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  1. Will be travelling for work at the end of July and looking to get my Thrones on while there. Most of the Google results I got were in Franklin, Brookfield and Appleton/Green Bay. Anything in Milwaukee proper?
  2. Has anyone thought about compatibility of these two products? Of course you'd have to "ixnay" the enlightenment path. Does anyone still have their War of Honor game?
  3. What will the contents of an L5R pack look like? Unlike most LCGs, you are building two complete, fully-functioning 40 card decks. That's a lot of cards to distribute. There is only room for 60 cards in a pack -- as has been established for years. So is two cards per clan per pack feasible for building the card pool up quickly? That's two different cards (6 cards x 7 clans) per clan and 3 different neutral cards per pack. Is that enough cards to inject diversity into the meta? Maybe they will do it like Star Wars and leave a clan out of each pack? It just doesn't seem like one Dynasty Card and one Conflict card is enough to build up a deck very quickly. Thoughts?
  4. Okay I'm glad it's "per card". Otherwise it could get a little ridiculous. Thanks for all the responses!
  5. Okay I see the pips. Let's say I'm playing Crane (with 10 influence to spend). If I want to include a play set (3) of Know The World... does that cost me three to include that card in my deck? or does it cost me three for each copy of the card (9)? Or do we know yet? And can you splash from multiple clans? Or just from one?
  6. I keep hearing about Influence and/or Clan Splashing on podcasts. How exactly does that work? Are there loyal cards and splashable cards? How can you tell what's splashable? Are there extra costs involved?
  7. I see where you're coming from but I think it can simply be chalked up to different art styles. Also, this may just be an older courtier?
  8. Likek the Old Forest and Barrow Downs is to LOTR... is Laketown meant to be played with The Hobbit Saga quests?
  9. Thank you everyone for your input. Things are a little clearer now.
  10. 30 views and nobody has any insight into these questions? Bueller? LOL
  11. 1. Seleyse's Leader Card special... Where does the "replaced" card go -- the discard pile or your hand? 2. Defender reward... can you distribute power among multiple peeps? or just one? 3. Robb, Cat, Davos, etc... Their abilites say "After your Turn" or "Before your Turn". Can you use their specials once per turn? Or once per round? 4. Joffery leader card special... Does the power removal depend on who he has distributed influence to during the whole game? Or just influence distributed during the current turn? And can the power removal be from multiple peeps or just from one? Thanks in advance.
  12. Okay whatI'm getting at is you just basically can reshuffle any card you don't like.... including enemies and locations? Forgive me, it's a weird thought to grasp.
  13. Okay how about exhausting the one ring to cancel the effects of this card? Black Rider Nazgûl. Hide 2. Cannot have non-Morgul attachments. Forced: After engaged player fails a Hide test, Black Rider makes an immediate attack. What all would get cancelled on this card? The Hide test? The forced action? Would the forced action stay cancelled for the life of the card? Or would it get shuffled back into the deck?
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