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  1. See, I disagree. It states in CRB on 207: " Different sources of soak stack, such as heavy armor and subdermal plating. Multiple applications of the same source do not stack - a character cannot wear three suits of heavy assault armor and stack the soak bonuses from each" Now, maybe some people take this to mean "multiple applications" refers to "armor" in general, I do not however. When you look at the source books, there are various pieces of armor included, take for instance the SOF book and it's catch vest and overcoat. These each have a value of soak to them. Does this mean my character basically walks around with nothing but a jacket on? or a vest? It seems ridiculous to me to think so. The catch vest is simply nothing more than a kevler vest style piece of armor. There is no reason this could not be worn under heavy clothing. And on top of that, there is no reason you couldn't wear the overcoat on top of all of that. Now don't misunderstand me, I'm NOT a min/max style player...I actually hate that stuff, but I think it is within reason to assume a player could wear different pieces of armor at the same time. I think it's up to the GM and the group to decide what is reasonable and what isn't, or if any hindrance issues are involved. I think someone wanting to wear laminate on top of padded with an overcoat is probably going out of bounds...but I don't think someone wearing armored clothing and the overcoat is. I think it's up to the group to decide really. But I guess it's all in the interpretation. If different sources of soak stack, then what could be these "different sources"? And when they say "multiple applications of the same source", what does the same source mean? Armor in general? Then what else provides soak? Maybe cover? I don't think so because it's already been stated that you get the soak for the cover or your armor, but not both. So it can't be that.
  2. I don't know..... At the end of the day, these are just two guys who are RPGers, who love roleplaying games, star wars RPGs especially, and enjoy putting together a podcast about it. Sure they are very much at the forefront of star wars RPG information, especially EotE, but they certainly aren't ambassadors of the genre, or of star wars, or of anything really. They are guys that enjoy talking about star wars RPGs and provide a podcast with tips and info on it. That's it. I very much enjoy most of the podcasts and find them very helpful. Maybe the "locker room" talk is just too much for some, for some it isn't. I think to hijack Order 66's thread though to bash them and claim they are on par with Howard Stern or something though is pretty tacky. There has been some good discussion though that hopefully Chris and Dave can take with them to help improve the show, maybe not. But I guess my point is: Who cares? It's their podcast and they can do with it what they like. The fact that this has gone on for multiple pages though just astounds me....
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    In my group, we all use the dice app, or the hangout app. I really thought I wouldn't like not having real dice, but it turns out I love using the app. That being said....if FFG made some special precision edge dice that had specks, or marks, or were just different and "precious", I would be all over them....Wouldn't use em probably, but I would own em lol. My name is Chris, and I compulsively collect dice.
  4. We use Google Hangout with great enjoyment. We use the eote dice roller app that works inside of it, as well as things like hangout toolbox. The toolbox allows us to place banners under our camera which we use to put our character names and pictures on. You may check out this thread for a lot of information http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/80113-playing-remotely-try-hangout-eote-tools/ Hangouts work nicely though. We did a livestream of one of our games. It was a new GM running his first one off session. We wanted to test out the livestreaming to youtube in order to archive the game online for us. I think we are going to do all of our games this way so we can have them saved =P Might not be the most dynamic game you'll ever witness lol, but it will give you an example of what it's like on hangout. There's a few new players in this game as well, so yeah....anyway, you can check it out if you like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4lT4z7e8uo
  5. Our group meets online to play maybe once every month or so. We've agreed as GMs (there are 4 of us in the group of 8-9 that take turns) to award a flat payout of 20xp. That's for usually 3-4 hour game sessions. Then the GM can award up to 5 extra xp for things such as clever plans, saving the day, etc...so everyone usually ends the session getting 22-25 xp. It seems to be working well for now.
  6. I've been watching these guys since they first started Edge back when they were just trying new systems out for future campaigns. Glad you all decided to go with Edge, even if it is some sort of hybrid, non-SW version. Anyone looking for demonstration of play, or at the least, good entertainment, should check them out. It's a fun group that are equally fun to watch.
  7. I thought it showed for everyone in the chatbox? Also it puts the last roll a person made (results) at the bottom corner of thier cam window. My thoughts on this: I LOVE IT! It is so helpful and great resource for edge online players. thanks for making it available to us all My questions on it: Can we get a way to clear that result from the bottom of our webcam window? Also how does the destiny pool work? I could add lightside points and remove them, but couldn't see how to add darkside. Really great job on this with hangouts though guys...Makes our games on hangout that much better and easier!
  8. https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_?gid=471035561500 I think this is the link someone provided that will give you the EOTE dice roller app for google hangouts. It works great, everyone can see what everyone rolls, it gives you the final tally and everything.
  9. Usually most printing operations will have an option in the 'print setup' or preview section that says something like "scale media to fit" or something about scale with a border or something. poke around a bit, you should find it
  10. Excellent writeup! To all the soon to be, or new GMs out there: Print this out and refer back to it while planning your game. Revisit it from time to time to keep your mind where it should be as a GM! I've read really lengthy articles that take multiple pages to say what you have very simply put into a few paragraphs. Well done sir.
  11. It's true that we should all play how we feel is best but in this case I do think you are mis-interpreting the RAW (not to say you have to play by RAW as it is your game and having fun is the most important thing) step 4 says you use the same initiative order generated in step 1. Step 1 tells you how to generate initiative slot order Step 2 tells you how to assign the slots as PC or NPC Step 3 tells you how to fill these slots with specific PCs or NPCs as they take there turn. Step 4 rinse and repeat. Of course I could be wrong. This. It's simply telling you to repeat the steps given for establishing initiative. There are alternatives (included in the CR I believe), which say you can choose to keep the same order established throughout the combat round, or even establish the order at the beginning of a session. But the way it works is steps 1-4. The order of the actual players doesn't matter, only the order of slots - PC,PC,NPC,PC,NPC .. as an example. Who fills those slots are decided by the players, and can even be changed mid stride during the encounter. Initiative is not rigid like most systems. It thrives off of the players 'riffing' off eachother and events that occur during the encounter. So what one person might plan to do at the start of an encounter might change as events unfold before it gets to them. This narrative system gives players the flexibility to adjust and work off of what's going on, not just what was planned.
  12. https://www.google.com/search?safe=off&hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1380&bih=688&q=star+wars+galaxy+map&oq=star+wars+gala&gs_l=img.1.2.0l10.2008.5486.0.8277. You can always just use one of these...in fact I think the one FFG uses is in here as well.
  13. I believe that would be gribble, right? Yep, just found it. It was Gribble who put these together (and a tremendous amount of aid material he provided - thank you sir). http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9077657/SW-EotE-Reference-Sheets.pdf The first page was the one I was thinking of. Wow, excellent work by Gribble! If I did assemble something similar to what Gribble has done, it would add another 2-3 pages (at least!). I am willing to go that route if you all want that. My intent was not that heady, just wanted to make a note taking aid to the character making process. Again I am open to doing something like that, if there is a need/want for it. Thanks for finding that reference! I would certainly use something that combined the two. Hell, I would use your sheet along with Gribbles sheet as it is now. Once you have a good understanding and idea of character creation, something like these are very helpful to streamline the process. 2-3 pages? It's better than flipping through a book That way, when you're done you can just transfer over the info to an official character sheet and be done with it. Labor on with it I say!
  14. I believe that would be gribble, right? Yep, just found it. It was Gribble who put these together (and a tremendous amount of aid material he provided - thank you sir). http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9077657/SW-EotE-Reference-Sheets.pdf The first page was the one I was thinking of.
  15. In beta, there was a community made outline of the character creation process, basically just brief instructions with the rules. Something like adding that to each section would be nice. It was very short, literally like a one page bullet point. You may be able to borrow that to add to each relevent section. (sorry i can't remember off the top of my head who made it, it was the same guy that made all the talent tree cheat sheets as well as the quick glance info and statblocks)
  16. Got my stuff from coolstuffinc today! I have to say, the Core book is amazing...just amazing. Very well done. The GM kit? Wow....Best quality GM screen I've ever seen. It's not a flimsy cardstock, or even a heavy cardstock. It's basically a 'hardcover' quality. All worth every penny and then some. I honestly didn't intend on going back over what I already know and rereading the book much, but after seeing it now, I actually intend to spend a few days going cover to cover on it.
  17. lol greedy? yeah…cus FFG is just lighting cigars with $100s from the comfort of thier jets over Paris. lol, to the topic, yeah I plan to buy it. I like quick glance stat stuff…Plus I think the GM kit comes with a bit more than just a screen and some stat blocks, should be some good additional info and such in it. So can't wait for it!
  18. Oh..and I never listen to the Order 66 podcast because Dave or anyone else on the d20 forums will validate my email and give me access….jerks.
  19. GM Chris said: Oh - and did I mention that the inestimable Jay Little, lead designer for Edge of the Empire, will be returning as well to join us on the air? Yeah. Probably should mention that. ;-) /squeeee!
  20. Not sabacc, but gambling related: My players had a session inside of a casino, to give them a chance at some extra credits I allowed them to play some Lugjack machines (slot machines). I had to come up with something on the fly that was as random as a slot machine, with payouts and such, as well as a chance at a "jackpot". My system worked pretty well, and seemed to replicate the monotony and money sink of a slot machine. Let's see if I can remember it right: Let's say the PC is playing a 10 credit machine (it can be any amount). The PC gets to roll 3 ability dice, along with 2 difficulty dice. For each net success, they won 10 credits. So with the easy safe method you could potentially win 30 credits. Now, I made sure to tell them that for each spin, they had to make sure to subtract the 10 credits for the pull. So if they came up with 3 success symbols, they won 30 credits - 10 for the intial pay in = 20 credits. This was the safe and easy method. For jackpot chances, they had to risk more. Using the same 10 credit method, they would instead play 30 credits per pull (the cost of 3 success payouts), basically triple whatever the amount of machine they were playing. However, they were allowed to upgrade one ability die into a proficiency die. If at any time they got a triumph symbol, they hit a jackpot and won double what they paid in, so the 30cr turns into 60cr. This allowed them to gamble a bit more if they chose in order to hit a big payout. Like before, any success payed out like normal, so in this case 10cr per success symbol. The triumph symbol though was immediate, and any failures didn't matter: instant jackpot. Now, doing the math, playing for a jackpot doesn't give a huge payout in the long run, only a slightly higher payout than playing the safe easy way, but it is a little bit more, and some of the players liked hitting a "jackpot"… just like a real slot machine: Pay $40 to win $60…but you feel like you won something, and had fun. Advantage/threat symbols didn't mean anything and were not used at all. I kept it reasonable, and allowed them to play 10-20-30-50-100 credit lugjack machines. They did this for about 10-15 minutes, and at the end all but one guy (poor chap couldn't win for nothing..) ended up making about 100cr off of a 40cr start. One player actually ran it up to about 250cr while moving up in machines only to hit a dry spell and lose most of it back on the 50cr machine. He then proceeded to go back to the 20cr machines and get it back up to 120. At that point we moved on with the story. But it seemed to work well. Feel free to change it however you like. But it's an easy gambling mechanic for PCs to play some sidegames for money.
  21. joecor said: Also recommended is Gribble's reference sheet. It includes rules for character creation and it is up to date on errata and 11 week update. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9077657/SW-EotE-Reference-Sheets.pdf Yeah, gribbles sheets are invaluable as a resource for the game and character creation. You get the character creation sheets, the talent trees, and the other reference sheets and you'll be good to go. Sure, you won't have all the deep material of the beta book, but you can always look it up on here or ask here if there's something you don't know or understand. But those sheets will do you.
  22. My group doesn't have much time for long drawn out campaigns and such these days, plus there are 3 GMs in our group and we all like playing and GMing, so we take turns. We're old, have lives and just prefer playing short one-offs a couple times a month over G+. The way I put my games together is like this, and I know not everyone likes these sort of games, but our group does: Come up with an easy plot/scenario. Any idea you think might be fun to put your characters in situationwise. What is the place your characters are at? (location, NPC types likely to be around, notable places of interest) Why are your characters there? (work, favor, fun, ship breakdown, running errands, etc) What happens while your characters are there? These are things that occur around your characters regardless of your characters. What interactions do you want your characers to engage in? NPCs, encounters? Things that drive your plot. What sort of things are your characters likely to do based on all of the above? (prepare important stuff, wing the rest) How do you want the plot to come to a close? Plan out the important encounters and places, just have a good idea on the rest. Most of the above you can do as little as just make a couple notes on so you don't forget it. Everything else you can make up on the fly based on the location you've established already. Once you start the game off, and your players know why they are where they are or whatever… Set em free! Let the players drive the story. If they seem to be veering off your plan, you can gently steer them back to what you want, or if your idea is open-ended enough, you can just adjust your encounters and plot a bit to suit what the players are doing. They key is only having a few key encounters that drive the story, everything else the players will fill in themselves. Players often won't do what you want them to do, or what you planned for them to do, you just need to make adjustments. Move your encounters to where the players are at, etc. For campaigns, you can apply this same mechanic. Keep your overarching story idea, but design it in episodes, with each episode being created in the above way. It's pretty easy really. Edge makes it easy to roll with whatever the players are doing without a lot of prep work. Good luck creating your own campaigns! It's very rewarding.
  23. I remember reading somewhere, and maybe it was here on the forums, that Jay Little said something to the effect of "languages were not an issue in the movies..everyone basically understood everyone", and that they didn't want to introduce languages into the game because it just seemed like an uneccesary hinderence to the flow of the game and everyone having fun. Or something like that…
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