and may not initially grasp the concept as quickly and thoroughly as you obviously have. Luckily for the rest of us, your opinion is not the prevailing wisdom of the majority of dice app users, as is seen in its main thread. If you're happy spending 5 bucks what many consider an under-featured app, that's your prerogative. However, I am not alone in wanting the app to be able to total the dice pool results for faster gameplay. It's a little hard not to be able to explain the cancelation process of the dice pool to noob players without being able to show what the final results will look like once the pool has been tallied. Congratulations, you're the king of the internet. Success's and failure cancel each other out 1 for 1 (show them the symbols), advantages and threats cancel each other out as well (show them the symbols). If there are any of either symbol left over after any cancelling out, that is the result. For instance, 3 success and 2 failure leaves you with 1 net success. …nope, wasn't that hard. People I know seem to get it pretty quick. I was simply saying you're making an aweful lot of work for yourself trying to flip dice to what you want one at a time rather than simply explaining it to them and showing them the symbols. The fact you went all douchy about it right out of the box says more about you than me…. I guess my "elite group of champions" simply grasp basic math up to the number 5 better than yours. Cool, I'm not only good at simple subtraction but I also win the internet! Keep doin it your way…no wonder your players are confused.
  16. Is scanning the dice and determining the net outcome that difficult?? I or my group hasn't had any problems being able to quickly look at the dice and cancel out things for the net sum. If you're rerolling 1 die at a time to get the face you want, then wow…you're totally doing it wrong lol
  17. Yep, Foxit worked like a charm! Now we can make the updates as warranted to the sheets and keep them on our desktop =)
  18. no no, I can save the file with the data. That works fine. What my group was trying to do was save the file with the data (works fine), but then wanted to be able to take that new file with the data and be able to go into it after the fact and be able to make changes when needed (gear, skills, talents, etc).
  19. nope, when i do that it tells me that "Adobe Acrobat cannot save any data entered, saving the document will only save a blank form"…Tested it, and yeah, only saves a blank. Even when you "sign it" and do all that stuff, it saves it ok with the stuff filled out, but you can't edit it any longer.
  20. Is there a way to be able to have a filled out character sheet, save it, but then if you wanted to come back to it later and edit it, you can? I poked around and tried different things to do that but couldn't find a way. Granted I don't really know adobe all that well, so I never really knew if there was a way or not anyway. If that is just something not available in this version, that would be a great feature to put in for somebody. Would make our online games WAY more conveniant to be able to edited them from time to time as characters change here and there and grow.
  21. Can't wait! Loved your first interview with him and the writer from a while back. Will definitely be tuning for this show
  22. Bells had two copies left and my buddy was able to ****** em both up! Thanks for the heads up
  23. doctorbadwolf said: First, skills: Favoured skills are fine. We have that with the list of skills in which you get an automatic rank from your spec. I'd even be fine if career existed, but only as a way to determine your other auto ranked skills at chargen, and non-mechanically organize talents. Skill list restrictions are, however, not something I'm cool with. The progressive cost is a complication. That is fact. You may consider it a minor one, and mathematically you'd be right, but it makes the system less simple, compared to each spec costing the same amount. I could possibly accept the progressive cost if the system had no concept of career vs non career for specs, and thus any spec cost the same, depending on how many specs you had. I still wouldn't be thrilled about it, nor would anyone else in my gaming group, but if skills also lost the career restrictions and thus extra cost, we might actually be willing to play this game. Tthe "multiclassing tax" only makes sense if diversity unbalances the game. In this system, it does not. Therefor, there is no benefit. When I say benefit, here and in the text you quoted, I refer to the system, not a given character. Building the system in this way does not benefit the game. I don't understand this ridiculously overdramatic complaining about all this. If this is so gamebreaking for you, then get rid of it and play the game. Won't tolerate these "restrictions" you can't stop going on about? Then don't have them! It's not like you have to rewrite the rules and change a bunch of things…just don't have them. Allow anyone to get whatever skills they want at the normal cost. Problem solved. I don't understand why this is made out to be so complicated and appalling. You don't like careers? Throw em out and let people pick things buffet style if you choose. It's not that difficult. Just seems to me you don't want to like or play this game no matter what since it doesn't do what you think it should do or be. That's cool, not everything is for everyone. It's a new system and I'm sure everyone will pick some things out or change some things up when they run it. That's what RPGs have always been about.
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